Cheap Wall Covering Ideas for Bad Walls – 26 Ways To Fix Old Walls

If you're looking for cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls, you're not alone.

So, you've just moved into your new place, and although the packing is going well, there is just one thing that keeps bothering you. Every time you walk by it you can't help but sigh and wish it didn't look like that. Yup, you've got the case of a bad wall in your house.

Now, I'll admit, I have lived in some pretty unusual places with questionable taste. So I have had my fair share of ugly walls to put up with. Even though I have had my creative moments in turning my space into somewhere fun and enjoyable, I sure wish I had thought of some of these ideas as shown below.

So let's check out some cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls.

Cheap Wall Covering Ideas for Bad Walls – 26 Ways To Fix Old Walls

1. Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper are probably one of the easiest ways to cover up some ugly walls. Not only is it simple, but there are also some absolutely epic wallpapers out there nowadays so you can really make a bold statement.

You can find wallpapers displaying fantastical scenes, pretty patterns, or artistic creations.

2. Wood Slat Wall

Borrow some power tools from the neighbors and start installing some wood slats to turn your home from drab to fab. I love the look of a fresh and trendy wooden wall inside a home. It's a rustic and cool look that never seems to go out of style.

3. Fabric Wall

This is one of the best cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls out there. Depending on the fabric, this can be a very affordable option for fixing those walls that you just can't stand to look at anymore. Trust me, picking out the fabric that you want to accent the wall with is just part of the fun!

4. Diamond Accent Wall

Create an accent wall in your home so not only cover up a bad wall but to turn it into your favorite wall of the house. Add some thin wood slates and a fresh coat of paint. This accent wall has dimension, texture, and style.

5. Inspiration Board Wall

Inspiration, indeed! This picture inspires me to do some home updates myself. Even if your wall doesn't need covering up, I still think this inspiration board wall needs to be added into everyone's home. Much better than your regular old bulletin board.

6. Burlap Wall

Get out the reliable old staple gun and do a quick fix on a bad wall with something as simple as burlap material. A natural and organic feel that can really end up saving the day if your wall took a beating.

Kids painted all over? Did hubby put a hole in the wall while renovating? No problem! Burlap is here to save the day.

7. Photo Collage Wall

One of my best friends did this to her room and I absolutely adore it. She took the time to print out all of her favorite pictures of the great memories she has had so far and created an awesome mural covering up her otherwise boring wall.

You can be sure that every time you walk by your photo collage wall, a smile will creep onto your face.

8. Laser Cut Panels

The things we can do now never stops to impress me. These fun panels have been cut out using a 2d laser cut printer. Then they are pieced together like a puzzle onto the wall to turn any wall into a work of art.

9. Reclaimed Wood Wall

So you have decided you want to do a wooden accent wall! You can use reclaimed wood if you aren't willing on spending a lot of money on new wood when covering up your walls. Just another one to add to the list of cheap wall covering ideas to cover up bad walls.

10. Patchwork Collage Wall

Print out your favorite pictures off of the internet and create a cool collage covering up every inch of that old ugly wall. What I especially like about this project is that you can simply rip down the pictures when you decide to move, or want to change up the look again.

11. Hat Wall

Now, this idea might not cover every inch of an ugly wall, but it's definitely a great distraction. Plus, if you are hat savvy, what better way to show off your collection while also adding some style to your home.

12. Fake Flowers Wall

I have seen this picture so many times on Pinterest and it never stops to grab my attention. One of these days I am just really going to have to plan a day to do this project in my bedroom! It's so beautiful to gaze upon the colorful flowers hanging carelessly on the wall.

13. Framed Pictures Wall

My mom has a wall like this in her basement. However, she used vintage framed pictures of our ancestors for a sort-of family tree wall. It's really fun to try and connect all of the family members by relation and tell our guests about our history.

14. Plant Wall

Any crazy plant people out there? I am definitely on my way to being one. Only a few more plants before people start to ask questions! A great excuse for your recessive plant buying could be that you're simply trying to cover up a bad wall.

15. Tin Wall

You can find tins quite cheap at local thrift stores and even online. So when it comes to cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls, buying up and collecting old tins might be the way to go. It's a unique and vintage look that will definitely start some conversations with visitors.

16. Large Mirror Wall

If you can't stand to pass by and see that bad wall every day and are looking for a cheap and quick fix, check out this idea. Grab the biggest mirror you have in your house, or perhaps a few small mirrors, whatever you got, and lean them up against the wall.

17. Book Wall

Where are my book nerds at? This one is for you! Turn your bad wall into your favorite place in the house… The library! Show off your book collection while also bringing some style to your house.

18. Tapestry Wall

Beach blankets and artistic tapestry can go up on the wall for a bohemian look that you will love. Just some simple tacks to pin them onto the walls or roof and in no time you will have an artsy cover-up.

19. Crate Wall

Ask around at local supermarkets or farmers' markets for vegetable crates and start collecting. Those crates can be reused and recycled into a functional and fashionable wall that gives you plenty of extra storage for books, plants, trinkets, or whatever else you got laying around.

20. Tile Wall

While maybe not the cheapest wall covering idea if you are wanting to go all out with some expensive tiles, hear me out! Surprisingly you can find some used tiles at local thrift stores that just might do the job, and give your house a fun vintage feel.

21. Painted Mural

Are you any good at painting? Or, do you have a friend or family member who is? Well, there is nothing quite as distracting as a bright and colorful wall mural. However, if you have the budget for it, I definitely recommend hiring a professional!

22. Art Wall

Show off your doodles and your favorite pieces from the art classes by transforming your dull wall into a work of art. You don't necessarily have to be a great artist to create some passable doodles that will liven up the room.

23. Mirror Wall

We saw the option to prop up a big mirror against the wall for a quick fix, however, if you only have small framed mirrors around the house, this is what you've got to do. Create a sort of collage of mirrors, that way, you will be so busy checking out your reflection, you will forget all about that ugly wall.

24. Dangling Twinkle Lights

I am admittedly a huge fan of twinkle lights. It is possible that I use them a little too often, but I can't help it. To me, there isn't a single place that couldn't be improved with the power of happy little twinkle lights.

25. Eclectic Item Wall

Do you like to collect weird oddities and unique items? If you do, that's pretty cool, and now all that collecting will come to noble use. Fixing that bad wall! Plan a design for displaying your eccentric knick-knacks on the wall for a real statement.

26. Barn Wood Accent Wall

An accent wall created out of barn wood boards is a great idea if you need a complete edge to edge fix of a terrible wall. You can create fun chevron patterns, or diamond looks, all with some simple reused barn wood.