25 Plants That Start With D

plants that start with d

There are many flowers that start with D, but if you’re looking for plants that start with D, we’ve got you covered. Off the top of your head, you can probably name quite a few plants beginning with D. So you’re familiar with daisies, daffodils, and dandelions. But what about …

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30 Plants That Start With L

plant starting with l

There are many flowers that start with L, but if you’re specifically looking for plants that start with L, we’ve got you covered! In the plant world, some of the most charming and beautiful plants begin with ‘L.’ On top of that, they have some beautiful names. Think of lilies, …

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25 Plants That Start With K

plants starting with k

We’ve seen adorable flowers starting with K, but if you’re looking specifically for plants that start with K, we’ve got you sorted! There are more plant species with more variety than any of us could sit and dream up. Here is just a selection of those flowers, bushes, and trees …

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25 Plants That Start With C

plants that start with c

Looking for plants that start with C? There are many flowers that start with C, but if you’re looking specifically for plants, we’ve got you covered. The botanical world is incredibly diverse. And that’s not counting the species growing in far-off regions that have yet to be named and classified! …

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21 Lettuce Varieties For The Garden, Kitchen, And Beyond

lettuce varieties

If you’re looking for lettuce varieties, we’ve got you covered. “Lettuce” can mean many things. It all depends on the context. In botany, lettuce is any plant within the genus Lactuca. In culinary terms, the word lettuce is often used to refer to any and all salad greens (regardless of …

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29 Purple Vegetables To Grow For A Prismatic Garden

purple vegetables

Looking for purple vegetables to transform your garden and get your daily dose of nutrients? Many of us know that the easiest way to meet our daily quota of vitamins and minerals is to eat fruit and vegetables of every color of the rainbow. Colors like green, yellow, orange, and …

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25 Creative Rock Garden Ideas

rock garden ideas

A creative way of adding dimension and depth to a flat humdrum space is to utilize creative rock garden ideas to add an earthy appeal. Rock gardens are also very low maintenance. Rock gardens can be used to substitute lawns, define a slope, or become a solution to an area …

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25 Plants That Start With A

plants that start wth a

Looking for plants that start with A after seeing alluring flowers that start with A? The botanical world is filled to the brim with plants of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. So when trying to select varieties for your garden beds, bouquet arrangement, or houseplant collection, the hardest part …

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26 Plants That Start With B

plants starting with b

Looking for more plants that start with B? We’ve seen flowers that start with B, but have you ever wondered what goes into a plant’s name? When it comes to colloquial names, the words we use to describe various plants can tell us a lot about their appearance, origin, and …

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25 Great Water Garden Plants

water garden plants

A water garden is a display showing aquatic plants. Whether you want marginal plants, floating plants, or bog plants, the correct greenery can turn your simple water garden into an oasis. Use your favorite textures, colors, and scents to create your own piece of heaven. Ponds and water features add …

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How To Fix A Muddy Yard – An Easy to Follow Guide

How To Fix A Muddy Yard

Whether you’re a homeowner, a passionate gardener, or even a professional landscaper, at some point in your lifetime, you will likely come across dealing with a muddy yard and needing to know which tools to use and how to set up preventative measures like a french drain. While it can …

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25+ Practical Landscape Border Ideas

landscape border ideas

A well-constructed border can provide the finishing touch to your lawn and add definition to different areas of your yard.  Flower and lawn bordering can play an important role in your landscaping design. It improves your yard’s overall appearance. Bordering comes down to separating two different areas of your yard.  …

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