10 Pros and Cons of Maple Flooring For You To Consider

pros and cons of maple flooring

Solid hardwood floors are on many homeowners’ bucket lists. But when it comes time to actually choose the right flooring material for your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! If you’re a fan of light-colored wood flooring, maple is an obvious choice. This beautiful hardwood is affordable, tough, and easy to source. Plus, it’s more … Read more

12 Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring For You To Consider

pros and cons of vinyl flooring

Thinking about replacing your current flooring with something more suited to your personal style? Believe it or not, vinyl flooring might be the best option for your next interior design project! Most vinyl flooring sold today is made primarily from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This compound can be colored and finished to create all different kinds … Read more

A Guide to Shower Curtain Sizes & How To Measure

When it comes to having the right shower curtain in your bathroom, it’s more than just ensuring it fits in with your current decor. A properly sized shower curtain is important for keeping water off the floor and properly draining back into the shower stall or tub. Let’s go over how to measure your space … Read more

14 Pros and Cons of Wool Carpet

pros and cons of wool carpet

If you think all carpet is the same, think again. And we’re not just talking about color, pattern, or pile height. Wool carpet is a luxury alternative to synthetic fibers that offers unmatched durability and colorfastness. If you care about the environment, it’s one of the most eco-friendly carpeting materials available on the market. It … Read more

The 9 Pros and Cons of Carpet Tile

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a controversial subject among homeowners. Some love the lush look and feel it gives to their living spaces. Others are deterred by carpet’s tendency to collect dirt and grime, as well as how difficult it can be to install. If you’re unsure whether carpet is right for your home, carpet tile is … Read more

What Is The Standard Baseboard Height For Homes?

standard baseboard height

Baseboards can be an attractive and practical addition to any room build or remodel. They can help tie your wall decor in with your carpeting or help provide aesthetic value to the overall room. Finding the right height of baseboard for your wall is important, so let’s go over the best ways to determine the … Read more

How to Remove Mold from Shower Caulking

how to remove mold from shower caulking

Mold and mildew is a common sight in bathrooms and showers, especially along the caulking and other jointed areas where moisture can build up. Since mold is both unsightly and can be dangerous to your health if in large enough numbers, it should be eradicated as soon as you notice it. There are a number … Read more

The 5 Best Tropical Bedding Sets

best tropical bedding sets

Your bedroom should be a relaxing getaway from the stressors of everyday life, and what’s more relaxing than a tropical paradise? Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, it’s important to do your research and choose a tropical bedding set that marks the tone for the rest of your room design. You’ll … Read more

6 Best Palm Tree Comforter & Bedding Sets

best palm tree comforter

What’s one of the first things that spring to mind when you think of a tropical island? Palm trees, of course! The symbol of a relaxing island destination, palm trees evoke the warm sun on your skin and the waves beating against the shore. But if you’re stuck on land and nowhere near a beach, … Read more

Average Coffee Table Dimensions

Coffee tables can come in a wide range of different styles, shapes, and sizes. It might take you a bit of shopping around before you can find the perfect table for your living room and you might be wondering what the average coffee table dimensions are too. Once you find it, however, you will notice … Read more

36 Creative Rope Light Decorating Ideas

rope light decorating ideas

There are so many creative ways one can use rope lights to add charm to a space or area.  Lighting is always an important aspect of the design process that should never be overlooked.  Rope lights add a certain warmth and coziness that are unique to various types of lighting.  There are so many ways … Read more

Tiny House Loft Ideas – Make The Most Of Your Space!

tiny house loft ideas

Tiny Houses are affordable, beautiful, and flexible to whatever your lifestyle needs. But they’re, well, tiny, and anything you can do to make the most of your small space will be greatly appreciated once you actually start living in one. Enter the loft. A loft is a room built directly under the ceiling of a … Read more

Why Is Water Not Coming Out Of The Showerhead Properly?

water not coming out of shower head properly

Nothing is more frustrating than a shower head with poor water pressure. Water not coming out of a showerhead properly can ruin your shower experience. Luckily for you, you can usually narrow down the problem to a few possible culprits. Read further to learn some of the reasons why water may not be coming out … Read more

25 Ideas for Decorating a Small Toilet

ideas for decorating a small toilet

When you think about a toilet, you probably don’t imagine intricate or fancy decor. However, your toilet has a lot more potential than you think. Rather than leave your toilet totally bare, you can use this space as a creative outlook to add some cute decorations. If you need some inspiration to help you get … Read more

25+ Track Lighting Ideas

track lighting ideas

Elevate your lighting experience with hyper-functional and versatile 25+ track lighting Ideas. A Well-illuminated home introduces an inviting abode that reflects the design and overall architecture. Track lights can easily change your room and make an exquisite statement by becoming an integral part of the decor. Install a track light and pair it with the … Read more

18 Different Types of Interior Doors

the different types of interior doors

How many types of interior doors can you name off of the top of your head? Even if you can list several, I bet there are many more you didn’t even know existed! In day-to-day life, we’re more concerned about whether our interior doors close securely or if the hinges squeak than what they actually … Read more

30 Beautiful Brown Bathroom Ideas

beautiful brown bathroom ideas

When we think of the color brown, it brings to mind images of earth and nature.  It’s a grounding color that naturally allows us to relax. That being said, decorating our bathrooms in a shade of brown innately allows one to connect to nature’s wisdom and find peace in our space. It may seem like … Read more

18 Farmhouse Living Room Colors Ideas

farmhouse living room colors ideas

Farmhouse-style living rooms have a quaint, welcoming feel. While there is a ton of variation in the color schemes you can try, they tend to lean towards earthy, neutral tones and shades. It’s also important to use colors that go well with everything. It gives you a ton of freedom when it comes to furniture … Read more

25+ Hallway Lighting Ideas To Put a Shine On Your Space

farmhouse chic lighting

Hallways are often overlooked in the aspect of decorating and designing your space. Everyone wants to have an excellent entrance for their home, and mixing up hallway lighting is one way to enlighten your space. In terms of hallway ceiling lights, functionality is considered the key element but that doesn’t mean you can’t add modern … Read more

26 Corner Fireplace Ideas For A Warm & Cozy Living Space

minimalist cozy corner fireplace

Fireplaces are exquisite and functional. Along with providing warmth, they create the perfect ambiance to spend time with your family, enjoying hot chocolate while reading your favorite book, or a romantic evening with your partner. Not all houses are built to shelter an extensive fireplace. You can tuck a corner fireplace into any of your … Read more

20 Different Types of Toilets & Their Uses

attached bidet

Many homeowners dream of a walk-in shower or jacuzzi tub. But how much thought have you given to finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom remodels? The type of toilet you choose for your home can affect the amount of water consumed with each flush and, by extension, your monthly utility bill. It can also … Read more

29 Clever TV Fireplace Ideas

clever tv fireplace ideas

It seems to be a common design struggle for many homeowners of where to place the tv and fireplace in a room.  Most homes in cooler climates often choose to have a fireplace in a living area.  The key to getting a designer look is knowing where to place the fireplace in relation to the tv.  … Read more

The Different Types of Fireplace

the different types of fireplace

Did you know that fireplaces have been dropping in popularity for years? While the prevalence of modern HVAC systems might be partially to blame for this trend, it also has to do with how little the average homeowner knows about fireplaces and their use. Contemporary fireplaces have come a long way from the days of … Read more

The Different Types of Ceilings

the different types of ceilings

When shopping for a new home, the average person spends very little time looking at or thinking about the ceilings. As long as everything is structurally sound, one ceiling is just like the next… right? Actually, there are many different types of ceilings used in residential homes. Some of these ceilings have unique functions. But … Read more

18 Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

Most rooms built in more recent years come with ceiling lights ready and installed. However, It’s possible that one of your rooms does not contain proper ceiling lighting. While ceiling lights are an easy way to keep your room bright and well lit, they aren’t the only option available to you. There are plenty of … Read more

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

natural rustic elements

The barndominium trend has exploded in recent years, and they have become a more than viable option for those of us in love with rustic country homes and interiors. Each barndominium has its own unique features, and with a little renovation, you can turn it into a space you love. Many people use these buildings as … Read more

25 Magnificent Man Cave Shed Ideas

beer fridge

Not every man is a comic book geek, but we are all well aware of Superman’s fortress of solitude. This is a sacred place that a man goes to for peace and quiet after a long day in the salt mines of life. This is the Man Cave—the sanctuary we all need to recharge our … Read more

10 Stylish Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Shower Curtains

eco friendly alternatives to shower curtains

Ah, shower curtains. Simple, affordable, vibrant… and highly toxic to our health and our planet. It’s no joke. Today I learned that in 2008, the Center for Health found that PVC shower curtains release hundreds of volatile, toxic chemicals into the air. Even worse, according to Greenpeace, PVC is the single-most destructive plastic humans have … Read more

12 Clothes Wringer Alternatives – Eco-Friendly, Weird and Clever Options

simple clothes winger alternatives

Did you know that laundry dryers are more than 200 years old? According to Reader’s Digest, the first hand-cranked clothes wringer came from France in the early 1800s. Other accounts state that an African-American woman named Ellin Eglin invented the manual clothes wringer in the late 1800s. Inventor aside, clothes wringers have long stood as … Read more

25+ Wall Decor Ideas for Behind a Couch

wall decor ideas for behind a couch

There are endless ideas to consider when decorating a wall behind a couch. What decor is selected and placed behind this key spot is as important as selecting the couch itself. Through thoughtful planning, one is able to achieve a cohesive and well-designed look. The more creative and personalized you can get, the even better. … Read more

20 Boy Nursery Ideas

boy nursery ideas

The massive to-do list that comes when you’re expecting a baby can be overwhelming and stressful. On that list is setting up their nursery, which is the perfect opportunity to do a little designing and destress. We’ve put together this list to help expecting parents get some good ideas of all the design options out … Read more