27 Serene Garden Patio Ideas And Designs (Gallery)

outdoor living room in a soft gray

The garden patio is typically the hub of all great garden parties, family meals and just when you want to chill out in the peace and quiet. Creative a space you can enjoy for years to come simply comes down to a little creativity. This gallery showcases some idyllic patio ideas you can use in … Read more

13 Garden Loving Animals (Photos)

garden loving animals

Creating a garden that invites some of our most cherished wildlife not only warms the heart but can turn your garden into a hive of life. These 13 images showcase a selection of animals that love your garden! Hedgehogs are super cute but they also have some nasty spines. Leave them well alone and don’t … Read more

48 Water Features To Add Tranquility To Your Garden (Photos)

water barrels

There little else that can beat a garden water feature for creating a calming and serene environment. The gallery showcases a selection of water features you can add to your garden, from the simple and subtle to the large and elaborate. Gazing balls have been done to death, but a gazing ball that is coated … Read more

Best Hydroponic System – Reviews & Ratings

best hydroponic system

The idea behind hydroponics can be a bit confusing at first. This is especially true if you are a novice in gardening. Like how can you grow crops without soil? Is it really possible? Especially when you’re trying to build the best hydroponic system. Yes, it is, and here we demystify all the questions you … Read more

How Far Apart To Plant Peppers? A Guide to Sowing and Potting

how far apart to plant peppers

There is a wide range of pepper plants that range from hot peppers, bell pepper, sweet Italian, Jalapenos, Habaneros to mention a few. Let’s see how far apart to plant peppers. This versatility of peppers may be confusing to a gardener especially when it comes to growing and caring of pepper. The spacing of pepper … Read more

Planting, Growing and Harvesting Potatoes

how long does it take to grow potatoes

With the right temperature and environmental conditions, potatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow.  How long does it take to grow potatoes it is easy or hard? The maturation period of potatoes is determined by the size, shape and maturity time. These three factors depend on the type of potato. The incredible fact … Read more

When is the Best Time to Water Your Garden? A Helpful Guide

best time to water plants

One of the first things you should know when deciding to care for a garden is that it needs water to thrive. Without this essential source of life, you won’t be able to successfully garden. We will present you the best time to water plants. If you’re anything like me you’re really confused about the when’s … Read more

Borax vs Boric Acid for Pest Control: Which is Better?

borax vs boric acid

Borax and boric acid are known for being effective and safe pesticides thanks to their low toxicity and lack of contribution to illnesses or cancers. Borax Vs boric acid all ups and downs will be present below. With careful and mindful use, these chemicals get the job done with no negative effects. As such, these two … Read more

Horticulture vs Botany: Similarities and Differences

horticulture vs botany

If we were to look out for the comparison of horticulture vs botany from a dictionary or maybe Wikipedia, we would get: horticulture is the art or science of cultivating gardens; also known as gardening. On the other hand, botany is the scientific study of plants and is a branch of biology, whose discipline involves … Read more

Bermuda Grass vs St Augustine: The Difference and How to Choose

bermuda grass vs st augustine

The Bermuda grass and St Augustine are the most common type of grass considered by homeowners. For a good quality turf and a greener lawn, it is important to choose your grass wisely. But in this article, we will compare Bermuda Grass vs St Augustine and more specifically which one is better. There are various … Read more

My Cucumbers Leaves are Turning Yellow & Dying

cucumbers leaves turning yellow

Unless you’re a superhuman who happens to garden as well, you’re more than likely to wake up one morning and realize that some of your vegetable leaves have turned yellow. If your cucumbers leaves turning yellow you might have a problem. Don’t panic – this happens to the best of us! Next, you might be … Read more

How To Apply Weed And Feed Before Rain

weed and feed before rain

Weed and feed provides a wide range of lawn chemicals that are used to kill weeds and strengthen the existing grass. These products are highly preferred since they save you the hustle of using herbicides and applying fertilizers separately. The weed and feed chemical does the work of both at the same time and will … Read more

How and When to Pick Butternut Squash

when to pick butternut squash

Determining the right time when to pick butternut squash is very important since you don’t want to pick them too early as the texture might be too firm while as the sugars will not have fully developed. Worst still, harvesting them when it’s too late will make your butternut squash too mushy! We all don’t … Read more

How Long Do Tomato Plants Live? – What You Need to Know

how long do tomatoes live

It’s never easy to watch your vegetable garden decline as the days shorten and the temperatures drop. And everyone’s favorite, the tomato, is one of the first to fall victim to the killing frosts of autumn and winter. So how long can a tomato plant actually live and produce the luscious fruit we all love … Read more

How Many Tomato Seeds to Plant Per Hole?

how many tomato seeds per hole

Tomatoes are one of the most commonly grown plants in homes all around the world. They make great, useful crops and are relatively easy to plant and care for, with the harvest being well worth the small effort. But do you know how many tomato seeds per hole you need? But in order to grow … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Spearmint and Peppermint?

spearmint vs peppermint

Many foods use the ingredient mint, but did you know that there’s more to mint than just that? In fact, there are more than 600 kinds of mint plants, all with their own unique flavors. Spearmint vs peppermint which is truly better? Two of the most popular mint varieties used are peppermint and spearmint, which … Read more

26 Small Garden Design Ideas (Photos)

small garden design ideas

Working will a small garden doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. There are so many ways you can transform what looks like a small space into something you can enjoy all-year-round. By being creative with furniture and features, plants, deck, and pathways you can create an impression of a much larger space and … Read more

27 Outdoor Kitchen Designs to Drool Over (Photos)

outdoor kitchens

There’s something about cooking and eating outdoors that we find so appealing. Going back to your primal roots and cooking on an open flame, combined With the fresh air, makes us feel at peace. These gorgeous outdoor kitchen designs will spark your imagination and have you yearning for outdoor cooking, eating and entertaining area of … Read more

32 Modern Garden Deck Design Ideas to Relax & Entertain (Photos)

garden deck design ideas

Garden decks can be useful for nearly every home. If you’re looking for projects to make your deck trendy and modern place for the whole family, take a look at our gallery below. Using alternating wood patterns stops the floor being too plain, a rougher finish also helps to add interest. For a neat garden, … Read more

36 Garden Pergola Design Ideas (Photos)

garden pergola design ideas

A Pergola can extend your living space and merge both the inside with the out by having a semi-enclosed space to relax, dine and entertain. They can be as simple as a wooden structure or an elaborate weave of materials, designed to provide shelter and shade. I’m sure you will find something you love from … Read more

Garden Path Design Ideas – 20 Ways To Transform Your Garden

garden path design ideas

Regardless of a garden’s design or size, it needs a reliable footpath and so, if that’s your thinking too, you’re definitely going to want to look for garden path design ideas. Garden paths are a necessity that protects the greenery, minimizes indoor mud trails, and can even transform a landscape or complete a garden’s design. … Read more

Rustic Garden Design Ideas – 30 Tips For A Charming Garden!

rustic garden design ideas

If you’re looking for rustic garden design ideas, we’ve got you covered because much like you, we too believe that a garden that serves a variety of purposes, should have a theme! The outdoors is a universal escape from the daily grind, making gardens an incredibly important part of any home. One popular style that’s … Read more

17 Garden Swing Seat Ideas For The Ultimate Backyard Getaway

garden swing seat ideas for the ultimate backyard getaway

The best gardens always come with a comfy place to stay. Whether it’s purely for aesthetic pleasure or achieving maximum comfort, a garden swing is one outdoor feature you can’t go wrong with. There are a huge number of garden swings to choose from for solo sitting or talking with others, for laying or for … Read more

Large Pot Project – A Mobile And Easy To Maintain Garden

large pot project

Want to brighten up your garden without too much hassle? Let’s do away with weekly weeding and pruning the lawn/yard, and opt to create a large pot project instead. Mobile, portable, and easy to maintain, there are heaps of benefits to starting your own large pot project. Check out the gallery below and take a … Read more

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Conjure Up A Spooky Setting!

creepy outdoor halloween decoration

Halloween, the annual festival that takes place at the end of October is often taken to impressive heights with creative folks. Here we have a selection of outdoor Halloween decorations that could inspire (or scare!) this Halloween:  Illuminated by soft candle lights, the carved pumpkins of various emotions present a cheeky side to the festive … Read more

Beautiful Garden Mosaic Ideas To Transform Your Garden

garden mosaic

A garden mosaic is a delicate project for those with a little spare time and lots of patience. There is something deeply satisfying when a completed mosaic design draws compliments from family and friends. For ideas on how to best create your mosaic, take a peek at our gallery: Used as part of a surface, … Read more

9 Types Of Above Ground Pools For The Ultimate Backyard Feature

types of above ground pools

If you’ve forever been searching for the best types of above ground pools, we’ve got you covered! Pools are the ultimate backyard feature but traditional ones come with a lot of hassle, expense, and maintenance. The sad reality is that an in-ground pool isn’t always the best investment, especially if you’ll only be using it … Read more

30 Modern Fire Pit Designs For Your Back Yard

modern fire pits

Fire pits were often associated with summer weekend barbecues or whilst camping in the great outdoors. However with modern-day designs, fire pits are a permanent fixture in many homes. Used either as a warmer during chilly winter nights or on a summer’s day for a barbecue fix, take your cues to design and build your … Read more

27 Country Garden Design Ideas For Farmhouse and Cottage Gardens

country garden design ideas farmhouse cottage gardens

A country garden’s charm is in its effortless mastery of nature. To an untrained eye, a country garden could look like a careless mess of flowers, trees, and furniture that miraculously worked together. However, the truth is very different, and a person looking for country garden design ideas knows that all too well. These gardens … Read more