29 Different Types of Blankets Every Homeowner Should Know About

different types of blankets

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your favorite blanket, even if the air conditioner is blowing and it’s hot outside. There’s more to a blanket than just its comfort level; there are many different types that serve specific purposes. Some are plush and cloud-like, while others are thin and …

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5 Best Surfing Bed Sets for an Easy, Breezy Bedroom Makeover

best surfing bed sets

Are you a surfer looking for some home items that will reflect your passion? Maybe you want to decorate your bedroom with the coastal vibes you love. It can be tough to find good bedding that has such specific themes, but look no further! Here are my picks for the …

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5 Best Ocean Themed Quilts for the Perfect Seaside Bedroom Makeover

best ocean themed quilts

Looking for the best ocean themed quilts to bring the rawness of the seas to your bedroom? We’ve got you covered. Ocean blue, dolphins, palm trees, waves, coral reefs, starfish; do these decorations sound interesting to you? Well, we all love a little ocean feel in our bedrooms because of …

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The 5 Best Tropical Bedding Sets

best tropical bedding sets

Your bedroom should be a relaxing getaway from the stressors of everyday life, and what’s more relaxing than a tropical paradise? Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, it’s important to do your research and choose a tropical bedding set that marks the tone for the rest …

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6 Best Beach Themed Bedding Sets for a Beachy Bedroom Vibe

best beach themed bedding set

Is your bedroom in serious need of a makeover? Are you longing to escape to a far-off island free from the cares of everyday life, but maybe you don’t have the time or cash for a seaside vacation? You’re in luck because I’ve compiled a list of my favorite beach …

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6 Best Palm Tree Comforter & Bedding Sets

best palm tree comforter

What’s one of the first things that spring to mind when you think of a tropical island? Palm trees, of course! The symbol of a relaxing island destination, palm trees evoke the warm sun on your skin and the waves beating against the shore. But if you’re stuck on land …

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25+ Tiny House Bedroom Ideas To Create Your Perfect Cozy Space

tiny house bedroom ideas

Tiny houses are an amazing way for anyone to be able to built their own luxurious dream house on a budget. But with smaller space comes other obstacles. In a tiny house, your bedroom might not just be where you sleep- it may also be the main place for you …

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11 Bachelor Bedroom Ideas That Are More than Just Sports Posters

grey, white, and black color scheme

Any bachelor leaving their parent’s home and moving into their first flat or house has to strike a delicate decorating balance. You don’t want your bachelor bedroom to look like a child’s or teenager’s room, nor do you want it to look like the sleeping quarters of a 50-year-old lawyer. …

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25 Luxurious White and Silver Bedroom Decor Ideas

bedroom with baroque-inspired headboard and ornate details

Choosing colors for your bedroom can be a daunting task. You want a scheme that is calming and timeless but still brings a certain “wow” factor. But have you considered making white the primary focus of your color palette? White and silver is a classic and versatile scheme that can …

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25 Yellow Bedroom Ideas – Be Bright, Be Bold!!

yellow bedroom ideas

Cheer up your interiors with these 25 Yellow bedroom ideas. You can give your bedroom an infusion of sunny decor. Impressive yellow bedrooms can make the interior look brighter, warm, and cozy. Your bedroom can provide a truly eclectic feel with the addition of bold modern pieces, traditional accents, and …

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