White Fence Landscaping – Ideas That Keep Things Neat And Simple!

A fence is a structure that encloses an area, typically outdoors, and is usually constructed from posts that are connected by boards, wire, rails, or netting. Take a look at our gallery of white fence landscaping for ideas on how you can make it interesting with different flowers and plants:

White fences look clean and are a great plain backdrop for colorful flowers, just be careful that the top of your fence railing doesn't look ugly if it's plastic. These pretty pink flowers pop nicely against the simple white color.

White fencing can be boring, so making it interesting by having different levels of dross bars. The flat newel posts are also ideal for putting small planters if the fence is in an area where they won't be in the way.

A white fence is stark but easy to maintain, especially if you also have concrete posts rather than wooden or plastic newels. The concrete can also be painted white which looks clean and even.

White fences are easy to hide gates in because your gates can be the same as the face itself, just with hinges between the newels. Be careful if you have bushy plants and open gaps in the fencing as your plants will push through like these roses and can be harder to trim.

A gazebo or pergola integrated into the fence stops it from looking so plain but is also the perfect place for climbing or trailing plants to grow. The added bonus is that these plants add color.

The traditional white picket fence is smaller, about knee height, and intended on acting as a border for flowers. You'll see this more in less formal or country gardens near farmland. It's also usually made of wood and has simple shaping cut into the top of the vertical posts.

A white fence has a sort of country air to it which is why a less formal flowerbed often looks better. These sweet peas are untamed and climbing over the fence but it works well with the less formal garden inside.

White fences can be regimental, especially if they're plastic. To match this, having a regimental planting that is rigid and ordered may be better if you're not trying for a country garden look.

White fencing is all about looking simple, so choosing a simple single color for plants around the fence will go well like these pink roses. Just make sure you weed in front of it!

Another old-style white picket fence that is very traditional – the simple shaped top and wooden design are what gives this away. The white flowers do get rather lost in front of it though so choosing more colorful options like the blue hydrangeas will set it off better.

A low border fence can be easy to trip on, especially if it's dark. By having the edging white it stands out and is easy to see, but it doesn't have to be boring or straight like this one.

A yellow rose peeks above a plain white fence. This is probably the plainest style of white picket fencing you could find and is also likely to be the cheapest. It's plain but effective.

White fencing is also great for doubling as a growing trellis. This section is done with a matching pergola and arch so that it ties everything together.

Just because you have white fencing doesn't mean it has to be identical. The good thing about white is you can have multiple elements – like this gate, arch, and raised deck fence, and while they are all white it makes them match. This is perfect for gardens with many levels or lots going on.

A curving topline adds interest to a fence and also matches the sloping hills behind. The fence probably should have had a straight crossbar rather than trying to follow the curve because it would have looked neater.

A very simple wooden post fence with no adornment. Many modern houses are all about clean lines in their design so the simpler the fence, like this one, the better.

White deck fencing blends well with other white elements like this white house and white gate so that everything comes together.

Adding lights can stop the tops of white newel posts from looking boring. While this is a very simple white fence with no flowers or adornment the eyes are drawn to the lights so you don't really notice.

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