26 Stunning Winter Garden Images From People’s Yards

Our gardens transform in the winter months as frost, snow and the cold weather bring stunning new aspects to plans, trees, and wildlife. In this gallery, we will see some amazing images captured from people back yards.

A blue tit sits on a frost encrusted branch looking lovingly at the frozen berries. Birds survive on these frozen delicacies and on thrown seeds as the ground is usually too hard to peck for worms etc. Notice the long claws for holding on tightly?

Snow tends to make everything look pretty, even bare trees and sun faded furniture. The dappled sunlight through the tree branches helps to stop it looking uninviting and is probably a welcome sight since if there were leaves on the trees the garden would be shaded.

Violets bloom in spring before frost is even over. These plants are very hardy and while too deep of a frost will kill them a little snow won't hurt. They also come in many pretty colors like this gorgeous violet.

A red squirrel listens for danger. Squirrels come in many colors but the most common is gray. Red squirrels are endangered or extinct in many places which is why they're so special. The mohawk hair is just how it grows an you can see a tuft of white on this one where somewhere in it's family tree is a gray squirrel mix.

A beautiful snow dusted vista. Snow makes everything seem so clean and the warm lighting of the house makes an inviting difference compared to the cold weather outside.

Sparrows come to eat at a feeder since the ground is covered in snow. Bird feeders are often a life saver for winter birds that don't migrate because they have no other food sources.

While you probably don't want to sit on this bench at the moment once the snow clears it will be an enchanting little corner. Clear dead foliage before snow fall so that you can enjoy the view without it getting in the way.

Snow always makes a house look pretty, but be careful with sloping gardens as it an be hard to tell where steps are, like this raised patio seating area, in comparison to the grass.

Small gardens are great in snow because you know you don't have to clear a lot, if any. While the deck isn't going to be much use right now adding some extra snow to those steps would make a perfect ramp or slide!

A gazebo adds interest to any landscape and can also shelter your tablets and chairs from the worst of the weather, you can just see a covered “blob” inside this one that's probably keeping everything safe under cover. The arched trellises are also wrapped up to protect whatever plants are underneath from the worst of the frost.

A cute shed building looks almost black and white with all the snow piled up. The bare trees and bushes are pretty covered and with the white snow sky there's not a lot of color left.

Orderly gardens look clean and neat with snow on top. The light dusting means it's still safe enough, and pretty to walk through and enjoy in the cold. Small trees shelter the plants beneath.

Use your grill as an outdoor fireplace hen it gets too cold so you can still enjoy your deck and the quiet beauty of the woods in snow beyond.

While for most people winter means snow many parts of the world don't get snow in winter. The trees are still bare but the warmth of the lights around them helps keep the chilly weather away and make this seem much more inviting.

Snowdrops are the first flowers to poke through as spring appears. They will hide all summer and poke through the snow once the sun returns. These bulbs are easy to plant and “forget about”.

Violets don't have to be violet. These bright yellow and purple varieties will come up when the snow starts to thaw in spring and make your garden instantly colorful. They're also good for potting and baskets.

A beautiful red barn contrasts against a hazy winter sky while snow is piled thickly around. Red barns are iconic country motifs and the snow helps make them even prettier.

A quaint thatched roof on this old building makes a perfect winter view with the colors of it matching the white snow and green bushes around.

While snow melting is great, it often refreezes at night leaving these lovely icicles hanging everywhere. These grasses are encased in ice from the thaw making them seem even sharper than normal.

Often we see winter as the first snow, but sometimes while the last of the leaves hang on snow comes early. This little leaf is filled with powdery snow from an early snow fall.

The cold outside contrasts with the warm lights inside, while they've used a color filter to make the sky look like that you can still see how deep the snow is from the chairs and table outside. The thick snow coating the tree branches also makes it look like the tree is blossoming in white.

Painted window details stand out among the while snow on this little house. The icicles hanging down from the room make it look like a gingerbread house almost.

Another early snow that has come before the trees can drop their leaves. You can still clearly see all the fall colors on this tree with the garden behind dusted in snow. Even the willow in the background still has all its leaves.

Coelus plants, related to nettles, are hardy enough to survive most frosts but they don't like snow at all. If you're growing coelus you can leave them outside if your climate zone isn't likely to get thick snows otherwise they will likely die in winter.

Birds cluster hopefully at an empty feeder. Bird feeders are essential in winter for smaller species who don't migrate or they may not have enough food to survive.

Ice storms coat everything in a thick layer of glass-like ice. These berries are trapped inside as are the branches. These are particularly dangerous as the ice is very slick compared to snow and can cause dangerous icicles.