32 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas to Bring Ancient Charm to Your Room

Want to transform your bedroom into an Egyptian bedroom? You're not alone!

It was always my secret dream as a child to become an archeologist. I love the idea of treasure-hunting and discovering lost items from ancient worlds. The mystery and wonder that comes from such an incredible place like Egypt are enticing.

The incredibly detailed tombs preserving the remains of royalty, the delicate scarab amulets, the uncovered walls painted with hieroglyphics, it's mind-blowing!

So if you are wanting some of that Egyptian magic in your bedroom then you are going to need some inspiration on how to design it. So here we have brought you 32 Egyptian bedroom ideas to bring ancient charm to your room.

32 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas to Bring Ancient Charm to Your Room

1. Black and Gold Pillars

Using black and gold stripes like the headdress of King Tut, decorate the pillars around your bedroom door or to frame your bed. You can also use this color combination in other decor items of your Egyptian bedroom like on lampshades, bedding, or rugs.

2. Golden Cat Table

Good luck is brought by cats in Egyptian culture. They were recognized as sacred and magical animals that were often decorated in jewels and treated like royalty. Now you can use them to decorate your bedroom!

3. King Tut Chaise Longue

Relax like Egyptian royalty on your designer Chaise Longue. Lay back in your silk robe and enjoy a bundle of juicy grapes while you fan yourself on a hot summer day. The perfect relaxing addition to your peaceful sleeping chamber.

4. Hieroglyphics Rug

Look for unique rugs online or at local stores with Egyptian images. Maybe you will find one with a handsome Pharoah, a scene of Egyptian villagers or some unique Hieroglyphics spelling out a secret message.

5. Drapes and Relaxation

Long silky drapes layered on top of each other in a careless way. Creating privacy and comfort drapes can be hung around your bed or sofa for a luxurious ambiance. Use heavy and silky fabrics for a lavish look.

6. Pharoah Throw Pillows

Subtle yet superb, throw pillows might do the job of adding that special extra touch of Egypt in your bedroom. Look for gold or black bedding and then decorate with Egyptian-themed throw pillows.

7. Yellows and Golds

Different shades and tones of yellows and golds are like the sand of the desert and the bricks of the pyramids. Using these unique tones will make you feel like you have accidentally wandered into the Arabian desert. Hopefully, you will bump into an Arabian prince!

8. The Perfect Duvet

You don't necessarily have to go all-out with the decorations on the walls if you do a bold statement on the bed. Spend some time searching for that perfect duvet that will represent your Egyptian bedroom in all its might.

9. Impressive Headboard

Like the churches and cathedrals in Egypt, this headboard has lovely curves and delicate pillars. Incredible detail and soft textures make the headboard feel fit for Egyptian royalty.

10. Hieroglyphic Art

Decorate the walls with images of Hieroglyphics. A feature picture hung above the bed looks wonderful or you can look for Hieroglyphic wallpaper to do an entire accent wall. The choice is up to you!

11. True Royalty

Now, this bedroom is just showing off. I believe it is from a luxurious hotel room and so the giant golden wheel behind the bed might be out of your budget. But it is a wonderful idea to inspire you to do something similar within your budget. Perhaps a circular gold wall painting?

12. Sacred Serpents

Serpents were both admired as well as feared in Ancient Egypt. You often saw them adorning the headdresses of Phaorahs or carved into thrones as they were seen as protectors. Look for unique places to add them into your Egyptian bedroom decor.

13. Eye of Horus Wall Art

The Eye of Horus, also known as wedjat or udjat, is a symbol that comes from Ancient Egypt. It is a symbol that bestows good health, protection, and royal power. A charming addition to your Egyptian bedroom.

14. Unique Tables

There are some pretty unique dressers and tables out there that have a complete Egyptian vibe. When you are looking for tables to fill corners, for beside the bed, or along that empty wall in your bedroom, make sure you look for special pieces that compliment your Egyptian look.

15. Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyls are a great substitution for pictures and paintings. Like a giant sticker, it blends right into the wall for a seamless look. This one features Egyptian gods in silhouette with the symbols of Ankh and the Eye of Horus.

16. Antique Brass Lights

When choosing the lighting for your Egyptian bedroom, brass is the way to go. It has that old desert feel and will add a lot to the overall design. Dangling brass lights above the bed, in the center of the room, or in that dark corner that doesn't get any natural light.

17. Geometrical Shapes

Egyptians are incredible mathematicians. I mean, just look at the pyramids! Geometrical shapes like hexagons and triangles can appear subtly in your Egyptian bedroom. I especially like how the sun creates geometrical shapes in shadows from the window muntin.

18. Scarab Accents

The Scarab beetle was a symbol of the sun god Re in Ancient Egypt. Although in some modern films the Scarab beetle was displayed as destructive this is not the case in the eyes of the Ancient Egyptians. These handsome beetles were seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

19. Bold Rug

Another example of an Egyptian rug that makes a very bold statement. With a rug like this, you could ease off the Egyptian decor and let the artistry displayed on the floor be the eye-catching feature.

20. Antique Furniture Pieces

Keep your eyes peeled in the local antique shop, on vintage stores like Etsy, or on other online shops for unique vintage items. Having that rustic tone to your room will add to the Ancient Egypt vibe and will definitely be a conversation starter.

21. Egyptian Bed

The large draped canopy is attached to the wall behind the bed as well as the ceiling to create a careless drape. Tassels may decorate the canopy as well as subtle motifs. This is definitely the look I would go for if I was designing with Egypt in mind.

22. Sandy Tones

Bedroom - mid-sized eclectic dark wood floor bedroom idea in New York with beige walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

There are other ways to represent Egypt in the bedroom without having to display Pharaohs, pyramids, and sphynx. The sandy tones of the bedding, the unique rustic furniture, and the delicate wallpaper give a desert feel that reminds us of Egypt.

23. Wall Paintings

Example of a transitional hallway design in Chicago
Image: Houzz

If you have the budget for it, hiring a professional painter to create worn images of Egypt on your walls is next-level interior designing. The rustic images make you feel like you are inside The Pyramids of Giza.

24.Impressive Pharoah Art

Living room - contemporary living room idea in Chicago with beige walls and a wall-mounted tv
Image: Houzz

Show off your admiration of Egypt with large portraits of Pharaohs painted in impressive ways. Hang it up above the bed or on a feature wall.

25. Pictures of Pyramids

Pyramids of Egypt by Luke Anthony Gram Canvas Print
Image: Houzz

When you think of Egypt, the first thing that probably pops into your head is the wonderous pyramids. They truly are an incredible sight to behold. Bring that magic into your Egyptian bedroom design.

26. Anubis Statue

Egyptian Jackal-God Anubis Statue
Image: Houzz

If you are a big fan of ancient Egyptian mythology then you probably know all about their different gods. Anubis was the god of death, mummification, the Underworld, the afterlife, and more.

His role in Ancient Egypt is very interesting and when your guests ask about the statue in your room, you can enjoy retelling his story.

27. Tutankhamen Satue

Golden Shroud of Tutankhamen Egyptian Bust Statue
Image: Houzz

Another Egyptian character to look out for when shopping is King Tutankhamen himself! He was once the ruler of Egypt in the 18th Dynasty. King Tut's tomb was found in 1922 and is one of the most amazing archeological discoveries of modern times.

28. Egyptian Goddess Lamp

Egyptian Goddess Of The Night Lamp
Image: Houzz

Even if in small features of your room, Egypt can always be represented. An Egyptian goddess lighting the way from the door to your bed. A perfect accessory for your night table.

29. Unique Wall Art

Cairo-Egypt Decorative Wall Art
Image: Houzz

Cairo is the capital of Egypt located on the majestic Nile River. It is where a lot of the discovered Egyptian artifacts rest and has an incredible museum. This is another example of the type of art you can hang in your Egyptian bedroom.

30. Egyptian Cotton

Of course, you can't have an Egyptian bedroom without having Egyptian cotton! These fibers are softer and last longer than any other cotton. You won't regret splurging so you can sink into this dreamy fabric each night.

31. Egyptian Blue

Blue was a very popular color in Ancient Egypt as it was created from the copper and iron oxides with silica and calcium. The color was connected to fertility, birth, and rebirth in their ancient beliefs. Look for one-of-a-kind pieces for your bedroom that feature the heavenly color.

32. Treasure Chest

There have been so many amazing treasures found in Egypt it is hard not to think of it as a perfect place for treasure hunters. Find a way to use a treasure chest in your bedroom design, even if it's only holding extra blankets.