Deer Themed Nursery – 35 Ideas For Your Sweet Little Dear!


Have you ever wondered what a deer themed nursery would look like? It would look amazing and we have proof!

Picking out a theme for a nursery is way too much fun, and maybe just a little overwhelming. I mean, there are just so many cute and clever ways you can design a nursery and make it special for your newborn bundle of joy. A nursery should feel magical and be filled with imagination and creativity.

It's the place that your little bambino will start to dream, dance, and develop. I love the idea of a woodland nursery since I spend so much time in the forest and know of its magic.

Happy little deer play in fields of spring flowers, chipmunks move busily amongst the colorful maple trees, and songbirds sing sweet tunes for all to hear. So my dear, here we have 35 deer themed nursery ideas I think you will be “fawn'd” of.

Deer Themed Nursery – 35 Ideas For Your Sweet Little Dear!

1. Deer Ballerina

Your future little dancer will love growing up in their deer themed nursery. Pink and white is the color scheme and of course, you would have a crib instead of a bed. Maybe a wooden crib built with branches?

2. Deer Mural

Peaceful deer resting above your sleeping baby, looking over them and bringing them sweet magical dreams. If your town has a talented local painter, consider hiring them to do an artistic mural for your deer themed nursery.

3. Blue Deer Design

Another color scheme you could go for is dark blue and white. Tiny deer silhouettes in blue decorate the crib bedding, faux taxidermy animals hang above the crib, and a fake deer pelt creates a rug on the floor.

4. I Love You Deerly

Show your new little wonder just how much you care with loving signs and decorations. Happy, bright, and beautiful, just like them!

5. Woodland Wallpaper

I have always been a big fan of wallpaper myself. It could be that it's a nostalgic thing since the farmhouse I grew up in had it decorating all of the walls. Nevertheless, wallpaper can be an awesome way to display fairy tale scenes and woodland wonderlands.

6. Deer Hardware

Keep your eyes open for charming hardware with silhouettes of deer. This could be perfect to add to a dresser, or as hooks on the wall to hang diaper bags or tiny rompers! Don't forget to make sure the hardware is baby proof and doesn't have any sharp edges.

7. Deer Bedding

The crib where your little one will be spending so much time in deep slumber (or a loud tearful song) is the best and easiest place to decorate with deer. There are a lot of really cute crib sheets and bedding with unique images of deer and forest scenes.

8. Gray Deer

Now that we have seen some deer themed nurseries in a bold blue and a pretty pink, let's look at an option for a neutral grey. Using a neutral color as a base will make it easy to add in pops of colors and fun statement pieces that your baby will love.

9. Little Babe Cave

How adorable are these decorations? I absolutely adore the clever “Little Babe Cave” sign. Mix that with some prints and art of delightful fawns, an array of Spring flowers, and some other forest creatures as extra company. Voila, the most perfect nursery for your perfect baby.

10. Deer Art

Speaking of deer art, this could be a DIY project that you can make on the weekend, or at ladies' night. If you are pregnant at the time of the crafting, be sure to use low-VOC paint and open the windows for ventilation.

11. Vinyl Wall Stickers

However, if you aren't one for painting, and don't want to hire a professional to add artistic scenes to the nursery, here is another option. You can find vinyl wall stickers online or possibly through a local home-store.

You can be sure that creating magical scenes in your babies room will add a sense of imagination to their world.

12. Browns and Oranges

One of my favorite color schemes for a deer themed nursery would be soft browns and oranges. Just as the natural tones of a little fawn, browns, and oranges are neutral, sweet, and chic.

13. Bambi Mobile

Every nursery needs a mobile to hang above the crib (in my opinion) so scout out one that matches your deer theme. In this mobile, sweet little Bambi dances amongst forest leaves and songbirds.

14. Deer Clock

What time is it? Time for snuggles with your sweet little angel! Having a clock in the nursery can actually be very helpful when trying to keep a routine, so you might as well make it match the theme.

15. Deer Prints

Designing a deer themed nursery doesn't have to be hard. You can keep things very simple and minimalistic, then throw a couple of prints up on the wall and the theme is complete!

16. Baby Fawn Bedding

More inspiration to help you with picking out your crib bedding for the deer themed nursery. In this design, happy little fawns decorated in flower necklaces cover the white backdrop, and images of flowers, acorns, and teepees are added for a cute boho look.

17. Deer Rocker

You can just tell by the smile on this baby's face that she is absolutely loving her deer ride. I have a few baby pictures of myself sleeping soundly on my pony rocker, so I definitely think a deer rocker could be a great addition to a baby room.

18. Log Changing Table

This is a really clever changing table design for any sort-of woodland-themed nursery. The look is rustic and chic and the natural logs really fit with the forest vibes.

19. Deer Plushies

Fill your nursery with fluffy and soft deer plushies that your newborn can cuddle and play with. In fact, I think the more the merrier! Who doesn't love a few extra new plushy friends to pass the time with?

20. Mounted Deer Head

In this woodland nursery, they have used a soft plushy deer head as a mount on the wall. Then, to go with the forest feels, there are images of mountains, trees, and other forest creatures. The whole look is whimsical and enchanting.

21. Deer Diaper Stacker

A diaper stacker will make the time for changing easier and breezier. This is an efficient way to organize your clean diapers to be at an arms reach and having the diaper stacker match your deer theme is even better!

22. Little Woodland Chairs

Even though these chairs won't probably be used by your baby until they are a little bit bigger, some woodland themed chairs or stools work wonderfully in a deer themed nursery. Look for as many ways possible to add themed items to the room.

23. Deer Nightlight

Say goodnight and leave your sleeping baby with just a glow of light. Just imagine how sweet a nightlight like this would look in the nursery all lit up.

24. Modern Glam Nursery

Now this is a different kind of nursery! Very modern and very sleek, it definitely grabs your attention as being unique. Even though I adore the wallpaper and the plush purple seat, I'm not a fan of some of the decorations.

Being a nursery, I would stick to more plush and baby-friendly decor.

25. Tree Branch Shelf

Stick to the woodland look for your deer themed nursery and design a shelf made out of thin birch branches. Without a doubt, it will be a perfect addition to the room and will work great to display some of the gifts given by friends and family.

26. Fionna the Fawn

Give your baby a cheerful mascot, a friend that keeps them company as they rest in their crib, a “Fionna the Fawn,” if you will. This sweet deer is painted on the wall to keep your sweet dear smiling.

27. Cuddle Blanket

Extra soft and extra fluffy, your baby will love cuddling up with their blanket with a faux deer pelt look. Indeed, a charming idea for a deer themed blankie.

28. Woodland Playmat

When it's playtime and you get out your array of deer plushies and baby-friendly toys, pile them onto a deer themed playmat. All sorts of woodland creatures are ready and awake to play with your bambino.

29. Deer Decor

Let's look at more ideas for deer decor that you can be inspired by while searching for nursery items. There is a lot of places online to shop that will help you find those perfect items so that decorating can be a piece of cake.

30. Deer and Floral

I don't know if it's just from watching Bambi so many times but for some reason whenever I think of deer I think of open fields boasting beautiful wildflowers. A great theme for a nursery.

31. A Realistic Approach

So far, pretty much all the designs we have seen have included images of cartoon deer that are cute and happy. However, you also have the option to go for a more realistic approach.

Although the deer are still illustrated to look like a bohemian princess, you can see the realness in its eyes.

32. Trees and Mountains

Example of a mountain style home design design in Jacksonville
Image: Houzz

Just like its natural habitat, the tiny decorative deer you have throughout the nursery will feel right at home amongst the beauties of the outdoors. Adding images of mountains and trees on the walls, or even the decor is another great idea for a deer themed nursery.

33. Minimalistic Nursery

Example of a minimalist kids' room design in Wichita
Image: Houzz

This nursery doesn't have a lot going on, except that big beautiful deer mount above the changing table. The room is kept simple and sweet and allows for a peaceful and calm sleep.

34. Scandinavian Deer Nursery

Inspiration for a scandinavian gender-neutral light wood floor nursery remodel in New York with multicolored walls
Image: Houzz

Falling into the trendy Scandinavian design, this deer themed nursery has cool nordic furniture and patterns and features a lovely fluffy deer stool. An absolutely delightful design.

35. Whimsical Vibes

Home design - mid-sized shabby-chic style home design idea in San Francisco
Image: Houzz

A silhouette of a deer and colorful fawn prints decorate the wall of this whimsical nursery. Other natural decor adds to the vibe like a branch hanging on the ceiling, flowers and forest animals in the decor, and a fun chevron pattern helps to match the furniture pieces.