30 Inspirational Photos of Curtains to Go With Grey Walls

So you've painted your room grey, but, now what? There are a lot of ways you can go while designing the look of the new room. Curtains are a good place to start if you are trying to pick out accent colors. It shouldn't surprise you that I am about to show you how you can find pretty much any color curtains to go with grey walls.

Grey is a superb natural tone that blends and contrasts pleasantly with many tones from the rainbow.

30 Inspirational Photos of Curtains to Go With Grey Walls

1. Grey Curtains

Keep it simple and match the tone of the curtains to the tone of your wall. Without a doubt, you can't go wrong when decorating your grey walls with a grey curtain, it is a seamless design that keeps the flow of the room.

2. Navy Curtains

As you can see, the soft grey allows for a cool contrast with the deep navy blue curtains. Therefore, the grey provides just enough difference from the white bedding to give an extra layer of tone.

3. White Curtains with Grey Details

Another way to bring the grey tone back into the design is to feature details of it on the curtains. Try to look for curtains that have a white background to allow the grey to pop out.

4. Darker Blue Grey Curtains

In this image, we see a moody bedroom with soft dusty tones. The shade of grey on the curtains is darker than the walls but still seems to blend in a flow with the room. In conclusion, these shades are a great option for a neutral and alluring bedroom.

5. Silky Cyan Curtains

If you are working with a darker grey tone on the wall then look for something light and airy on the curtains. You could try a silky cyan, a light teal, or even subtle seafoam green would unquestionably do the trick nicely.

6. Light Pink Curtains

A pretty in pink curtain that cascades down amongst the darker grey backdrop. It has a very romantic and almost mysterious vibe to it that I'm definitely into. Plus, they add just enough lightness to the dark room for an ideal contrast.

7. Bold Patterned Curtains

Use that neutral grey backdrop to have fun when choosing curtains. You can absolutely go for really bold and bright designs that will make a statement against the grey tone. Check out how these teal colored leaves are perfect for this happy room.

8. Deep Purple Curtains

For an elegant look, go for rich deep purple curtains that will make you swoon and relax. Here they have matched the curtain to their living room furniture to bring the whole stylish look together.

9. Light Purple Curtains

However, if you would like to keep things a little bit lighter and brighter, then you can look for other shades of purple. A light lilac might do the trick for the desired bedroom look.

10. Green Curtains

These grey walls feature images of birch trees and woodland decor. Therefore, the green of the curtains is the perfect color to represent the greens of the forests where the animals live and wander.

11. Golden Yellow Drapes

A deep yellow drape decorates the window and acts as a beautiful diffuser of the natural sunlight. It is an elegant and regal look against the dark grey paint on the wall.

12. Pumpkin Orange Curtains

A great fall color to add as an accent against the grey walls. Would this color still work in other seasons though? I would go for a richer burnt orange to make it work year round.

13. Sunshine Yellow Curtains

Sunshine yellow curtains to go with grey walls. I think it is especially effective with a dark grey tone, and having other elements of yellow in the room makes the design flow and blend soothingly.

14. Wine Red Curtains

Red, red, wine has that beautiful rich tone that is elegant and luxurious feeling. This color scheme would work great in a wine-themed kitchen or a romantic bedroom design.

15. Boysenberry Purple Curtains

There are a lot of shades of each color, and there is a way to make these shades work in your grey room. For example, take a look at just the variations in purple and you will be awakened to the endless possibilities!

16. Black Curtains

The color black, of course, can also work wonderfully with grey walls. Furthermore, the dark curtains can be especially desirable in a dreamy bedroom where you will want complete darkness to get a peaceful rest.

17. Olive Curtains

Oh, I really like the sweet olive color with the grey. I think we can all agree that it is a great choice of color for a curtain and can become the inspiration for the rest of the design of the room.

18. All White Curtains

To me, this color combo seems like a give-in. White of course contrasts delicately with its sister color grey and makes for a neutral scheme that you can have fun accenting with any color you desire.

19. Blush Curtains

These colors look absolutely perfect for a nursery room. Blush curtains to go with grey walls, blush tones in the furniture pieces, and contrasts of bright white for an extra layer of dimension. As a result, you get a modest and chic baby room that you will love.

20. Lace Curtains

Lace does a good job of creating privacy without having to lose a lot of the natural light entering your home. This is a great idea if you have dark grey walls and want to keep the extra light flowing in, even when curtains are closed.

21. Black and White Curtains

What do you get when you mix black with white? Grey of course! In other words, you can't go wrong when going for black and white bold curtains to go with grey walls. Undoubtedly a sleek and sophisticated look that will definitely work in your monochromatic design.

22. Multi-colored Curtains

Grey acts as a neutral and light-toned backdrop so you can go wild with the curtains. So, a multi-colored fabric, colorful patterns, or cool images can decorate your curtains and you can be sure that it will look great with grey walls.

But, first and foremost, have fun picking out something unique for a bohemian inspired design.

23. Two Toned Curtains

A color block look is also a super stylish way to go when picking out curtains to go with grey walls. Along with this, you can experiment with different soft pastel colors, and combine them with grey to get the best of both worlds.

24. Ombre with Pattern Curtains

As well as having a really cool ombre effect these curtains additionally have a trendy chevron pattern. Having some grey in the ombre makes the curtains blend in more and therefore has a more subtle effect.

25. Bamboo Shades

If you aren't a big fan of the drapey curtains, you could always substitute for shades. The bamboo shades look great with the grey walls and have a nice natural vibe. For instance, this look could be awesome for a coastal home or cabin by the sea.

26. Ombre or Dipped Curtains

To get just a dash of color into your curtains you might want to go for an ombre effect. Particularly, like these yellow dipped beauties. It's a subtle yet effective look to tie in the colored accents you have around the room.

27. Teal Curtains

Grey and teal bedroom all the way! Yes, sir, I am a big fan of this color scheme as it feels oh so trendy. The grey is cool and neutral and creates a modern and polished combo for the silky teal curtains.

28. Burnt Orange Curtains

How cool would these burnt orange curtains look combined with the teal ones we saw just before? Especially with a grey wall, those tones might be my favorite look and are starting to inspire me to do some modifications in my bedroom.

29. Embroidered Stripe Curtains

Ohh, yes, I am really liking this option! It is most definitely a delicate way that you can add just a splash (or stripe in this case) of color to match some accent tones throughout the room. As a result, it's a soft look that will definitely work with your grey walls.

30. Velvet Curtains

The warm feeling of velvet works well with the cool tones of grey. Both simultaneously balance each other out nicely and therefore will add some lovely texture to the walls. In addition, the golden-brown tone is also quite nice with the greys and whites.