31 Beach Themed Curtains to Keep you Dreaming of Sea and Sun!


If you've been looking for beach themed curtains, let me be the first to tell you, you're not alone! I spend a lot of time down in Mexico, and when I'm not there and I'm back at home, there is always one thing I miss the most… The beach! That's why turning to some beach themed interior design is the easiest way to satisfy those dreamy desires.

One of the design elements to look for when switching up your room's look to a more tropical vibe is the curtains. So today we will take a look at 31 beach themed curtains to keep you dreaming of sea and sun.

31 Beach Themed Curtains to Keep you Dreaming of Sea and Sun!

1. Seashells by the Seashore

Laural Home Dream Beach Shells Window Curtain
Image: Houzz

What color scheme have you gone with for your beach-themed room? Assuming it's blue and white, pops of red can work perfectly to represent the tones of a friendly crab, the bright red beach ball blowing in the breeze, and the lazy red starfish taking in the sun.

2. Seaside Postcard

31 beach themed curtain ideas 2
Image: Houzz

During a long journey at sea, you finally found a way to send a postcard back home telling of your adventures. However, it seems that your postcard has transformed into curtain size fabric on arrival, which is perfect since you needed a new pair of curtains anyway.

3. Friendly Crab

Laural Home Blue Crab Sheer Window Curtain
Image: Houzz

An underwater scene showing off different kinds of life below the otherworldly sea. When you want to really give off a strong beachy vibe then look for curtains featuring crabs, seahorses, and underwater plants.

4. Groovy Turtles

Large Turtle Scene Curtain
Image: Houzz

It's hard for me to see groovy turtles like these and not think of Crush and his son Squirt from Finding Nemo! So go with the flow and find some radical turtle curtains for your kiddos beach themed bedroom.

5. Lighthouses

Lighthouse 60x63 Panel
Image: Houzz

I've always enjoyed spotting a lighthouse while walking along the beach. As much as they have a functional purpose on the beach, I find that they have a mysterious essence to them as well. These delicate lacey curtains featuring lighthouses make for a wonderful addition to your beach themed room.

6. Blue and White Ombre

I really like the smooth transition that an ombre effect has that looks effortless and flowy. While the curtains ripple in the breeze of an open window, the shades of blue and white dance romantically.

7. Coral and Creatures

Soft baby blues paint images of underwater creatures and uniquely shaped coral. Due to the pictures on the curtains, it will be easy to fit them into a coastal design, beach themed room, or nautical nook.

8. Stylish Starfish

I adore how subtle and delicate these curtains are with fine-drawn lines creating tiny starfish across the light fabric. In addition to that, the little beads of blue sea glass hanging down or an awesome extra feature.

9. Drop Anchor!

Ahoy, matey! Hoist the sails and drop anchor! … I don't know sailing terms as you can tell, but I definitely know that cute blue anchors on a curtain make for a totally fun beach-themed room.

10. Rustic Rope


Rope can be added into pre-existing curtains to transform them from peachy to beachy. Similarly, using a boat cleat as a curtain tie is a charming and clever way to add more nautical vibes to a window while still having a functional purpose.

11. Sea Chimes

Another way to update some existing curtains to match your cool coastal vibes is with sea chimes! All of those shells, sand dollars, starfish, and sea glass that you have been collecting over the years can go to a useful design cause.

12. Blue and White Stripes

We can all agree that blue and white are our obvious color choices for a beach-themed room. The color blue like the ocean, or the sky above, and white like the sand or the white water of a crashing wave. As you can see, these colors just make sense.

13. Bold Blue Pattern

The pattern on your curtains don't necessarily have to have fish and seashells to go with the theme of your room. Having that beautiful blue color contrast against the white is enough to make it blend with the design.

14. Blue Ombre

Another ombre example but instead of the blue fading into a crisp white, it goes the 0ther way and fades to a deep ocean blue. I also really adore the tiny pompoms bringing texture and aesthetic to the curtains.

15. Navy Blue and White

Like the collar of a sailors shirt, navy blue and white stripes remind us of those handsome uniforms lined up to go to sea. Altogether, an excellent choice for a beach themed curtain pattern.

16. Coconut Curtains

There is truly nothing more luxurious than laying on a sandy beach underneath a hot sun sipping away from a coconut. Bring that paradise to life in your room with these beach themed curtains.

17. Palm Leaf

If you are having trouble with your room design because you don't want to go with the standard blue and white beachy color scheme, then check out this option. Palm leaves in a soft green that are subtle yet do the trick.

18. Colorful Pineapple

So fun! A brightly colored pineapple to give off tropical beach vibes in a trendy way. Similarly to coconuts, pineapples undoubtedly remind me of the beach and the sweet taste of a vacation.

19. Little Fan Palms

Keep your eyes open for curtains with a repetitive pattern on a white backdrop that have a beach vibe like cool fan palms. This is a trendy and chic look that can work with different color schemes.

20. Delicate Stripes

We are back at the blue and white stripes. Because, when something works, why try and fix it? Even if the stripes are subtle, faded, and thin, the vibe is captured and the look will be complete.

21. Seahorse Print

I adore these underwater sea creatures! Seahorses are such a unique species that exist with us today and will become a conversation starter for sure when they are displayed on your beach themed curtains.

22. Surfboards

These curtains are totally righteous dude. Even if you don't know how to surf, you have probably spent an afternoon watching the beachgoers catch some killer waves.

23. Shibori Sand Dollars

Have you checked out the super trendy shibori tie-dye look making more and more of an appearance? Well, one of the cool effects you can get from this tie-dying technique is sand dollar looking patterns. Perfect for your bohemian beach abode.

24. White Blue and Sand

Another color scheme you can look for is blue and white with touches of sand-colored brown. For example, these color block curtains display all three colors and look absolutely delightful in the beachy room.

25. Monochrome Vibes

31 beach themed curtain ideas 25

In case you are worried about interrupting an existing color scheme in the room, then stick to a monochrome curtain. You can still get those beach vibes by displaying images of palm trees or sun umbrellas without worrying about contrasting colors.

26. Beach Sunset

There isn't quite a sunset like a sunset on the beach. You can see an incredible variety of colors and shades in these majestic events. Capture those colors and that scene in your curtains.

27. Bamboo Shades

Haven't you always wanted to live in a little bamboo hut on the beach? Well, I know I have! Bamboo shades aren't really the same as the real thing, but they are definitely one step closer.

28. Aloha Banana Leaves

Shades of green can also fall into a beach look. The tones are represented in the banana tree leaves that hang above you giving you shade on the hot beach. Keep your eyes peeled for banana leaf curtains when you are out shopping.

29. Two-Tone Linen

I have always thought that linen has a naturally sandy texture to begin with, which makes them a great fabric choice for beach themed curtains. Combine that texture with a soft baby blue and voila!

30. Bright Colors

Show off the incredible variety of colors that exist underneath the sea and amongst the coral reefs in your curtains. Those reds, oranges, greens, and blues can all come together to create a bright and vibrant curtain design.

31. Rope and Anchor

How else would you tie back your beach themed curtains other than with a rope and anchor? This is another clever way to turn the curtains you already have hanging into a beach themed curtain.