Flagstone Fire Pit And Patios – 21 Ideas For A Total Backyard Makeover


Having a gorgeous patio with a flagstone fire pit is a shared dream for millions of homeowners. Patios are the perfect place to host parties, barbecues, or just to unwind after a long day. Naturally, some of the most popular features in patio design are flagstone fire pits.

They function as a kind of centerpiece, where everyone can gather and be with each other. Patios are undeniably gorgeous, and they're made so much better with their very own flagstone fire pit. So, I put together a list of some of the coolest-looking flagstone fire pit and patio ideas that I could find.

Take a look at them, and start daydreaming about your perfect patio along with me!

What is a Flagstone Patio?

Flagstone is a type of decorative stone, usually made from sandstone. It is flat, smooth, and can have either natural, rough edges or machine-cut edges. Flagstone is used as a material for a variety of things from headstones to, of course, patios.

Flagstone patios come in many shapes and sizes, but they all use flagstone as the primary stone for construction. Typically, you'll find flagstone in gray or tan hues, which makes it perfect for a contemporary, welcoming patio atmosphere.

Flagstone Fire Pit And Patios – 21 Ideas For A Total Backyard Makeover

1. Grotto Garden Fire Pit

Patio - traditional patio idea in Other with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

Kicking things off is this cool backyard flagstone patio, covered in greenery. I really like how the plants and stone work together to create a very calm environment. It almost feels like something hidden in the woods- very relaxing indeed!

2. Simple Backyard Relaxation Spot

Inspiration for a timeless patio remodel in Chicago
Image: Houzz

There isn't much to this flagstone patio, and that's exactly the point. Some well-placed flagstone pieces, arranged in a puzzle-like way, a few chairs, and a warm fire; what more could you want?

I really like how the flagstone has wider gaps the further away you get from the fire pit; it feels very natural and is visually interesting.

3. Lake House Fire Pit

Rustic wood exterior home idea in Minneapolis
Image: Houzz

This is a great place to roast some marshmallows, have a drink, and tell stories about the good old days. This feels a lot like the fire pits you see in movies about summer vacations, and I mean that as a sincere compliment.

It has a classic, upscale aesthetic that is still welcoming and without pretense. It's a perfect spot to kick back with friends and family!

4. Perfect Circle Flagstone Patio

Inspiration for a timeless patio remodel in Charlotte with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

The stone has been cut into perfect circles to form the basis of the patio; on top of that, you have a round fire pit and round stone walls surrounding the area. It's a wonderfully symmetrical flagstone patio, one that will satisfy that need for balance we all have inside us.

I'd love to spend an evening (or ten) here!

5. Flagstone Patio by the Water

If you have property by the water, chances are you're always looking for more reasons to be as close as you can to it. This flagstone patio is the perfect excuse to spend hour after hour relaxing by the water.

I especially like how roomy it feels; it's spacious and uncluttered, a perfect spot for clearing the mind.

6. Laid Back Flagstone Retreat

Again, we have a patio/fire pit combo that really takes it easy. It's uncomplicated and simply put together, allowing you to relax without having to do much upkeep. My favorite part about it is how it seems to blend the line between natural and man-made features.

7. Stone Bench Fire Pit Idea

This one is a masterpiece! I wouldn't suggest trying to build this one on your own unless you happen to be trained in working with stone. The bench that surrounds the fire pit is awesome, roomy, and completely unique.

It looks like a feature you'd find in a city park, but it's in someone's back yard. I love everything about it, especially the way the grass grows between the flagstones that make up the patio!

8. No Frills Flagstone Fire Pit

Patio - contemporary backyard stone patio idea in Burlington with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

Keeping it simple is the best way to get a nice patio atmosphere. Sometimes, trying to include too many features can take away from the tranquility of an evening by the fire.

This example is just a well-constructed flagstone circle, painted chairs, and a fire pit. No frills, no complaints, just peace and quiet!

9. Fire Pit on the Edge

Inspiration for a timeless patio remodel in Seattle with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

This flagstone patio is right at the edge of what appears to be a small cliff. It's the perfect place to build a patio, as long as you make sure you don't have so many drinks that you'll take a tumble.

It really is gorgeous, though- the stones are a great color and the space feels airy and peaceful!

10. Artistic Fire Pit Idea

This is an example of a contemporary stone landscaping in Boston.
Image: Houzz

This flagstone patio is built around an artistic fire pit made by someone way more creative than I am! If you love getting imaginative and are known for perfectionism, this serene patio (next to an amazing old tree) is something for you to aspire to!

The stone composition of the fire pit feels almost like a ripple in water; it's extremely cool.

11. Family Backyard Patio

Elegant backyard patio photo in Other with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

This is a great example of a flagstone patio that's part of a family-friendly backyard. The features are minimal and accessible for both the young and the young at heart.

The fire pit isn't dug into the ground, which makes it a bit safer for children since they can't easily fall in. On top of all that, it just has that spirit of classic family nights in the summertime. It makes me feel nostalgic, but the weird thing is that I never had a fire pit growing up!

12. Spiral Pattern Design

This is an example of a coastal landscaping in San Luis Obispo with a fire pit.
Image: Houzz

The flagstone pieces that make up this patio are expertly cut and arranged in a spiral that culminates in a fire pit. To top it all off, it's right next to a gorgeous piece of coastline.

The whole image has tons of Zen and a serenity I wish I had! If you need a place to sit, unwind, and think, use this patio design as a starting point!

13. Stone Fire Pit in a Field

This is an awesome way to make use of a secluded patch of grass if you're lucky enough to own a few acres. It looks like it's a little piece of someone's farmland, and it would be an absolutely perfect place for an autumn bonfire!

If you've got some land, and you want to have a private patio area, this is exactly the design idea you're looking for! I love how natural it feels; the stone seating is effortless and blends into the surroundings nicely!

14. Lakeside Patio Terrace

It took some expert-level work to create this flagstone terrace, and it just looks incredible. It's the perfect place to enjoy a summer evening or have a romantic dinner at the water's edge.

If you own property by a lake, consider adding a patio like this one! Each of the stones in the patio seems impossibly flat and smooth, and the stone steps that lead to it are just plain awesome. What a patio!

15. Patio with Stone Wall for Seating

This is a laid-back patio design with a stone wall that provides a lot more seating than a regular arrangement of chairs would. The natural edges of the flagstone are placed together almost like a puzzle, and the fire pit is basic and attractive.

If you've got a backyard in need of a makeover, this should provide lots of inspiration!

16. Natural Stone Patio

Example of a trendy patio design in San Francisco with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

This one might be my favorite on the list! It's definitely non-traditional and might be better suited for meditation than a barbecue. However, it's truly unique and makes for one heck of a place to clear your mind.

I love the rough stones, the simple fire pit, and the fact that it's on the coast. If I had this place to myself, I'm not sure I'd spend much time anywhere else!

17. Flagstone Contemporary Patio

Patio - contemporary patio idea in Portland
Image: Houzz

This flagstone patio keeps things simple and is a great place to host a cookout or bonfire with friends and family. You've got everything you need, and nothing more.

I like the size of the flagstone pieces in this patio, too- they're a lot larger than most stone pieces you'd find in similar patios and they look great. If you've got a simple suburban backyard begging for a makeover, it would be hard to go wrong with this design!

18. Fire Pit by the Water

Example of a mid-sized minimalist backyard stone patio design in Seattle with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

We've already seen a few waterside flagstone patios, but what sets this one apart for me is the clean-cut design and the use of benches rather than deck chairs. Everything has a nice balance and symmetry, which makes it feel even more relaxing.

The benches are perfect for hanging out alone or piling friends and kids around the fire for s'mores. It's a great example of thinking slightly out of the box while still being traditional.

19. Pond and Firepit Combo

Patio - mid-sized traditional backyard stone patio idea in San Francisco with no cover
Image: Houzz

Water features haven't found their way onto this list yet, and this is a fantastic example of a flagstone patio that has it all. The small pond, surrounded by greenery and flowers leads to a fire pit with a stone wall seating area, and finally to a patio table and chairs.

It's a spacious, gorgeous patio that has something for everyone. Apart from being relaxed enough for a cookout and nice enough for a small cocktail party; it's an all-around perfect backyard space!

20. Natural Desert Feel

Large backyard stone patio photo in Denver with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

This design just screams elegance to me, to be honest. It's simple and to the point with huge rocks fencing it all in. I love how the succulents are planted around it to give it a more homely feel, and that odd piece of log locks in the creativity.

21. Garden Path Flagstone Patio

This is an example of a mid-sized traditional full sun backyard stone landscaping in Charlotte with a fire pit.
Image: Houzz

To cap off this list, I went with something effortlessly peaceful that has a classic style. It fits perfectly with most architecture and decorating themes and does exactly what it's supposed to do: be a nice place to spend time outside.

I'm a fan of the way it flows through a garden area, and how the plants surround the patio; it adds to the serenity of the image and makes me want to read a book on a cool spring morning. If you've got a garden next to your house, and are looking for ways to extend it, this is a great patio idea for you!