30 Unique Outdoor Benches for One-of-a-Kind Home

Hey everybody! Today's topic includes an image list of unique outdoor benches for your one-of-a-kind home. We are gonna look at a whole lot of different options to enhance your outdoor space, no matter the design or style.

This last Spring I spent most of my time creating a secret garden in the forest hidden behind my house. It was so much fun to be outdoors, create magical spaces, and see the changing of the leaves over time.

There were a couple of different spots that I really wanted to install a bench so that I could sit down and admire all my hard work. I was really unsure how to go about doing that though and what style I was looking for. Did I want to build the bench myself? Buy something online? Look for something in the local thrift store?

So many options! I wish I had seen a list like this so that I could be inspired to pick something out! I ended up skipping the bench that season, but when Spring hits again this year, I already know which style I'll go for.

30 Unique Outdoor Benches for One-of-a-Kind Home

1. Modern Metal

A classic metal bench with a modern twist. No arms, lightweight, and a sleek design make a bench like this desirable for the present-day home. I love the geometric feel to a simple bench like this featuring striking straight lines.

2. Rock to RestIron Rocking Garden Bench "Tatiana", Antique Bronze

A bench that will sway you into a peaceful daydream soundtracked by chirping birds and lit by warm sun rays. Fun colors and decorative swirls and curves all make unique outdoor benches like these so charming.

3. Multifunctional

You know that I'm easily sold on anything that has more than one purpose. Since I have always lived in very small places, being frugal with space is an absolute must. Turn a storage box into a comfortable outdoor seating with just a few extra coushins.

4. Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood to build a bench can create a lot of texture and dimension. Through the unique wood varieties there will be an artistic mix of tones and grains. Plus, it always feels good to recycle and reuse!

5. Nautical Vibes
Coastal Sea Creature Bench with Fish and Seahorse

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Pretty blues, dancing fish, soft curves, this bench is fit for a seaside cabin or coastal retreat. Whatever the theme of your abode may be, you can find the perfect bench to match with a little help from the internet.

6. Tree Skirt

Like a ball gown skirt dressing the gorgeous tree, these types of unique outdoor benches curve into a 360-degree circle. Such a romantic feel, I can already picture myself sitting in the Spring breeze with a book in hand smelling the blooming flowers nearby.

7. Romantic Stone

Speaking of romance, a vintage carved bench like this makes me feel like I've just jumped into an old Jane Austen novel. Placed perfectly amongst vast green foliage, it's the perfect place to hide in your garden, sit down, and get some much-wanted writing done.

8. Stave CurvesStave Bench, Natural

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What gives this bench its natural curve? Well, the fact that it is made from the staves of a European wine barrel. A rustic and unique outdoor bench that will definitely have your guests asking about its story.

9. Succulent Savvy

Half bench, half succulent garden, and 100-percent going on my wishlist this year! Being surrounded by living plants just always seems to make one feel better, doesn't it? So why not incorporate a planter box into the back so you can have some quiet company while resting outside.

10. Ibiza Lounging

When picking out your patio bench cushions consider neutral tones that blend pleasantly with the soft-colored wood. This sort-of boho-chic look is like a page out of a magazine from Ibiza.

11. BacklessGloDea Backless Wood Bench, 72", Muted Mesa

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Unique outdoor benches like these are a must-have in the home. You never know when extra guests will show up and you need extra seating, so you will want something lightweight and easy to move around. A durable and eco-friendly design that you will find yourself using more than you expect.

12. Arched Trellis

Is it just me or does this bench look like a furniture piece straight out of an old dollhouse? It's absolutely adorable! You can obviously pick other colors if pink isn't your look, but growing vines on the arched trellis above is genius.

13. Planter Box Seating

Two planter boxes set up wonderfully to frame a window, but what about all that space in between? All it takes is a few extra boards to connect the two, and you've got yourself a place to sit down and tie your shoes.

14. Butterfly BenchAlpine BAZ400RD Red Butterfly Metal Bench

Spring flowers have bloomed and so have the butterflies! Just picture a garden filled with red and yellow tulips, the butterflies enjoying the sweet fragrances, and you admiring it all from your magical butterfly bench.

15. Sweet and Simple

Armrests that double as handles so the bench can be brought in and out for hosting BBQs and backyard bonfires. A minimalistic option that is still sweet and stylish.

16. Drift Away Driftwood

What an impressive bench! Made almost entirely out of driftwood, this unique outdoor bench has a very maritime feel to it. Even with a simple furniture item like a bench, you can really get creative and find that wow-factor.

17. Rustic ReclinerMontana Collection Deck Bench, Exterior Finish

Sit back, relax, and forget about all your worries. A rustic bench with a reclined back so you can really get your chill on. Great for a backyard deck, the front porch, or hidden in your secret garden.

18. Bohemian Wicker

Trendy and chic, the bohemian vibes are all about wicker and natural tones. This piece actually looks really comfortable which isn't always a feature in a bench. Sit peacefully outside and enjoy your morning coffee.

19. Pots for Legs

A clever design that uses the plant pots as the legs for the bench. The foliage protrudes from the circular cut-out holes, surrounding you with plant life as you take a seat outdoors.

20. Woven Rope Seating

50.00" L Maurilio Outdoor Bench Weathered Grey Ottoman 100% Polypropylene TeakFind outdoor benches for your home

Rope is woven delicately together across the base of the bench to create a comfortable and charming seat.  The rest of the bench is very simple and has a soft gray tone to the wood making it ideal to fit in with your pre-existing patio design.

21. A Natural Look

Flat stones piled atop one another to create the base of the bench, while a longer stone lays across for a place to sit. I love the totally natural design that makes it blend seamlessly into the surrounding nature.

22. Arc Curve

Arc Curved Outdoor Bench, Pumpkin Orange
What's cool about a bench like this is its ability to combine with others like it, forming twisty turny shapes. Stick two together to make a half-circle around a small table. Three can go together to make an “S” shape. Get creative with a functional and minimalistic bench.

23. Woven to Perfection

This has to be one of the more impressive benches I have ever seen. Not only was the bench itself woven with small branches, but they went the extra mile to weave a trellis demi tee-pee as the back. Truly stunning!

24. Comes with a Shelf

Mayer 2-Seat Bench, BlackFind outdoor benches for your home

Just as I stated, these types of unique outdoor benches come with a shelf. Perfect for putting down your book when you have finished reading, to store an extra blanket for at night, or what about a place to set down your gardening gloves?

25. Shared Space

Don't just think about yourself when bench shopping, what about the neighbors? The neighboring birds, I mean! This bench has built-in birdhouses that you will definitely be thanked for with sweet morning songs.

26. Cambridge Casual

Cambridge Casual Lutyens Teak 4' Bench

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A sophisticated look that will bring you back to those campus days, sitting on the bench waiting for your next class. Impressive and soft curves, a comfortable seat, and a delightful design.

27. A Colorful Vibe

We have seen a lot of neutral looks and natural-toned benches, but what about the lot of us who like bright and bold? Your bench can really pop with bright pinks, yellows, blues, or whatever your favorite color may be!

28. Contemporary Cool

This bench has a cool contemporary feel to it that reminds me of the ever-trendy Scandinavian design. Sanded down wood for a softer look, and a romantically simple design.

29. Impressive Curves

A floating bench is built right into the curved cement garden wall behind. Wooden planks shoot out side by side to create a perfect sitting place for your study group, book club, or girls' night outside.

30. Stylish Plastic

Who knew plastic could look so stylish? With clean lines and contemporary design, this bench has a lot of advantages being made from plastic. It is weather-resistant, lightweight, and there is no worry of rust or mold.