30 Modern Fire Pit Designs For Your Back Yard

Fire pits were often associated with summer weekend barbecues or whilst camping in the great outdoors. However with modern-day designs, fire pits are a permanent fixture in many homes. Used either as a warmer during chilly winter nights or on a summer's day for a barbecue fix, take your cues to design and build your own fire pit from the gallery below.

Overlooking a nature reserve, this modern fire pit area is perfect for hosting daytime BBQs or a rendezvous in the evening with loved ones.

Open fire pits provide a natural feel, whilst ensuring an easy cleanup.

For particularly cold winter nights, light up the pit, enjoy a nightcap and cozy up around this concrete open fire pit.

Enhance your private garden spaces by incorporating an elevated fire pit. This allows for easier maintenance and cleaning after outdoor cooking. With this seating arrangement, guests can easily help themselves to roasting.

That being said, fire pits that are on ground level are useful to provide heating for our lower body.

The wide spaces that surround this elevated fire pit allows for hosting small parties and intimate gatherings.

This particular home has the best comfort of both worlds, an elevated fire pit overlooking the ocean.

A covered fire pit provides warmth during outdoor events, such as barbecues and family gatherings.

With cushy seats and an unbeatable view, this modern fire pit is an invitation to one and all.

Like this particular pit, some outdoor modern fire pits are equipped to contain stray flames and bits of charcoal.

We could doze off in these rocking chairs while basking in the sunshine in front of the wood-filled fire pit.

Small flames in this outdoor modern fire pit complement the twilight-lit beachfront.

A modern fire pit provides a certain glamour to any home.

Situated away from the house, this fire pit in the midst of the garden is a quiet spot to reflect and enjoy the natural environment.

This indoor modern fire pit caters to large groups to enjoy natural warmth on a cold evening.

An unusual shaped hearth situated next to the outdoor swimming pool is a touch of grandiose in modern living.

This small mobile fire pit would be suitable for those living in smaller homes.

Materialize your desires for a customized modern fire pit.

Kick back and relax on the outdoor patio with a fire pit to keep you snug on a cold evening.

Built with smooth granite, this outdoor fire pit is perfect for cool evenings.

Depending on your mood, this fire pit will suit someone who needs a little solitude or to host a large social engagement.

For those cool summer evenings, the modern fire pit combines relaxation and rejuvenation.

A fire pit in the garden area is often a good excuse to throw a barbecue with short notice.

Fancy being wined and dined with your very own burning hearth? With this modern fire pit, rekindle the spark with loved ones.

Outdoor decks fitted with a fire pit adds so much more charm to the atmosphere, don’t you agree?

Perfect for entertaining guests after dinner, the fire pit ablaze lends charm to the spacious backyard.

Surrounded by safety glass, kick your feet up and lounge away your evening by this cool fire pit.

A private corner for two, the giant rocks help contain the fire pit neatly.

Nothing better than sharing stories with good company over a blazing fire pit in comfortable seats. Bonus: bring out the marshmallows and hot cocoa!

Situated a distance from the main house, this fire pit is perfect for hosting family gatherings and social events.