9 Types Of Above Ground Pools For The Ultimate Backyard Feature

If you've forever been searching for the best types of above ground pools, we've got you covered!

Pools are the ultimate backyard feature but traditional ones come with a lot of hassle, expense, and maintenance. The sad reality is that an in-ground pool isn't always the best investment, especially if you’ll only be using it for only a quarter of the year. However, don’t let go of your pool dreams just yet!

If a traditional one isn’t for you yet, how about checking out above ground pools?

There are many types of above ground pool and the best part about them is that an above ground pool gives you all the customization and entertainment of an in-ground pool with less fuss, lower costs, and easier maintenance. Here's our inspiration list of the types of above ground pools you can invest in!

9 Types Of Above Ground Pools For The Ultimate Backyard Feature

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  1. Boarded Up
  2. The Landscaping Hack
  3. Inflated Fun
  4. Temporary Cooldowns
  5. Smart Padding
  6. The Pool Liner Secret
  7. All Decked Out
  8. Seamlessly Fitted In
  9. Heavy-Duty Access



1. Boarded Up

This is, by far, one of the simplest types of above ground pools! One of the classiest things you can do to level up your above ground pool is to board it up!

This is best for permanent above ground pools. Investing in a pool with built-in wood panels or building a wooden border around one helps it look like a built-in rather than an add-on. This would also serve as a durable shell for the pool and protects its walls from scratches and sharp objects.

From a visual standpoint, wood panels give it a touch of nature that blends in smoothly with the greenery of your backyard. Wood paneling is a great method that lends a hand to both function and form.

If you like this, check out the Crestwood On Ground Swimming Pool

These pools come in oval and round shapes, built-in with a classic wood frame, and are available in many sizes. This also comes with some bonus filtration features and is easy to install!

2. The Landscaping Hack

Another simple technique of dressing up an above ground pool is through strategic landscaping.

It’s amazing how much a few well-placed plants elevates a space to make it look brand new.

To start your landscaping journey, choose striking shrubs or tall plants first. This will be the main focus of the space and you can use it to cover up or hide some less attractive pool necessities, like a water filter. Fill in some of the gaps with colorful flowers, ornamental grass, or even fake potted plants.

With just these simple additions, your space would already look much brighter and more welcoming. You should also place a few lights around the space for when it gets dark.

If you like this, check out the Z-YAO Artificial UV Resistant Outdoor Tropical Flowers

These artificial flowers are great space fillers for awkward gaps in your greenery. These are also specifically made to withstand damage from prolonged sun exposure.

3. Inflated Fun

Let your inner child out with something timeless and nostalgic— floaties!

Inflatable pool floats can excite anyone from any age group and makes a simple dip in the pool ten times better.

To make your above ground pool more inviting, preparing fun inflatables for your pool is one of the easiest ways to do this. You can choose to set a couple out to float on the pool or store them somewhere safe but within sight. Either way, one look at these colorful items will have everyone rushing to jump into the water.

Using this pool accessory is less about looking good and more about making the entire experience better for everyone involved and getting the most use out of your pool.

Sticking to inflatables for your pool accessories is also a safer option for those with excitable kids since these do much less damage if it’s dropped or moved around.

If you like this, check out the JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoop with Balls

This floatie set is great for pools of all shapes and sizes to help people bond.

4. Temporary Cooldowns

If you want a pool but don’t have space or money to get a permanent one installed, there are temporary above ground pools perfect for your needs!

When people hear the words ‘temporary pool’, most imagine small, inflatable kiddie pools. However, these pools can come in all shapes and sizes for anyone who wants to take a dip at home.

These pools are simple to install while also costing much less than the permanent pools for in and above ground. This is particularly useful for those who only want a pool during the hot summer months but have no need for it for the rest of the year.

This helps make use of a space that not a lot of people would sit in the heat for. Once the summer is over, clever designs make it easy to pack up and store away for next year again.

If you like this, check out the Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pool Set

This budget find is easy to set up and pack away, which makes enjoying the summer sun so much simpler.

5. Smart Padding

Above ground pools, whether temporary or permanent, need to be placed thoughtfully and carefully. While most believe that setting it on any flat land is good enough, that’s not quite accurate.

Above ground pools are usually made of somewhat sensitive materials. While it's strong, it’s still best to keep it away from sharp rocks and rough surfaces. This means that investing in an above ground pool also requires you to prepare appropriate padding for it.

A slightly elevated concrete pad with a two-foot allowance around the pool is one of the best bases. This pad ensures that the ground is perfectly level and discourages any plant and weed growth below and beside the pool itself. However, if the concrete has a rough surface, an additional layer between the concrete and the pool would be best.

If you like this, check out the Horizon Ventures Round 1 Piece Underpad Above Ground Pool

This pad is water-resistant and easy to install, with no need for additional cutting or taping.

6. The Pool Liner Secret

Unless you've been above ground pool shopping before, you might be unaware that your pool doesn’t have to stay stuck in a stereotypical solid blue shade. Nowadays, dressing up your above ground pool starts with an eye-catching pool liner.

Much like the many types of above ground pools, pool liners also come in all sorts of designs that mimic traditional pool tiling styles. Some liners are designed with ocean scenery, boulder tiling, or even recreate how sunlight reflects water. You can choose any design you prefer to help your pool be more unique to you.

However, when choosing a liner, do make sure that it is compatible with the model of your pool and the padding it sits on so that your money remains well-spent.

If you like this, check out the Swimline Round Swirl Bottom Overlap Liner

This classy liner design has simple blue walls with an interesting blue swirl pattern for the floor. This gives your pool a very sophisticated feel without looking artificial. Additionally, this is easy to match with most outdoor areas and comes in a variety of sizes.

7. All Decked Out

For a more elegant approach, a deck, even a partial one, would be your best bet.

Having a partial elevated deck around your pool accomplishes two things— it subtly hides your above ground pool while also providing space to watch over whoever is in the water.

Choosing a partial deck also contains the pool mess, lessening the wet floors for those trying to stay dry. This is also a more affordable deck option that still makes your outdoor space look expensive.

If you like this, check out the Vinyl Works Above Ground Swimming Pool Resin Fan Deck Kit

This deck kit comes ready-made and easy to install for those who prefer a simple deck solution. The light-colored vinyl matches many above ground pool designs and comes with ample space for someone to supervise any water time for the kids.

8. Seamlessly Fitted In

Looking for more types of above ground pools? For those who want to completely camouflage their above ground pool, surrounding it with a deck gives the pool a seamlessly integrated custom pool.

Outdoor decks are great at converting empty yard space into something perfect for entertaining and lounging.

Nothing beats the impression this will make on any of your guests, especially with how stylish these decks can look. This deck is also the safest option for kids since it eliminates the need to frequently climb stairs when they go in and out of the pool.

You'll likewise be able to treat your above ground pool like a traditional in-ground pool and furnish the area with lounge chairs and tables. A custom-built wrap-around deck for your above ground pool gives you an expensive backyard look that you can get at a fraction of the cost if you do it yourself or hire wisely!

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They specialize in building pool decks and know exactly what to do to elevate your above ground pools, especially around the Greater Boston area. For other locations, look for a contractor near you through here.

9. Heavy-Duty Access

Of course, not everyone with an above ground pool wants to install a deck, some just want easy access in and out of the pool!

Investing in a heavy-duty ladder for your above ground pool helps everyone easily enjoy the pool. Rather than using any random ladder for it, choosing one built with safety, comfort, and durability in mind is necessary to avoid any accidents.

Another benefit of investing in a good ladder or pool steps is that it helps more people confidently enter the water, making full use of your pool investment. Having heavy-duty pool steps offers the comfort and security of fully installed pool steps without the price, commitment, and stress!

If you like this, check out the Vinyl Works A-Frame Ladder with Barrier for Swimming Pools 48 to 56″ Tall

This ladder can hold up to 300lbs with no trouble, and come with permanent safety warnings. It’s also perfect for making sure that no one gets in without your supervision since it comes with a child-lock to make the ladder unusable to any naughty children.