The Pros & Cons of Polyester Bed Sheets

pros & cons of polyester bed sheets

The most common materials used to make bedsheets are polyester and cotton. Polyester bed sheets use an artificial fiber that forms through a chemical reaction called polymerization. Since people can produce polyester in industries, it is cheaper than cotton and bamboo, which occur naturally. Polyester is the simplest form of …

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30 Stylish Mint Green Bedroom Decorating Ideas

mint green bedroom decorating ideas

Looking for mint green bedroom decorating ideas? Mint green is a highly underrated shade. It’s versatility means that it works in any style, from faded vintage to ultra-modern. While it sits subtly in the background of refined styles, in contemporary designs it can grab your attention easily. There really isn’t …

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Decorating 101: 25+ Stunning Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Looking for farmhouse bedroom ideas? Whether you live in the countryside or want to bring a bit of rustic charm to suburbia, it’s easy to see why farmhouse decor has dominated the trends for so long. If there’s one room in the house that could benefit from the warm embrace …

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7 Best Coral Bedding Sets to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

best coral bedding sets for your bedroom

Whether your home is landlocked or the sandy beach is right out your front door, there are a variety of coral bedding sets that can help bring the coastal outdoors into your home. Coral may refer to the physical ocean structure or could be referring to the pinkish color that …

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25 Legendary Music Bedroom Ideas To Blow Your Mind

Must have music bedroom ideas

Music is what makes the world go round! If you’re an avid music-lover, chances are that you try to incorporate its melodies and harmonies into many parts of your life. That can even include your bedroom! But how can you create this themed bedroom in a classy way that showcases …

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20 Sexy Bedroom Colors And Ideas To Turn Up The Heat!

Sexy Bedroom Colors

Most people are in search of sexy bedroom colors to turn up the heat. If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into a romantic getaway, there are a few colors that will do it better than the rest. Designing a sexy bedroom means you can’t be afraid of bold colors. …

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21 Gothic Bedroom Ideas For A Dark And Romantic Makeover

dark and romantic gothic bedroom ideas

If you’ve just given your living room a luxuriously spooky makeover, it’s time to level up the goth game and transform your bedroom. Everyone loves a dark bedroom when you’re looking to relax. But a gothic bedroom is something else entirely. Gothic style comes out of medieval architecture, as well as …

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23 Stunning Navy Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

navy blue and grey bedroom ideas

If you’re looking for navy blue and grey bedroom ideas, we’ve got you covered. When you’re decorating your bedroom, you want to create a calming and comforting atmosphere. After all, if you’re going to spend a third of your life in bed, you want to sleep well and feel safe …

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The 7 Best Pirates Bedding Sets for your Home

best pirates bedding sets for your home

Looking for the best pirates bedding sets for your home? We’ve got you covered! Bedding sets are a great way to liven up your bedroom or bring more imagination to your child’s world. Pirates are fascinating and fun voyagers of the sea, bringing home gold and jewels, and meeting fantastical …

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