Curtains for Living Room with Brown Furniture – 23 Decor Ideas!


Looking for curtains for living room with brown furniture? Here's some much-needed inspiration!

You are sitting in your newly designed living room, enjoying the beautiful brown tones that you have chosen for the furniture. As you sit on the rich mahogany leather couch and turn on the TV, you notice an unwanted glare on the screen.

You turn around only to realize that the sun is shining through the window at just the right angle to disrupt your movie time. At this point, there's only one thing to do… Look for curtains! However, what color curtains for living room with brown furniture could you get?

If it's hard for you to imagine what tones will work on your own, then let us help you. Below we have gathered some of our favorite colors of curtains that will match your gorgeous brown furniture.

Curtains for Living Room with Brown Furniture – 23 Decor Ideas!

1. Burgundy Curtains

Let's begin with the color burgundy. The deep burgundy tones pair wonderfully with a rich mahogany wood or a matte brown. As you can see, it gives the room a sophisticated, sleek, and alluring look that is warm and cozy. You will love curling up on the couch and relaxing in this color scheme.

2. Rich Brown Curtains

Tie the color of the curtains into the scheme of the living room for a seamless flow. A deep rich brown that matches handsomely with the leather couch and the wooden beams accenting the ceiling. You really can't go wrong keeping it all same color.

3. Bright Green Curtains

Just like the colors of your spring garden coming to life. Browns like the aromatic soil in the ground and greens like the sprouts of leaves coming to life underneath the sun. These two colors work really well together for a natural and fresh look.

4. Happy Blue Curtains

In order to see what color curtains for living room with brown furniture will work, the best way is to check out some inspiration first. If you have been curious about a bright and happy blue tone, then as you can see in the example above, it's a definite yes for style!

5. Golden Yellow Curtains

Yellows, oranges, and browns all have a similar feel to them. Like the color of Autumn leaves, they are fresh, cozy, and stylish. When you are designing your brown living room, consider a golden yellow tone to keep those fall vibes going.

6. Natural Toned Pattern Curtains

To spark up your curtains a little bit, look for a bold pattern to add a bit of artistry. The shade of the curtains can be a natural color that blends with the brown furniture which will allow the pattern to really pop.

7. Black Curtains

Because black is a shade like brown, it will, of course, function with brown furniture and keep the room looking sleek and chic. I love how the brown seems to be the accent tone against the black and grey walls. It's also easy to add in other colors for extra pizzazz.

8. Light White Curtains

There are a lot of ways to go when picking out white curtains for living room with brown furniture. We are going to look at a few examples. In this example, the white curtains are light and airy which leaves room for the sun to enter and keep the room brighter.

9. Dense White Curtains

If you prefer some extra privacy and the option to dilute the sunlight even more, then a denser white curtain is the choice for you. It has a heavier look which works with a minimalistic interior design.

10. White with Artistic Detail

Lastly, you can look for a white curtain that has artistic details to bring in some extra dimension or texture. Greek meander creating an edge on the white curtain is a creative idea and the fact it matches the black accents in the throw pillows is an extra design bonus.

11. Two-Tone Brown

If you have different shades of brown in the living room colors then find curtains that have those same tones of brown. Then the accent brown will really make a statement while the other browns are highlighted as well.

12. Deep Green Curtains

To be honest, this isn't really a color I had considered before seeing this example. After seeing how stunning the colors look together though, I have definitely been convinced. That deep gorgeous green with the softer brown is a perfect combo.

13. Soft Pink Curtains

If you were wondering if pink was even an option to go with brown, here is your answer. It is definitely a unique look and has a lot of character. However, if you've got the vision to pull it off, it can really make a statement!

14. Grey Curtains

Keep the look minimal and simple with shark grey curtains, beiges, and whites. The deeper brown then contrasts and pops against this soft neutral backdrop for an easy-on-the-eyes living room. These neutral colors also make picking a bright accent color for throw pillows a lot easier.

15. Blush Rose Curtains

Now here is a cool and trendy look. When using a dusty rose color such as this, I definitely recommend going for quite a dark and rich brown color for the furniture. It is a soft and romantic feel accomplished with minimal decorating.

16. Sunshine Yellow Curtains

We saw these colors work in the Teal Bedroom Ideas article, and as I said before these colors really remind me of an eccentric Wes Anderson movie. The olive green, sunshine yellow, and pops of teal make for the perfect color scheme against wooden brown furniture in a living room.

17. Black and White Curtains

Bold stripes in monochromatic black and white behind a brown suede couch. It's maybe not my personal favorite look for a brown living room, but you can't say it doesn't work.

18. Beige Shades

Keep your eyes away from the windows and let them be drawn towards the rich brown furniture in the living room. A neutral beige shade seems to mix in with the tones of the wall and act functionally to keep the light out or let it in. Control the ambiance of your living room as you please.

19. White Curtains Brown Shades

Or, you can try mixing and matching with shades and curtains. The shades are the same tone as the brown couch, whereas the curtains are white and flowy. A very charming and trendy look that gives you the best of both worlds.

20. Orange Curtains

Wow your guests with a bright and bold orange curtain that ties in with the brown living room. The soft blue works well with this color scheme and the whole vibe is happy, fun, and vibrant. If you want to tone it down a bit, you can look for a burnt orange color instead.

21. Purple Curtains

Living room - transitional dark wood floor and brown floor living room idea in Indianapolis with gray walls, a standard fireplace and a wall-mounted tv
Image: Houzz

Way in the back you can see some brightly colored purple curtains decorating the window. The purple really pops even though it's far away in the picture and adds a classy addition of color into the brown living room.

22. Bright Blue and White Curtains

Example of a mid-sized transitional enclosed carpeted and brown floor living room design in DC Metro with beige walls, no fireplace and no tv
Image: Houzz

A fun vibrant blue pattern on a white curtain hangs behind the brown couch and really brightens up the place. In my opinion, the place would have been a little too boring if it weren't for those blue curtains. Excellent design choice!

23. Soft Red Curtains

Elegant formal medium tone wood floor and brown floor living room photo in Richmond with beige walls, a standard fireplace and a brick fireplace
Image: Houzz

We haven't seen any red curtains yet, and I was starting to think that maybe that color just wouldn't work. However, this picture proved me wrong. The red in a soft tone actually pairs really quite nice with the brown furniture. This makes it a great color of curtains for living room with brown furniture.