48 Water Features To Add Tranquility To Your Garden (Photos)

There little else that can beat a garden water feature for creating a calming and serene environment. The gallery showcases a selection of water features you can add to your garden, from the simple and subtle to the large and elaborate.

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Gazing balls have been done to death, but a gazing ball that is coated in water looks much like a giant suspended bubble. Pretty cool. You can also make this into an infinity ball that rolls with the water.

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A small, neat, minimalist fountain is perfect for small or oriental gardens. The water should have a gentle trickle rather than rush to soothe you as you listen.

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Add interest to a simple koi pond by creating multiple layers. The waterfalls actually have two purposes as they'll also keep the water aerated for the fish. Make sure any water flow is above the fish so that they don't get caught in the current and tossed over the falls.

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A bed hammock is the best way for couples to enjoy the outdoors. A hammock is so relaxing but it's even better when there's room for two.


Old teapots stacked look very similar to bamboo. You can paint the outside to match your garden or leave them to rust artistically. Stacking them vertically also gives the waster better height/distance to flow. Use different sized pots to add interest.

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Corner garden areas are the perfect home for fountains because they're a realistic place for the raised earth. Pair with some uplights on focal plants and a variety of plants for a very natural-looking feature.

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Fountains can also double as a place to sit with the right paving. A bench-style front will keep the water in and give you somewhere quiet to park. Make sure your water is gently running for relaxation and add some potted plants for decoration.

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There's nothing more exciting than fire. Fire and water usually don't mix, so this amazing feature that has them side by side is very eye-catching. By keeping the flames contained and the water separate there's no chance of it going out.

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If you've got a salt pool or natural feature adding a cave or overhang can be a cooling place for you or fish when the mercury rises. The step design at the top allows from overflow from the slide and of course, who doesn't love a slide!

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Having a small garden doesn't mean having a water feature. This bathtub sized pool is just big enough for small koi and a drop waterfall will keep the water aerated without adding too much height.


For minimalist and modern designs simple square concrete blocks surrounded by water channels make pleasing patterns and don't cost a lot. Just pour the concrete and fill the design then fill with water! Super easy.

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Most old fountains use pipes and water pumps, by having a shallow amount of water in the bottom you've got plenty of room for plants and the roots won't rot. Ideal for corners or a small space.

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A tall feature takes up minimal space but it can still be very eye-catching. Having a wide fall adds a sheer curtain of water and is ideal to hide behind decorative plants.

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A suspended fountain is the ideal irony and a stunning statement. Pair it with a deep pool below which can feed additional water features or leave it as a standalone. You'll need a sturdy structure to hang this from and conceal the water return hose.

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Walls are boring. Jazz them up by having water tumble over them. This isn't fancy or impressive, but it adds interest to what would otherwise be a boring area. Uplights will finish it off and consider a slab area wide enough to sit for extra seating.

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A giant koi pond can easily end up just being a big plain feature, but if it's big enough there's also plenty of room for a relaxing island. The island is also ideal for a double feature with a birdbath or tabletop fountain.


Many palaces have simple single canals with fountains. This design is basic but classy. You can have the fountains to add interest or leave it plain. Ideal if you want to have fish too since it can be as deep as you like.

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Lots of people love the sound of rain, so why not simulate it with a fountain. This modern and stunning rain curtain simulates the sound of rain as the waterfalls onto the pebbles below.


A shallow pool is ideal for showing off decorative stones and pavers. There's also plenty of space for decorative plants around it. By making them into a semi-circle the feature looks much more natural.


A rock waterfall is a simple feature that's also very easy to put together. Leave enough of a gap with the piled rock and simply pump water over. You can even tuck in some decorative succulents or small plants between the rocks.


A gazing pool is a neat little addition that will tuck into any corner. Make sure the water does have some flow under it to stop stagnation.


Features that use multiple sizes and repetitive shapes have great leading lines. The addition of circular shapes also makes great feng shui. A fountain like this could be almost any size but it's ideal to tuck in next to a path.


Linked fountains are perfect for large gardens as it means not having multiple water systems. The waterway between the fountains allows water to feed both and it looks impressive. Edge with a beautiful colored stone to capture the eye.


There is a less than functional design, and while it looks near to have water flowing through your outdoor dining table it's also going to be an issue if you want to put a tablecloth out there, and where are you supposed to put serving trays?


A cute double tier design that uses height rather than size for effect. It's simple and easy enough to put together. You could even swim in it it looks so clean!


Ancient and modern make a lovely combination. The ancient-looking stone is actually just some weathered rock carved to the right shape but it would fool most people at first glance.


A rather hidden feature that might be difficult to spot at first. If you're looking for something inconspicuous then hiding your waterfall among the plants and high up is the perfect distraction. This would also work for a small garden where vertical design is key.


An irregular water feature adds interest with the use of texture, layering, and irregular edges. This is very interesting for the eye as there's everything from slopes to steps, cobbles to edges.


A small and simple water bowl is perfect for birds and wildlife. The tinkling sound of the dripping water is also much more soothing than a large rushing fountain. Use a mosaic look to make it seem antique. This also looks great lit up at night.


Water features that aren't chlorinated will eventually grow moss. This adds a beautiful green color and a carpet-like texture. By using only a small amount of flowing water the moss won't get washed away.


A central courtyard begs for a water feature. This simple design doesn't have a lot of green to it but instead helps to fill the space by placing a tree in the middle, drawing the viewer's eye upwards to the sky and making the space feel more open.

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If you've got a large rock in your yard that you just can't move, make it more interesting by making it into a water feature. This is a simple design that requires no more than cascading water over it.


Infinity balls are an amazing feat of science that also makes a cool fountain. These balls are suspended by the pressure of the water which wells up around it so the ball spins freely. Alternatively, drill a hole and simply let the water cascade over it.

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You could easily miss the water part of this, it almost looks like a firepit or light because of the illumination underneath. The geometric design is nice and modern and the differing textures add interest.

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An ancient-looking statue that uses terracotta and tiles with a simple bath feature. Ideal for narrow spaces and simple, you could even put some koi in the tank too.

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Unlike the above water table feature, this is a little more practical, that is unless you want to push your chair back. The flowing water under the table is clever and interesting, but you might get your feet wet.

Image: John Hickey-Fry

This is a combination of several ideas including the concrete channels, the sunken pool, and an infinity ball. The design is very brutal and simple but will work well for small or narrow spaces.

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Simple pools and fountains, while basic, are still a common design. This is easily lit up at night, and good background or filler. While it's unimaginative it's also pretty inexpensive. Pair with potted plants to liven it up a little.

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Water barrels and taps are a fun way of bringing a vintage look into the yard. The barrels can also be lined so that they don't rot. These barrels come in all sorts of sizes, but to liven up a boring wall big barrels add punch.

Image: Karen Roe

Modeled on the ancient Roman baths, this sunken pool is perfect for a minimalist or Japanese style garden. It's also great if you want to dip your feet in when it gets hot.

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For a serene garden, a barely moving water feature helps compound the tranquil atmosphere rather than disturbing it. This ultra-modern building needs a matching fountain so the simple lines and colors bring everything together.


Ideal for small spaces this drawer waterfall almost looks like you could just push it back inside the wall. It's rather drab but it's a good contrast to all that green.

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Japanese design is all about leading lines and serenity. These tranquil pools and gently dribbling perches add ambiance to an otherwise gray, square, concrete base.

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Modern design is all about simple shapes and concepts. These pools couldn't get much simpler. Sunken squares look amazing at night with underwater illumination that matches the same design on the brick walls but stops the floor being one giant concrete slab.

Image: Leonora (Ellie) Enking

Much like the simple bowl design, this has a wide, wood pedestal and a much stronger pump so the water gushes out. It needs a deep bowl at the bottom to catch all that water.

Image: Karen Roe

Ideal for tranquility or Japanese style gardens. This infinity bowl provides the undisturbed reflection of a gazing pool with just enough run off to sound like a fountain. This can also be done in miniature but it's much more impressive when it's a huge flat bowl.

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Giant succulents surround what could be an ancient artifact. It's probably not, but the rough construction adds to the feeling that this is a sacred space and it doesn't take away from the classy furniture.

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The simplicity of this infinity tub has its own charm and the cheeky mosaic at the end makes it fun –something to please your architect but also to please your own sense of style. Add colored glass into the pool to bring the two together.