24 Raised Bed Gardening Examples For Fruit, Veg or Flowers

Using raised garden beds to grow fruit and vegetables, or even plants, flowers and shrubs is a great idea for those of us who struggle to get down low to the ground or those of us who prefer a low maintenance garden with less weeding. Here are some great examples of raised beds you can … Read more

26 Stunning Winter Garden Images From People’s Yards


Our gardens transform in the winter months as frost, snow and the cold weather bring stunning new aspects to plans, trees, and wildlife. In this gallery, we will see some amazing images captured from people back yards. A blue tit sits on a frost encrusted branch looking lovingly at the frozen berries. Birds survive on … Read more

22 Brilliant Rain Chain Ideas To Brighten Up Your Garden

Rain Chain Ideas

Rain chains are a creative and unique way to add something different to your garden. There’s nothing as tranquil and satisfying as water gently flowing, not too loud and not too quiet. These designs should give you a few ideas from which you can create your very own rain chain. A rock rain chain is … Read more

27 Serene Garden Patio Ideas And Designs (Gallery)


The garden patio is typically the hub of all great garden parties, family meals and just when you want to chill out in the peace and quiet. Creative a space you can enjoy for years to come simply comes down to a little creativity. This gallery showcases some idyllic patio ideas you can use in … Read more

13 Garden Loving Animals (Photos)


Creating a garden that invites some of our most cherished wildlife not only warms the heart but can turn your garden into a hive of life. These 13 images showcase a selection of animals that love your garden! Hedgehogs are super cute but they also have some nasty spines. Leave them well alone and don’t … Read more

48 Water Features To Add Tranquility To Your Garden (Photos)


There little else that can beat a garden water feature for creating a calming and serene environment. The gallery showcases a selection of water features you can add to your garden, from the simple and subtle to the large and elaborate. Gazing balls have been done to death, but a gazing ball that is coated … Read more

Best Hydroponic System – Reviews & Ratings

best hydroponic system

The idea behind hydroponics can be a bit confusing at first. This is especially true if you are a novice in gardening. Like how can you grow crops without soil? Is it really possible? Especially when you’re trying to build the best hydroponic system. Yes, it is, and here we demystify all the questions you … Read more

How Far Apart To Plant Peppers? A Guide to Sowing and Potting

How Far Apart To Plant Peppers

There is a wide range of pepper plants that range from hot peppers, bell pepper, sweet Italian, Jalapenos, Habaneros to mention a few. Let’s see how far apart to plant peppers. This versatility of peppers may be confusing to a gardener especially when it comes to growing and caring of pepper. The spacing of pepper … Read more