15 Great Gardening Gifts for Mom’s

Do you have a hard time finding unique gifts for your mom? Do you wonder what gift she will really be able to use and enjoy? Does she absolutely love gardening? There are always some great gardening gifts for mom out there if you just know where to find them.

Don’t fret because we have you covered. We have looked around and found some great gifts for mom that you may not find in the stores. We found a bunch of gardening gifts that mom is sure to love. These are gifts you can get her for that special day, or just because.

1. CedarCraft Elevated Garden Planter

Is mom a gardener but has limited space to do her gardening? The CedarCraft Elevated Garden Planter is the perfect solution for those with limited space as it can fit on the balcony, patio or even in the backyard. It is easy to put together, with simple instructions, and no tools are required for assembly.

The CedarCraft planter comes in a single box when purchased and can hold 2.2 cubic feet of soil. It is great for planting vegetables, flowers, and herbs in whichever space you choose. The height is designed for comfortable gardening and it is high enough to deter rodents and pests. Your mom is sure to enjoy this beautiful planter.

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2. TUYU Garden Bucket Organizer

There is nothing as annoying as having to go back and forth for supplies when gardening. Save mom the unnecessary trips by getting her the TUYU Garden Bucket Organizer which fits everything you need. It has a holster on the outside to hold a pruner, three loops for hand tools and a pocket with a hook and loop for her cell phone.

It is big enough to hold tools for a raised bed planter or other long-handled tools. The center compartment is huge and can hold a 5-gallon bucket. The two suede handles make it easy to carry. It also has a rubber bottom and a water-resistant lining. Mom is sure to get a lot of use out of this great gardening tote.

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3. Gardener’s Supply Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket

Forget the days of using a wagon to haul your bucket and supplies, the tractor scoot from Gardener’s is a great little scooter you can use to get around the garden and work while you sit on its comfortable seat.

The bucket basket can hold a 3½ gallon bucket and the wagon is capable of carrying up to 400lbs. The handle retracts and can be locked for extra stability. A pail rack holds your bucket to transport tools or hold items you get from your garden. Save your mom the added effort of standing and kneeling to get her garden work done. She will love this gift this year.

4. VegTrug Patio Greenhouse

This is another great gift for mom especially when the gardening space is limited. The VegTrug Patio Greenhouse is a miniature greenhouse standing upright at 5ft tall. It effectively protects seedlings from the harsh elements including cold weather and wind.

It features four shelves that can be adjusted using removable slats in case you need space for taller plants. The cover is made of polyethylene and has a roll-up door with a zipper for accessibility. Ventilation slots are included so that your precious plants aren’t affected by warm weather. This is truly a must-have gift for mom this winter.

5. Gardener’s Supply Extra Wide-Seat Folding Garden Kneeler

Is mom tired of bending or kneeling on the hard ground when gardening? Or does she have back problems and gardening is becoming increasingly difficult? This deep-seat kneeler is fitted with sitting and kneeling pads for extra comfort.

It has an extra-wide base for stability and weighs only 9lbs while being strong enough to hold up to 250lbs. The sides can lock to enable the user to lower and raise the pad while seated. Sides are also easily foldable for storage and you can flip from a kneeler to a bench with ease. Mom will thank you for giving her the gift of comfort while gardening this year.

6. KI Store Tool Bags for Garden Kneeler

Does your mom already have a good garden kneeler that she uses regularly? Consider this addition to her existing kneeler. You can get a KI Store Tool Bag for her garden kneeler which is specially designed to fit both narrow and extra-wide garden kneelers.

It is specifically designed to fit gardening tools such as pruners, trowels and so forth to save her trips back and forth as she does her gardening. Apart from organizing her gardening tools, she can still use it for other functions in the garage or even in the laundry room. Mom will be sure to enjoy this great storage bag this year.

7. Womanswork 46 Hip Holster

The Womanswork 46 Hip Holster is great for carrying essential gardening tools when you are working in the garden. It has an adjustable belt featuring a quick release buckle. Multiple pockets are included and are woven with a synthetic fabric which keeps off moisture and mildew.

In the past, the hip holsters from Womenswork were not machine washable, but these are. Keeping them clean after a hard day’s work is easy and stress-free. The lining is made of nylon mesh wire so that her scissors won’t poke through. The ring on the front can be used to hang her gloves. Mom is sure to love this great hip holster this year.

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8. Claudia Sawyer Nitrile Gardening Gloves for Women

Claudia Sawyer gardening gloves are a great gift for mom. No longer will she have to endure broken nails and cuts after gardening. The outer part has a protective coating and the gloves are breathable so it is easier to wear them for longer periods of time without discomfort. Comfort is assured with a soft inner lining and elastic, lightweight design.

They are also machine-washable. The fingers and palms are coated with Nitrile, which is liquid-resistant, for a better grip. For those with sensitive skin, Claudia Sawyer Gloves have you covered with both hypoallergenic and latex-free features. One pack contains four pairs of gloves. These are a great gardening gift idea that will help save mom’s hands this year.

9. Magshion 4 Tier Pot Plant Stand

If mom needs more room to display her potted plants, you can get her this great looking pot plant stand from Magshion. It has four tiers and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This stand is durable and resistant to weathering since it’s made of teak.

Apart from this, a foldable design helps with storage when it is not needed or when mom may wish to move it. Since it can be used indoors, it can double as a shelf for books, candles, shoes, vases, picture frames and so on if she does not want to fill it with potted plants. This stand is a great addition to the home that mom is sure to enjoy.

10. DeWit Bulb and Crocus Planter

This year consider getting mom a handy flower bulb planter. This tool will make it easier to plant bulbs. This will save her precious time and energy. The Dewit Bulb and Crocus Planter has a sharpened edge made of hand-forged boron to dig into the soil. It creates a hole that is 1.5 inches in diameter.

With a simple twist of the handle in a circular motion, you can widen the hole in order to plant larger bulbs. The handle is made of ash hardwood, which is light but strong for assured durability. Mom is sure to find this a great easy tool to use to plant all her bulbs this season.

11. Speedie 2-in-1 Pruning Shears and Ratchet Scissors

Speedie has this amazing tool that works as both ratchet scissors and pruning shears. They are lightweight for ease of use. It enables you to cut larger (and tougher) twigs while still being able to delicately cut flowers and soft stems. Get control over your garden and nip under bushes and shrubs.

The ratcheting scissors can cut ½ to ¾ inch diameter branches with very little effort. People with arthritis or a weaker grip can continue with their gardening without any problems. They are built of aluminum which makes them lightweight and rust resistant. Mom is sure to love this gardening gift that will make caring for her garden much easier this year.

12. Homegrown 3-piece Garden Tool Set

Homegrown 3-piece Garden Tool Set is the perfect gift to get mom this season. It has a transplanter, a hand rake and a trowel. The transplanter is marked in inches and centimeters so you can set the seeds or bulbs to the correct depth.

The hand rake/ cultivator is designed for uprooting weeds, loosening soil and raking for a tidy look. The trowel features a rust-resistant aluminum blade. All three have an ergonomically designed handle that contours to the hand for a solid grip and a rubber palm rest for comfort. A lifetime warranty is included and mom is sure to love these great garden tools.

13. Enzero Tools Expandable Garden Hose

Is mom always out watering her garden? This garden hose is expandable but compact. It can expand to more than 3 times its length with water flowing through it and contracts when you turn the tap off. Enzero Tools expandable hose is made with double layer latex for flexibility. It measures 50 feet in total length.

Flexibility has been given a front seat ensuring it doesn’t tangle and it is easy to store. It comes with a spray nozzle with 9 adjustable patterns including mist, shower, flat, cone, soaker, angle and full pattern designs. This is a great water hose that will be suitable to meet all of the water gardening needs mom may have.

14. Pink Power 16” Tool Bag for Women

This adorable yet effective bag for women is great to use to store and carry tools and supplies when doing your gardening. Mom is sure to love its stylish design and get lots of use out of it. It is a 16” tool bag that has 12 pockets on the inside and 10 outside pockets. Two of the 10 outside pockets have Velcro closing tabs to keep tools secure. The strap has a padded shoulder strap for easier carrying and comfort.

Also on the strap are three latches that you can use to hold extra tools and accessories, such as a tape measure. A nylon lined interior is used to prevent stains from any spills that occur and exterior nylon for protection against dirt and water.  Mom will love having this stylish bag to hold all her gardening tools this year.

15. The Aerogarden

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique gift idea that can bring the joy of gardening to your mom year-round, consider getting her this, this year. The Aerogarden comes with a gourmet herb seed kit. It is a beautiful appliance that can fit into any kitchen décor.

This amazing system grows plants year-round without any dirt. The plants grow with just air, nutrients and water. They are 100% natural and organic. Imagine how delighted mom will be to have access to fresh herbs to cook with any time she needs them. This is a gift that is sure to please this year.

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