20 Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Lights – Ideas To Brighten Your Space!

The bedroom is one of the most multifunctional locations in the house, so it’s got to be somewhere you look forward to being. It's a feel-good part of the house, and lighting is everything when you get down to setting the right mood for it. It can be quite the task, so here are 20 bedroom decorating ideas with lights to help you, whether you need to read, type, loaf, nap, or just get a good night’s sleep.

While skilled decoration is key, there are a lot of angles to unpack from the ceiling to the bedside table and beyond. A kid’s room will not be identical to an adult’s, and you will want to pragmatically manage furniture and space. The lighting possibilities are overwhelming, so it's worth narrowing things down to your specific interests and mulling it all meticulously.


Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Lights – 20 Ideas To Brighten The Space!

Quick Look

  1. Wicker lampshade
  2. Disc lamp
  3. Lantern lamp
  4. Gooseneck lamp
  5. Column lamp
  6. Task lamp
  7. Lava lamp
  8. Chandelier light
  9. Pendant light
  10. Tile light
  11. String light
  12. Stage light
  13. Orb light
  14. Recessed lighting
  15. Track lighting
  16. Sconce
  17. Flush mount
  18. Ceiling fan Light
  19. Candelabra
  20. Salt lamp

1. Wicker Lampshade

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A wicker lampshade woven from seagrass or rattan will bring a 1970s style texture to your bedroom. It’s picture-perfect for overhead lighting, able to cover up a string light or pendant rod. An unobtrusive wicker lampshade can replace an existing lampshade for a rather domestic tinge of homespun simplicity.

Its flaxen warmth may be paired with light-colored bedding or walls to make for a toasty setting. That’ll keep things laid back, especially when the windows are open and you can bask on your bed in sunlight.

2. Disc Lamp

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A disc lamp is an unusual but intuitive addition to the bedroom, ergonomic, and able to point a large amount of light where necessary. Designs tend to be pretty simple, so you can sneak one into any room and prop it up without a fuss.

You can rotate the disc to brighten up anywhere and point it into a corner for great diffuse lighting that’ll look good on camera. A disc lamp is a good facet of a room’s overall scene, standing stalwart while looking nice and chic.

3. Lantern Lamp

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Use a lantern lamp as an eye-catcher for the room that'll adorn your bedside. These can be a lot less cumbersome than a desk lamp, something you could place on the bed while you're reading.

Keg or box-shaped lantern lamps tend to work best for the bedroom and look great hanging from a peg. Hang a large Moroccan lantern lamp from the ceiling as an exotic centerpiece to wow your guests.

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It’s a vintage farmhouse-style lamp with a dimmable E26 base bulb, comprised of patina-coated steel and hurricane glass.

4. Gooseneck Lamp

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Sometimes you need light at just the right angle, and a bendy gooseneck lamp can do it for you. When you’re in the dark and using a laptop or reading you can bend this lamp into the most helpful position.

Consider the different functions and aesthetics that are available: a lamp with a flat elongated LED bulb will look slick and ultramodern, while a more traditional nozzle-head has the benefit of familiarity. You might get it as a floor lamp, or a small version that can be clipped to a bedside.

5. Column Lamp

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Kill two birds with one stone by way of a column lamp, with its frame of shelves adding more storage space while topped by shaded light. It can easily provide bedside access to items and reading light, looking stylish all the while.

You can choose from a circular or square frame, and there are different wire mesh or patterned linen lampshades to consider for extra pep.

Thinking of whether the legs should be the same color as the shelves, you might like a frame with a matte black finish or one of polished brown wood.

6. Task Lamp

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A task lamp can really modernize a room, with its sleek structure and swinging arm. If there’s anything precise you need to do, like sketching or sewing, this will come in handy.

With a flatter wide head joint, it’s more spacially accomodating than a nozzle, providing an even dispersion of light over a large area. Since it’ll be in your personal space, make sure it’s an LED lamp for high brightness and low radiated heat. Depending on your needs, you could get it with a base or with a clamp.

7. Lava Lamp

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Who knew the lava lamp would return to become the most sought-after bedroom decorating ideas with lights? Make the bedroom groovier with a lava lamp, a nostalgic symbol of the 1960s. It'll inhabit any space well with its coolness, being relatable to kids and adults.

The lava lamp is an endearing accent for a bedside table, or it can make for a penetratingly hip beacon on a dresser or shelf. There are innumerable liquid and wax color combinations to ponder, but they tend to be mesmerizingly satisfying no matter what you choose.

There’s nothing quite like turning off the light and bathing in the soothing glow of hot wax.

8. Chandelier Light

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Chandeliers are already good at pretty up a place and are only better if they also supply lighting. They can pack a little punch of glamour, and may just as easily modernize a room as to make it retro.

You’ll want one that isn’t so big it crowds up space while being large enough to project its brightness effectively. Keep it towards the center of the room and the lower third of your bed so it can send diffuse light everywhere.

Try a globe style for a balance of complex and simple, or a carousel-style for a drop of sophistication.

9. Pendant Light

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Whether your pendant lights hang from a rod or chain, they’re a good way to add a shot of trendy energy to your bedroom. You can balance out decor by having them hang near the left and right sides of your bed, illuminating your nightstands to boot.

For general room lighting, position the lights near the bottom of your bed, towards the center of the room. Clear glass pendants might glare with overly intense light, so take your pick from the myriad of coverings from ceramic to linen.

10. Tile Light

Bring your bedroom into the 21st century with tile lights, which are LED blocks of various sizes that can be assembled and rearranged at will. You might attach a gaggle of big tile lights to the wall as a bold, avant-garde statement that’ll leave you awash in an ethereal glow.

A smaller set of tile lights will come with a base for them to stand on and bring quirky light to a bedside or stand. You can put the tiles together in whatever geometric jumble you see fit, making them chameleonic and appreciable by kids and adults.

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11. String Light

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One of my favorite bedroom decorating ideas with lights is string lights! Often seen in restaurants, string lights should find their way into your bedroom for a low-fi and modish atmosphere. They match simplicity with functionality, neutral in appearance, and able to be moved and experimented with easily.

Try round or oblong bulbs of varying sizes, hanging them high at the ceiling’s center or low toward furniture that needs to be brightened. Little fairy lights can be tucked into any corner of the room for a charming and snug luminescence.

Attached to a flexible, sturdy wire, you can twist the lights into pleasant shapes and wrap them around things.

12. Stage Light

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Bedeck the bedroom ceiling in stage lights to capture a modern, fashionable aura and maintain serious vigor. They might track close to the ceiling or protrude on rods, being a vogueish stroke of style that meets the middle between off-base and commonplace.

Smaller bucket-shaped stage light with foldable legs could work as a desk lamp, large and forthcoming with light. A stage light on a tripod is good to have on hand for miscellaneous tasks.

13. Orb Light

Drop an orb light in your bedroom for instant pizzazz, a glowing globule with undeniable charm that kids will enjoy. The entrancingly alien sphere will perch tastefully on a nightstand, fostering cozy illumination.

There are different glass finishes to peruse, ranging from the appearance of an enlarged marble to that of a miniature moon. Don’t miss out on orbs that can change color, which is just waiting to fill your bedroom with a funky gleam.

14. Recessed Lighting

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Recessed lights aren’t just suitable for the living room or kitchen, they’re also a useful, contemporary fit for the bedroom. Particularly in large rooms, they work well in combination with other ceiling fixtures.

Recessed lighting can maintain the illusion that a low ceiling is higher than it is, making the bedroom feel more open and grand. They should probably be positioned around the perimeter of the room, making it convenient to delineate a reading or working section.

15. Track Lighting

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Get in some track lights for a swank vibe and greater amenity, working best in minimalist or modern-minded bedrooms with high ceilings. They can be used to spotlight parts of the room, particularly the dressing or vanity area, and they’re just right for a large walk-in closet.

You should carefully browse the many styles of track heads, including pendants, cans, and traditional spotlights.

16. Sconce

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You can hardly find a more tempting variety than wall sconces – decorative and useful fixtures that bring an inviting beauty to the bedroom. Be they old-fashioned or abstract, you can find sconces that fit your room’s theme and mount them in spots that need more warmth.

They’re perfect for installing above a nightstand, and adjustable swinging arms are a must-have advantage. Sconces with shades or covers protect your eyes from glare and are lovely when reading in bed.

17. Flush Mount

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Image: Houzz

A common and classic type of lighting is the flush mount, especially useful in low ceiling settings. You might get a modern nondescript box or frisbee-shaped light that goes with any room, or an austere geometric design that can blend right in with the ceiling.

For the more nostalgic there are pendant-shaped mounts or cute ones in bell and cup shapes. Whatever you go with, get a suitably durable and bright LED light.

18. Ceiling Fan Light

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An indispensable two-in-one, the ceiling fan light is an age-old homey touch that’s comforting when you want to unwind. In the bedroom, this family-friendly ornament often looks best with bowl-covered bulbs rather than multiple cups.

You won’t want kids getting too close, so avoid a semi-flush design in favor of one close to the ceiling. Frosted or white opaque glass, along with a matte black body, gets the right allure across.

19. Candelabra

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The handsome flair of a candelabra is appropriate for a spacious bedroom, worth it for the antique mood that its light creates. A sterling silver candelabra makes any corner of the room gorgeous.

Or maybe you want a contemporary cluster candelabra of blackened metal for maximum functionality. Either way, they are wonderful focal points bringing a special oomph to the decor. They carry a certain romantic air that spices up the bedroom in ways most other objects can’t.

20. Salt Lamp

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Image: Houzz

Finally, let's talk about our last bedroom decorating ideas with lights! Throw a Himalayan salt lamp into your bedroom for a splash of mysticism and otherworldly lighting. The distinctively colored salt lamp is effortlessly cool, able to enhance any spot in the room.

They are less conspicuous and showy than lava lamps, and safer for kids too. Kids and adults can appreciate the soothing potential of the lamp’s light, especially if it can change colors.

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