Large Pot Project – A Mobile And Easy To Maintain Garden

Want to brighten up your garden without too much hassle? Let’s do away with weekly weeding and pruning the lawn/yard, and opt to create a large pot project instead. Mobile, portable, and easy to maintain, there are heaps of benefits to starting your own large pot project. Check out the gallery below and take a leaf or two to kick start your own garden:

Bursting with vibrant colors, large potted plants can serve as stunning decorative ideas for a steel garden arch.

Brighten up your living space area with large balmy plants.

Set urns that hold a flowering bunch add vibrant life and color to any garden.

While others may prefer concrete pots, utilize felled logs as a natural display for bright flowers.

Wooden hanging baskets are a good alternative to show off your precious blooms.

Indoor plants are a must-have, scatter wood shavings atop the soil to yield better-looking greens.

Though this bicycle isn’t going anywhere, these seated plants are surely reaching for the sunshine.

Boxed plants keep the garden tidy and prevent weeds from overgrowing.

Creepers will do well to grow in these standing pots.

Before you throw them out, wooden crates can be upcycled to house flowerbeds especially if you are lacking garden space. These would fit well onto an apartment balcony.

Take advantage of the depth and mobility that earthenware offers as an alternative to regular pots.

Pot projects often include old wooden barrels. Weather-resistant above ground, wooden barrels can be buried into larger gardens as well.

Pop a lush green number into this faded urn for a beautiful contrast.

Forgot to pick up a gift for that housewarming party? This makes for a perfect last-minute present.

With some deft arrangement, only the sharpest of eyes will be able to spot the individual plants in this large urn.

Elevate your potted plants with the help of a sturdy iron ring.

Carefully positioned, the urn provides an interesting addition to the beautiful blooming garden.

Add a couple of wheels to wooden crates, and voila, a mobile garden!

Neat trimming skills aside, this particular plant also serves as a pretty centerpiece.

Aside from green shrubs, enhance the delicate carvings with a few creeper plants.