27 Serene Garden Patio Ideas And Designs (Gallery)

The garden patio is typically the hub of all great garden parties, family meals and just when you want to chill out in the peace and quiet.

Creative a space you can enjoy for years to come simply comes down to a little creativity. This gallery showcases some idyllic patio ideas you can use in your next project.


An outdoor living room brings the inside-outside. The fireplace keeps you warm when the weather gets cold while the canopy will shade you from the hot sun. This is modern and classy and doesn't take up a lot of space, making better use of outside.


A bright color choice for wood, the red tone matches the red decking to add color to an otherwise overwhelmingly green landscape. The simple modern shapes and modular design make these easy to make yourself.


This bright outdoor living room uses stark white to contrast with the green foliage. The mulch and stepping stone floor looks like a patterned carpet while the chandelier hanging from the gazebo adds class.


An outdoor bread oven is ideal for warmth and for snacks. The lime accents add pop while traditional wicker furniture is sturdy and functional.


A room with a view, the ultra-modern, blockish design is perfect for those who want to be outside without actually having to experience outside. The glass walls protect from wind and rain and the roof means it can be used year-round.


A boho patio with simple treated wood and an emphasis on texture. From the tassels on the pillows to the bamboo walls and the ribbon candle accents, it's all about texture while keeping colors limited to earthy tones.


A simply designed patio with bright red cushions and accents to draw the eye. While the rest of the garden seems pretty sparse the red draws the eyes so you don't notice. A wood fire keeps you warm on cool nights and adds a focal point.


Adding an outdoor rug brings everything together and a small burner keeps everyone warm. The wicker furniture could use a few cushions to brighten it up.


A small patio can still be cozy and warm with the right furniture. Matching chairs and an umbrella make this a usable space, while baskets and hanging greens add more room for growing.


Curved furniture stops this being too brutalist and the nice warm tones match those of the brick and decking.


A modern privacy fence adds an interesting feature while also keeping your dinner plans private. The graduating fence also helps to shield sound or protect from wind in an open garden.


These fun bean bag style chairs are great for relaxing around in and very eye-catching. The limited space isn't cluttered but the large chairs allow for plenty of seating to enjoy it.


Another design that uses red to keep the eyes focused. These ultra-sleek black and red chairs flank a small fire pit and all face the garden to enjoy the scenery.


A fun color-coordinated outdoor dining room. If you're not quite ready to commit to the whole kitchen bringing the dining room outside is a start. Teal stops this being a bland beige landscape.


These sleek woven chairs are eye-catching in their design, so much so that you don't even need anything else on the patio.


An outdoor living room in a soft gray is ideal for relaxing. The interesting corner lighting helps add focus and the cute little planters on the table make it homely. Hanging planters also stop the area from looking cluttered without taking away growing space.


Another view from image 8. This is looking from behind the fire tower so you can see the tiered plants around the sitting area. The shed is also partially hidden by the lower seating so it's not an eyesore.


White is a difficult color to keep clean in the garden, but it looks so pretty. Add a nice vase of flowers or a green pot onto the table for detail. The cream also matches the marble tile and the railings. Coordination makes this work as a whole.


An outdoor living room that has a colored wall at the end for focus and color. While outdoor furniture is often a drab brown or gray colorful accent like this can stop it looking dull.


This yin-yang soft is very zen, it's also a very modern-looking contrast to the homely house behind. Ideal for a rooftop garden like this or just anywhere you want to sit back and relax.


A lantern light hung from a tree branch makes this very whimsical, while the gray tones of the furniture matching the floor and rock features help keep everything cohesive. There's loads of seating for socializing.