50 Landscaping Ideas To Help Design Your Perfect Garden

Close your eyes and picture walking up to the front of your dream home. What does the yard look like? What kind of plants and trees do you see? Can you picture that little stone path leading to the front door?

When I daydream I can try to imagine some landscaping ideas but I know that there are so many ideas out there now, ideas that I can't even imagine. Thank goodness for the internet because we get to see all the creative landscaping ideas done by others and be inspired to try things ourselves.

So grab a cup of tea, a notepad, and let's get started.

50 Landscaping Ideas To Help Design Your Perfect Garden

1. Large Rocks

If you have plants that don't like getting their feet cold then using rocks to keep the ground warmer is an excellent tactic. Including large rocks in your landscaping design is not only an attractive addition but has many benefits.

2. Tall Trees

Bring in some trees that will grow tall to provide shade on your lawn and privacy for your home. The shade of trees will cool off your house and lower your electricity bill.

3. Stone Steps

Make it easier to get up that slight slope by adding delicate steps. Stone is an attractive natural material that cascades seamlessly with the nature around it, making it feel like it's not out of place.

4. Colored Layers

An edge of low shrubs, painted with lilacs, pinks, and soft blues grow nearest to the path. Followed by a medium layer of Fushia pinks and bright greens, and behind, a third layer of towering trees.

5. Flower Edge

Edge a garden with not only a stone border but include a beautiful curving row of bright flowers. This will really draw your attention and show a stark contrast between the lawn and the garden.

6. Dark Mulch

How do you make your plants really pop? A layer of dark mulch creates a neutral backdrop for your plants which will really help their colors and tones stand out.

7. White Landscaping Rocks

Similar to the dark mulch we just looked at, a white landscaping rock can provide a blank canvas that allows your plants to really shine. That green looks so bold and beautiful against the white rock.

8. Island Gardens

Create little islands of foliage spread out amongst your green lawn for a dynamic look. A dwarf tree or large shrub creates a great center of the island and can be surrounded by grasses, flowers, and rocks.

9. Diverse Plants

For this landscaping idea, we have a variety of what seems like random plants placed purposely amongst river stones and mulch. Open your front door to go to work, take a deep breath, and feel that fresh air from the surrounding plants.

10. Dimension in a Lawn

If you want to keep your grass lawn big and open without a lot of extra plant life, you can still accomplish some dynamic landscaping looks. Cutting an edge into a slopped hill and adding a stone, brick, or metal edge seems small, but believe me, will add a whole other dimension to your property.

11. In-Ground Fountain

A water feature is always a desirable design for any landscaping ideas project. An in-ground fountain brings you that relaxing sound of water and a pleasing display without being over the top.

12. Stepping Stones

A minimalistic look is completed by adding very simple stepping stones across a bright green lawn. No need to get super fancy when you can still complete your look with nothing but a pile of square tiles.

13. Bring in Moss

I am a big moss-enthusiast! If I could replace all my grass with moss I would be a happy little garden fairy. Introducing moss into your landscaping gives an almost wild look to your yard and makes it all feel more natural.

14. Drip Irrigation

Look closely at the image and you will see some black tubing running through the gardens. A drip irrigation system will make your life a whole lot easier. Especially when you have a garden with hard to reach plants as this one does.

15. Edgeless

The edges between lawn pathways and the blooming flowers are created only by the mulch below their leaves. This is a softer, more delicate way to create an edge as opposed to bold stone or colorful brick.

16. Pond and Bridge

I think we can all agree that the presence of water brings a calmness to an area unlike anything else. If you have the means to add a pond feature into your landscaping design, I highly recommend it!

17. Statue Bases

Lift some of your feature plants like bonsai trees off of the ground and place them at eye level for a more adequate viewing experience. Statue bases can add a regal feeling to your property and you may start to feel as if you are walking through an old Jane Austen storybook.

18. Lines of Purple

How beautiful do these lines of purple look as they parallel each other across the grass field? Use colors to accent the edges of different gardens.

19. Geometry

One of the most popular landscaping ideas is to trim your shrubs in geometrical shapes like sitting orbs, towering rectangles, or sculpt them into a unique art piece.

20. Terraces

Terraces really take your yard to a new height. Retaining walls stacked upon another create separated gardens and allow your eyes to wander up and down while still being overwhelmed with plant life.

21. Brick pathways

Decorative brick in zig-zagging patterns with stone borders creates a clean and sleek look. Don't worry about weeds taking over your path, the brick will suppress any growth and you will have a charming walkway.

22. Over Crowded

This garden is just overflowing with plants of all shapes and sizes. It feels a little crowded but I would describe it as lush and abundant! Pick flowers that bloom at different times of the year so you always have pops of color.

23. Waterfall Feature

A zen pond with tall grasses, interesting statues, and of course a small waterfall. The sound of running water will calm you as you sit on your patio reading a book or enjoying a hot cup of tea.

24. Tropical

A very tropical garden with lush plant life makes this one of my favorite landscaping ideas. Murky water like the Bayou, protected with large palms, bright red flowers, and tall green grasses.

25. Open Field

If you have kids that like to play outdoors, then having an open field without a lot of intrusion from landscaping might be for you. That doesn't mean any landscaping at all though, the edges are decorated with perennials and a living shrub fence gives privacy.

26. Wooden Walkway

Small wood planks wind through the grass with fantastic curves and rustic edges. Wood, being a natural material, doesn't feel out of place amongst the trees and flowers and grasses.

27. Brick Retaining Wall

Stacked bricks create a fun retaining wall that will give you more options when planting. The bottom garden can have perennial blooms, or tall grasses, while the top can feature bushy plants that hang restlessly over the brick.

28. Ground Cover Plants

Some of my favorite ground cover plants are Horned Violet, Liriope, and Sweet Woodruff. Fill in all those gaps around your stone features, steps, or edges with a flowering ground cover plant.

29. Large Rock Edges

The wildflowers inside are delicate and contrast quaintly with the impressive large rocks. You will notice in the Springtime that this will be the first place where the snow melts since rock is a natural thermal mass.

30. Front Walk Way

The landscaping job for this home is minimalistic and effective. It perfectly edges the walkway to the front door giving you that tad extra bit of privacy while displaying beautiful colors right at your window.

31. In-Ground Wood Path

The boards on this particular path have been dug into the ground making them level with the grass. This makes it feel like the boards have been there for a very long time and have a mysterious past.

32. Texture Texture Texture!

This garden is all about showing off different textures and the vibrant and breathtaking effect it has. Fluffy groundcovers, prickly pines, soft grasses, smooth reflective waters, rough stones, shiny pebbles, it has it all!

33. Tall Flowering Perrenials

I love me a good annual, but nothing is as satisfying as a healthy perennial. Tall flowering shrubs and bushes that come back each year to bless you with their beauty once more.

34. Evergreens

A garden doesn't have to be something you only enjoy part of the year. Evergreen plants keep their beautiful greens all year round and enhance your garden with woody aromas.

35. Variety in Materials

Smooth concrete, evenly placed bricks, abstract rock structures, stone retaining walls, why choose just one? You can incorporate a variety of landscape materials into your project.

36. Deep Greens

This example has shown how wonderful it can look to incorporate the same tones throughout the property to bring a harmonious vibe. Deep greens pop out everywhere you look and contrast beautifully against the neutral home.

37. Flow

The flowy curving shapes of the landscaping is a great distinction to the straight lines of the home behind. The pathway allows a lovely flow from an outdoor patio, around the circular garden, and into another part of the house.

38. Decorative Trimming

Pruning can be very healthy for your plants and a lot of the time recommended. If you are looking for a more aesthetic reason then consider getting some decorative trimming done on your dwarf trees and shrubs.

39. Cascading Retaining Wall

Check out the retaining wall on the second level of this garden. Instead of just bringing it straight across they have given it a stair-like feel that matches almost unnoticeably with the real stairs in front.

40. Pathway Art

There are so many incredible ways to build a path. If you want to keep it simple and lay some wooden boards down, that might be what works for you. However, just take a look at this work of art and let your imagination come up with other creative landscaping ideas.

41. A Feature Tree

My parents have a cherry blossom right out their front door. The colors in Spring are absolutely jaw-dropping and when it starts to rain cherry blossom petals it's truly a sight to behold. Consider a brightly colored tree for your front yard.

42. Decorations

Looking for more landscaping ideas? Things like old-timey lamp posts and statues all have a place in a landscaping design. It might just be that extra element that the project is missing.

43. Trimmed Shrubbery

I adore how the shrubbery acts as a pop-up edging that leads to a beautifully painted home.  They are trimmed to perfection and make this landscape design the talk of the neighborhood.

44. Bright White Steps

The white steps almost disappear amongst the bright greens and deep reds of the plants. It brings a lovely contrast and feels natural and minimalistic.

45. Medium-Sized Shrubs

The similar height of these shrubs create a charming natural privacy wall. The variation in their colors and shape keep things artistic and fun.

46. Accentuating Features

The yellows in the retaining wall accentuate the yellows on the tips of the grasses wonderfully. It adds a whole other layer of color that may have otherwise been missed.

47. Secret Doors

A small arch has been trimmed out of the hedge to create a magical door connecting garden to garden. The light seems to shine right through and light up the flowers on the other side.

48. Solar Lights

Enjoy your garden all day and all night. Solar lamps charge with the sun and then release a soft light at night brightening your path as you stroll through your garden under the stars.

49. Mosaic Pathway

A mosaic of grays and blues placed randomly beside one another creating a creative art walk through your flowers. The more variation in shape and size, the more artistic it will look.

50. Create a Jungle

As if your house was built on the edge of a dense jungle. Your landscaping can include a large variety of tropical plants in impressive sizes and bright colors that will create your own little paradise.