22 Outdoor Garden Rooms You’d Be Sure To Relax In (Photos)

We know you love your garden, but not every day can be a garden day, be it the change of season to fall or winter or a rainy day. One awesome way you can continue to enjoy your garden whatever the weather is to create an outdoor garden room, like one of these stunning creations.

An ultra-modern outdoor living room. The immaculate lawn almost looks like a rug it's so neat while the cushions from outside also match the chairs inside bringing it together. Natural looking wood railings help to stop it looking too clinical.

A dining room and living room combo is ideal for socializing. Plenty of space for cooking dinner without having to head inside. The colorful accent wall at the back adds color while the canopy helps to shade from the unwanted sun.

A real room with a view. This outdoor living room looks out over the pool while the fireplace helps keep the cold away.

Two pools are better than one. A plunge pool and a hot tub make great companions so there's something to relax everyone. These aren't for swimming, in fact, you'll probably not want to move once you get in.

Lovely coordination between the building, floor tile, and couch cushions, everything is monochrome which makes the bright accent lights and green plants pop even more.

A simple design with nice leading lines. The neutral tones make the bright orchid flower stand out even more. This is a cozy use of limited space and ideal for adding a breakfast table too.

A simple and modern design that leaves room for relaxing and eating without being fussy. While there's no room for cooking it's still pleasant for eating. Add a few cushions to the chairs for comfort.

A rustic Mediterranean looking room that uses warm terracotta tones and has a great view of the pool behind. This is shaded but open so you can still enjoy it rain or sun.

An indoor-outdoor room. The glass helps keep the elements out and stops the bugs too. The large glass windows help make it feel more outdoors than it actually is and adding the same plants inside as well as out helps keep the illusion going.

A real outdoor kitchen with grills, oven, and sink backed by a color pop of red that is a real eye draw. The water feature and palms at the end still give it a garden feel even though there's very little to make it feel like a garden.

A nicely coordinated stone room with a fireplace and rustic tables. The hanging lanterns add interest as do the nice touches like candles and metalwork décor. Comfy cushions make this a nice place to flop down and enjoy a roaring fire.

Geometric design with the fireplace built right into the wall of the house makes it seem as if it's meant to be there. The colors match both the walls and floor while the rug brings it all together as a single room rather than just furniture in a space.

A large opening makes the transition from indoor to outdoor seamless. The same furniture colors inside and outside help keep this illusion going. Fans and lights make this a useful space day and night.

Space that might otherwise just be wasted becomes useful thanks to a water feature and some chairs. The feature adds interest and stops the chairs simply facing a blank wall while a partial canopy helps add shade or shelter depending on the weather.

A nice glass wall helps to separate the pool area from the dining area. The modern benches have nice leading lines and by having benches you can squeeze more people in.

Pops of blue add bright color to a beige and chic design. The natural wicker also helps to add some color while the fireplace and fans make this a space for all weather.

Take the tiki bar to the next level with an actual bar that matches the grill and dining area. Using the same chairs for both helps to keep the space cohesive.

A plain space that isn't heavily adorned and could perhaps use some more decoration. Adding plant pots along the unused wall or in front to create a living screen. Consider changing the froofy chairs for something more modern to match the table or vice versa.

An indoor-outdoor kitchen, this is nicer than the average kitchen! Having the cooking area sunken adds interest while the clearly separate areas for the bar, dining, and living room area means you don't have to use the entire space each time.

A cute rug brings this together well while the yellow and teal compliment each other. The chairs are wide and comfy looking and not too close to the fire despite the small space so you won't feel like you're cooking if you're sat on that side.

A room with a view over the water feature that extends through the garden. This is a big space for so little in it, and with the fire pit so far away it's really more decorative than functional.

Big glass doors help bring the outside in, and while the outdoor furniture is pretty bland adding some of the yellow pillows brings it all together and makes it feel more ‘homely'.