32 Modern Garden Deck Design Ideas to Relax & Entertain (Photos)

Garden decks can be useful for nearly every home. If you're looking for projects to make your deck trendy and modern place for the whole family, take a look at our gallery below.

Using alternating wood patterns stops the floor being too plain, a rougher finish also helps to add interest. For a neat garden, continue the modern theme with matching furniture that has simple lines.

Matching the color of your pots to the color of your decking helps to bring everything together. With something simple and Japanese like this deck it's essential to keep the wood pattern equally simple and even.

A warmer tone of wood gives an entirely different feel to a deck. If the house and garden are at two different levels a step down deck is also a good way of linking the two without needing a set of steps.

Most decks above a certain height have to have a railing for safety. This one isn't very high and is also quite inconspicuous thanks to the bushes on the other side. The two separate planking directions helps to create the idea of two “rooms” for cooking and separate eating.

A balcony deck with a high railing and an overhanging roof is perfect for an indoor-out space. Staining the furniture to match the deck color will also bring everything together to seem like a put together space.

Most decks are raised which means they're prefect for putting a drop down pool. This circular feature adds less of a “pool” feel and more of a natural pond look and the textured boards will help it stop getting slippery.

A deck is also perfect for a pool area like this one, and while you probably can't use an outdoor pool year round, having a deck and pool in one makes it a versatile and fun space. Adding a raised flowerbed along the edge will also stop contamination from the soil into the pool.

A pergola above your deck is perfect for adding flowers without having to worry about anyone knocking pots off. The step down deck area also links a lower garden and separates lounging and eating areas.

A small deck can still be a functional space, the key is not to overcrowd the area and to make as much of the space usable as possible. Avoid too many plants and froo froo additions and stick to simple matching furniture.

A dark deck finish is a good way to contrast against pale brickwork and by tucking the pool into the corner the small garden gets more usable space. While there's not a lot of room for plants the area is designed more for living and there's still room to relax.

Using a glass railing helps add safety but prevents a small space from seeming claustrophobic. The open pergola style roof stops the space being too sunny without making it dark.

A deck area that has different textures adds interest and shape and helps to disguise multiple levels. By using multiple straight angles and stark concrete it keeps to the minimalist theme and is a nice contrast to the more chaotic planting area.

A small area that's mostly decking means very little maintenance and grass. This decking is warm toned and simply lined and very modern compared to the table design. By having the same decking going from the covered area to the open space and to the pool it ties it all together as one.

This decking isn't so much a deck as a separation for the patio living space. The small tiled off planting area adds greenery so it's not too stark.

These short decking planks could easily be pallet wood. The dark stain hides any variation in wood type and will also make the large area seem more even by keeping these in lines. While the tables aren't the same wood, doing so would bring it together better.

Painting a deck helps to cover and seal it so that it will last longer. Be carful building a deck this high without a railing, it's not legal in many states. There's just enough space for some plants and not having the railing means adding torches in the grass won't take up space.

More of a pergola than a deck area, this is just big enough for seating rather than a functional eating space. The gazebo roof is also an ideal place to add flowers so that the limited floor space isn't taken up by pots.

An octagonal deck is unusual and while it's not really a big enough space to do anything it's the perfect area for reflection over so many flowers. The large chunk of natural wood acting as a newel is probably from a tree in the original place, carved to fit into the deck.

A modern feel is achieved with simple lines so a narrow deck with a long fish pool draw the eye along what is a small space to make it feel much longer. The little Japanese aspects like the fish, fountain, and table accessories make it homely.

A bright wood helps add a good contrast to the deep greens of thick bush behind it. The matching plant pots help tie everything together and are perfect for adding interesting plants (succulents and bananas) to liven the space up.

A courtyard does not have to be plain, adding different layers with a sunken garden, tall plants, and a textured area with a wooden deck adds an oasis in what would otherwise be a cold walled space.

Wide deck steps are a great way to stop different height deck areas from being so separate. Using plant pots adds interest but a projection or wall feature on the side of the house would really tie everything together.

A raised deck area is perfect for leaving a cut out for larger plants or trees. The bright warm wood makes it inviting and while it's not cluttered up, there's plenty of space to add tables, chairs, and things for socializing.

A raised walkway is more of an artistic feature than a usable space. It adds a better separation between the plants and courtyard. While the design is boxy and simple it's a bit pointless in a garden this small, though it could double as a seating area.

A deck space with trellises is great for bringing the garden in and connecting the two spaces. By having planters on wheels they can be moved should you want to use it for entertaining instead.

Putting planking at an angle to the house makes the decking more interesting, and an infinity pool in the same dimensions of the windows helps to add more reflection and light to what might be a dark corner from the solid ceiling.

A small seating deck with matching planking for the floor and ceiling to bring things together. While this is a good space for entertaining, it's very obviously separate from the rest of the garden.

Adding a water feature around the deck area helps add texture and this beautiful red finish contrasts well with the green water. The deck area hugs the house so as not to take up too much space.

Natural rock slabs make a different and striking set of stairs to this seating area. This is the same seating space as the first image from a different angle. The chunk of empty space on this end cries out for some potted plants.

A blank deck that is large enough for quite a party. The sloping vista obviously has a view from the large window (right) so it's great that this deck is so plain and doesn't detract from that.

Another view of the deck in the first image, this uses the deck as a type of raised walkway through the garden with both usable living space and empty pathway.

Small decks can still be inviting, the key is to keep them simple. Matching the furniture and deck colors makes the space seem like one and by choosing modern furniture it doesn't feel cluttered.