Fire Pit Seating – 23 Ideas for Maximum Bonfire Coziness


Fire pit seating designs come in all shapes and sizes, and we're here to help you choose your perfect design with our awesome collection of fire pit seating ideas!

So, you've got the fire pit of your dreams at last! It's everything you've ever wanted in a fire pit; well-crafted, creatively designed, sure to be a fixture of backyard hangouts for years and years to come! There's only one question left to be answered: where are people going to sit?

Fire pit seating ideas are usually an afterthought, but the most creative homeowners plan out their whole patio at once! Check out this awesome list of fire pit seating ideas, pick out some of your favorites, and get to creating your own awesome backyard bonfire zone!

Fire Pit Seating – 23 Ideas for Maximum Bonfire Coziness

1. Stone Semi Circle

Inspiration for a mid-sized timeless backyard brick patio remodel in Richmond with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

This is one of the simplest and most visually appealing concepts for fire pit seating. It's nothing more than a well-constructed stone wall that people can sit on as they gather around the fire.

However, since the shape and stone match that of the fire pit, everything feels balanced and low-key. Plus, having that type of seating lets you squeeze lots of people around the bonfire!

2. Stone Benches

Design ideas for a traditional shade backyard gravel landscaping in Columbus with a fire pit for summer.
Image: Houzz

If you want a natural or ancient type of feel with your fire pit, this is a great way to accomplish that in a simple way. The rough edges on the stone benches make it feel less like a backyard s'mores roast and more like an ancient fireside gathering.

It's a really cool way to do the seating for a fire pit, and is pretty low-effort too!

3. Artistic Stools, Stone Wall

Mid-sized tuscan backyard concrete paver patio photo in Portland with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

These stools resemble old drums and give the fire pit a cultured, eclectic atmosphere. It's a really creative way to have seating around the fire and helps it look less like a suburban backyard.

If your idea of the perfect bonfire involves jamming out with a guitar and other instruments, this type of seating arrangement definitely fits the mood!

4. Plush Seating

Patio - mid-sized modern backyard stone patio idea in Denver with no cover and a fire pit
Image: Houzz

Some people's idea of a fire pit trends more towards looking like a campsite; other people want to have a very comfortable place to sit and enjoy the flames. If you're that second type, this is a great idea for you. This would be the perfect place to have brunch or a late-night drink!

5. Painted Patio Furniture

Black furniture is all the rage these days, so why not extend that aesthetic to your fire pit! This is a step up, style-wise, from the normal bare wood patio furniture that we're all used to seeing. It's stylish, inexpensive, and can make a great weekend DIY project for the whole family!

6. Modern Stone Wall

This is a wonderful contemporary design that lets people gather together in a cool, modern way. Contemporary designs focus a lot on sleek geometric shapes, and this sloping semi-circle checks that box nicely!

It looks amazing, and is definitely going to be a statement piece in your home! If you own a mid-century or contemporary house, this fire pit seating arrangement is the perfect way to incorporate your backyard design with your home!

7. Modular Cushioned Furniture

This modular furniture will allow you to create a plush, cushiony semi-circle around your fireplace to maximize seating capacity and comfort! It looks like the perfect place to spend hour after hour talking, laughing, and forgetting your worries!

8. Contemporary Stone and Wood

Example of a small trendy backyard concrete patio design in Other with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

This is a really impressive patio design that makes the patio, fire pit, and seating seem like one object. The stone bench has high wooden walls that give privacy and flair to the whole scene.

If you've always been forward-thinking in your decor tastes and cosmopolitan in your lifestyle, this is the fire pit seating idea for you!

9. Octagonal Stone Wall with Wood Chairs

Patio - large traditional backyard tile patio idea in New York with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

The shape of the stone wall has nice, even angles that are easier to build than round walls but still look stylish. Couple that with a few wooden patio chairs, and you have a variety of seating options that still have a sort of visual balance.

This is perfect for a backyard bonfire for everyone from the most basic suburbanites to a more stylish urban dweller!

10. Smooth Stones and a Bar

Large elegant backyard stone patio photo in Seattle with a fire pit and a gazebo
Image: Houzz

The bar on this patio is cool enough to inspire you on its own, but the fact that sitting barside puts you close enough to the fire pit to feel the heat makes this a very versatile seating arrangement.

Plus, the stone semi-circle that provides the rest of the seating is just plain gorgeous; the stones are dark and smooth and have a sort of sophistication to them.

It looks way more upscale than normal sandstone blocks, and it's totally worth whatever expense it took to get that polished, clean look!

11. Wood Planks over Concrete Bench

This might be one of my favorite patio seating designs on the entire list! The sunken fire pit is surrounded by a stellar bench. It's a concrete bench that has been overlaid with vertical planks of wood that have a nice, rich color to them.

It looks more like something you'd find in a resort hotel than it does a fire pit in someone's backyard. Perhaps that's why I like it so much! It belongs in a really cool rooftop bar, but somebody has it in their house- it's awesome!

12. Tiered Stone Wall

There's so much to love about this fire pit seating design. the stone wall has two levels that allow for more people to squeeze in, or just for people to have something to lean against.

The seating area is made of more polished and soft stone pieces than many similar fire pit arrangements, which makes it more comfortable- and better to look at!

13. Millionaire's Fire Pit

Patio - huge modern backyard patio idea in Other with a fire pit, decking and no cover
Image: Houzz

This is an amazing fire pit if there ever was one. It sits below water level, in view of the mountains, and has plenty of plush, luxurious seating. If you need a place to relax after acquiring yet another company or want to entertain fellow millionaires at your house, this fire pit is the place to do it!

Just imagine having a nice meal and a glass of wine as the sun sets behind those mountains! This really is the definition of a dream fire pit!

14. Floating Bench Seating

Patio - large contemporary backyard concrete patio idea in Atlanta with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

A wonderful example of contemporary design, this fire pit is surrounded by a wooden bench that “floats” by being drilled into the concrete wall. It also has a couple of really nice-looking chairs that could be a good upgrade from boring patio chairs.

If you want to have a cool, comfortable contemporary vibe for your fire pit, this design would be a good place to start planning!

15. Mid-Century Chic

Deck - small contemporary backyard deck idea in Austin with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

This has a lot of great color to it: the bright blue on the chairs, the rich brown of the patio, and the neutral gray of the wall each work together to create a treat for the eyes.

The bench also has some tasteful pillows that add a little more visual texture- and coziness- to the area. If you're looking for patio seating ideas and you want to have a cool, youthful atmosphere, this just might be the way to do it!

16. Symmetrical Stone Walls

Similar to others on this list, this seating arrangement uses a tiered stone wall to form a great-looking bench. This one, however, splits the bench in two and sets the pieces on opposite sides.

There is also a circle on the patio of darker-colored stone. It all goes together to create an awesome visual symmetry and balance, with everything centered around the fire in the middle!

17. Stone Courtyard Design

23 fire pit seating ideas 17

Continuing on the theme of symmetry, this sunken patio has tons of it. The geometric shape of literally every part of the design makes it seem like a luxurious, upscale place to spend time.

It has a three-sided stone bench that can fit well over a dozen people at the same time! If you love to entertain and host parties, this is a gorgeous and contemporary fire pit seating idea to be aspired to!

18. Wicker Chairs

Transitional patio photo in San Diego
Image: Houzz

Wicker furniture is a bohemian decor trend that has been popular the last decade or so after it fell out of style in the '70s.  The wicker chairs are eclectic, comfortable, and relaxed, letting you and your guests kick back in style.

If you're looking to create a boho-chic or retro vibe with your decor, this is a great way to do it for your fire pit!

19. Chairs and Ottomans

Patio - large traditional backyard stone patio idea in Boston with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

Some people design their fire pit in order to squeeze in as many people as possible; others know that three is a crowd and just want to spend time with their special someone.

If that describes you, perhaps this seating arrangement will appeal to you a bit more. Two people can relax and warm their feet by the fire with this design, and enjoy some privacy, peace, and quiet. If you need a little place to escape to, this could be it!

20. Cushioned Benches

Inspiration for a contemporary backyard patio remodel in Miami with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

This is a really laid-back design that may not seem like it's praise-worthy at first glance. However, when you consider that most fire pit seating ideas don't include much softness, one that includes nothing but softness kind of stands out!

The benches are long and deep enough that you could absolutely stretch out on them for a nice nap in the summer sun!

21. Simple Metal Chairs

Patio - contemporary backyard concrete paver patio idea in Seattle with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

These thin metal chairs are extremely simple but still stylish. They're painted a nice blue color, and the simple design is great for any minimalist aesthetic.

This design is about having exactly what is needed and nothing more; a fire pit, a place to sit, and that's about it! Some may think that there isn't enough, but I'd disagree; I think it's an uncluttered, simple place to clear your mind.

22. Square Sunken Fire Pit

Example of a trendy concrete patio design in Salt Lake City with a fire pit and no cover
Image: Houzz

This sunken fire pit is a perfect square, dug into the ground, with a wooden wraparound bench that creates tons of seating. It has a great symmetry to it and feels both upscale and minimal at the same time.

You can tell by looking at the bench that it's made of high-quality wood, and the whole fire pit was clearly built by an expert craftsperson. If you're looking to go all-out building your fire pit, I might suggest taking a few notes from this concept!

23. Stacked Wooden Beams

Inspiration for a coastal patio remodel in Portland with a fire pit
Image: Houzz

To round out this list of fire pit seating ideas, I thought I'd go with one that keeps things simple. This feels like a western campfire, in the best way. The wooden beams have been cut evenly, but they haven't been sanded or finely polished.

That lets them have a rustic vibe. They also have, well, butt-prints carved into them, in case you forget where to put yours! I love the creativity and outdoorsy-spirit of this fire pit.

It makes me want to let the fire day and watch the stars with my friends and loved ones!