17 Garden Swing Seat Ideas For The Ultimate Backyard Getaway

The best gardens always come with a comfy place to stay. Whether it's purely for aesthetic pleasure or achieving maximum comfort, a garden swing is one outdoor feature you can’t go wrong with.

There are a huge number of garden swings to choose from for solo sitting or talking with others, for laying or for sitting down, and for matching the style of your house. If you're still thinking it over, here are some garden swing seat ideas that you could consider for your home.

17 Creative Garden Swing Seat Ideas For The Ultimate Backyard Getaway
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  1. All White Swing
  2. Add Some Greens
  3. Modern Globe Swing
  4. Rattan Swing
  5. The Canopy Solution
  6. Macrame Chair Swing
  7. Splash Of Pink
  8. Modern Tree Hammock
  9. Cloak Outdoor Swing
  10. DIY Macrame Chain Accents
  11. DIY Patchwork Swing Set
  12. Vintage Outdoor Swing
  13. Clean And Classic
  14. Mix And Match
  15. Comfy With Cushions
  16. A Matching Set
  17. Swinging On A Bed Of Roses

1. All White Swing

Match the vibrant plant life with an all-white swing. This classy and effortless pairing highlights the comforts of the swing without taking away from the beauty of your garden. Choosing white might be risky, especially considering how muddy gardens get, but it’s a risk worth taking for this refined look.

If you like this, check out the Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Latex Paint

This white paint has a fast-drying and long-lasting formula perfect for the outdoors. Investing in good paint helps keep swing maintenance to a minimum.

2. Add Some Greens

Some houses don't come with much green space in their front yard. Kill two birds with one stone by attaching planters to a classic-style porch swing. This simple addition makes a huge impact on curb appeal and adds a refreshing touch to your home.

It's a low-cost method that makes even the most common garden swings look unique.

If you like this, check out the Juvale Large Galvanized Hanging Bucket Planter

This versatile planter goes well with wood and is fantastic for flowers and vines.

3. Modern Globe Swing

Modern houses require modern garden swings. To choose one successfully, getting the right shape and color is crucial. A globe-like swing in neutral tones is a perfect contemporary twist on a classic garden accessory. With this design, neither comfort nor visuals are sacrificed!

If you like this, check out the Byer of Maine Globo Chair

This is the exact chair design shown, with a unique concept that no other manufacturer even attempts to enhance.

4. Rattan Swing

Even balconies look great with a swing chair! Since these areas have tighter spaces than a yard, bring in a touch of nature by adding a wicker rattan earth-tone swing chair. This sophisticated design also looks amazing surrounded by pots of your favorite flowers.

If you like this, check out the Modway Wicker rattan Outdoor Patio Lounge Egg with stand

This outdoor chair comes with a stand, which is a huge benefit for those who would rather not punch holes in the ceiling.

5. The Canopy Solution

Like it or not, sometimes the heat of the sun can hold you back from sitting in your garden swing all afternoon. The simple solution is a canopy! This blocks harsh sunlight, keeps the swing dry during rainfall, and protects the swing from wear and tear.

You could also customize your canopy using fun patterns and colors!

If you like this, check out the Arlmont & Co. Lesly Steel Fabric Outdoor Canopy Porch Swing with Stand

This swing comes in a chic design and a sturdy removable canopy cover for when you want to enjoy the sun.

6. Macrame Chair Swing

Go down the boho rabbit hole and accessorize your garden with a macrame hammock swing chair. The rope holding everything together is tied in intricate patterns that catch the eye from a distance and invites everyone to relish in its comfort.

Overall, it’s a simple design that makes a huge statement.

If you like this, check out the Chihee Hammock Chair

This inviting chair comes with a wooden bar to tie everything together, where people can sit in or lay down as they lounge.

7. Splash of Color

Add character with a splash of color! Garden swings that are easiest to find usually come in simple designs that might be too boring for big personalities. Instead of getting a new one, just throw in colorful cushions.

If pink isn’t your style, this should have the same impact as your favorite color.

If you like this, check out the DEZENE Throw Pillow Covers in Pink with Pompoms

These pillows have tiny pom poms lining the edges and would look amazing beside budding flowers.

8. Modern Tree Hammock

If you're reading about garden swing seat ideas remember that garden swings come in all shapes and sizes— they can even hang from trees! Instead of the traditional tree swings for playtime, modern swings have been designed for lounging around your garden all day.

With a piece like this, you’ll get both style and a cozy place to lay in all afternoon.

If you like this, check out the TreePod Cabana

This hanging cabana is perfect for outdoor adventures in the comfort and safety of your own home.

9. Cloak Outdoor Swing

Admire amazing garden views from your cloak swing chair, which cocoons you in your own comfy space. This egg-shaped chair is usually hung from a ceiling and spins 360º, to be able to face whatever view and direction you desire as you sit in it.

If you like this, check out the Christopher Knight Home Cayuse Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair

This elegant chair comes in a tastefully patterned basket weave, with a soft cushion to pillow your back and bottom.

10. DIY Macrame Chain Accents

Make any design even more special by decorating the part that most ignore— the chain. Weaving a macrame pattern through the chains hanging from the seat will give your swing further character.

Additionally, it’s a subtle and impressive method of giving yourself privacy as you lounge in your garden.

If you like this, check out the XKDOUS Natural Cotton Macrame Rope

Make this a fun project and do it yourself! All you need is a good tutorial and the right rope.

11. DIY Patchwork Swing Set

Include some handmade love by equipping your porch with chair swings made from upcycled furniture and upholstery that you made! This guarantees you a one-of-a-kind outdoor chair and is your best bet at finding something that matches your personality without breaking the bank.

If you like this, check out the Cooper Campbell Porch Swing Chain Assembly with Hooks

While the features included in your DIY swing chair design is up to you, you’ll need to make sure to use chains and hooks specially designed for this purpose.

12. Vintage Outdoor Swing

People say vintage is back but did this classic look ever go out of style? All of the most magical gardens feature an antique metal garden swing with a delicately styled backrest.

This swing is a traditionally feminine touch that goes well with most landscapes and makes the space come to life as if it’s right out of a storybook fairytale.

If you like this, check out the International Caravan Tropico Wrought Iron Porch Swing

This simple metal frame design also comes with a plush seat cushion.

13. Clean and Classic

If you're looking for classy garden swing seat ideas, you can't go wrong with this clean and simple swing look. No matter how rustic the porch, a clean wooden garden swing would go with it seamlessly. Sitting here, you’ll be able to admire your garden without straying too far from the warmth of your house.

This type of swing also provides a basic skeleton for any further customizations you’d want in the long run.

If you like this, check out the Wood Country Cabbage Hill Red cedar Porch Swing

This simple design is made with durable wood and can come in your preferred stain.

14. Mix and Match

Turn your basic patio swing into a statement piece by mixing and matching its pillows. Choosing complimentary pillow patterns and colors is a hassle-free trick in giving your garden swing a unique look.

This also makes it easy to change up the look of your garden according to the season and your style.

If you like this, check out the Phantascope New Living Blue&Green Decorative Throw Pillow Case

This set of pillows comes mixed and matched for you in shades of blue, green, and white— the colors of nature!

15. Comfy With Cushions

Make sure your swing is comfortable by filling it with cushions, even if it already comes with one. Going this extra mile makes it easier to spend time in your swing since you’ll be surrounded by cushions you’ve specifically chosen, rather than enduring pillows that might not do the job well.

If you like this, check out the Pillow Perfect Outdoor/ Indoor Carmody Navy Seat Cushions

These plush cushions are made for the outdoors and come in a set of two, allowing you to stack your seat cushions.

16. A Matching Set

One of the easiest ways to make sure your outdoor space flows seamlessly is by matching and coordinating your furniture. Some porch swings come with a matching bistro dining set but getting additional furniture in the same style, color, or material would also work fantastic.

Ensuring this gives you a cohesive and expensive outdoor living area without any added stress.

If you like this, check out the Christopher Knight Home Colmar Outdoor Iron Bistro Set

The style of this set matches with many garden swing designs and can be easily painted and customized to help your garden furniture match perfectly.

17. Swinging On A Bed Of Flowers

Looking for more garden swing seat ideas? How about swinging on a bed of flowers? In many cases, it's less about the porch swing itself and more about where you place it. Some position their swing for the best garden views while others choose to be part of the landscape.

Setting a simple swing set by a bed of your favorite flowers gives the area a picturesque fantasy look that charms every one who sees it.

If you like this, check out the TMP Outdoor Furniture Classic Roll Back red Cedar Deluxe Arbor Swing Set

This is the ultimate swing set to complete your fantasy garden, with a rollback hanging bench and a swing stand that allows vines to grow up their legs.