27 Covered Deck Ideas That’ll Have You Outside Year Round

People enjoying time together on a sunny covered deck

Having a nice covered deck attached to your home is the dream of millions of people. Covered decks are a wonderful place to gather, eat, talk, and relax; they combine indoor comfort with outdoor vibes. As a kid, I didn’t have a deck, much less a covered one. As an adult, that makes me appreciate all the creative, stylish, and simply relaxing covered decks and creative covered deck ideas I come across!

I took some of my favorite covered deck ideas from across the Internet and combined them into this article. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own backyard oasis, or just want to daydream of the perfect home along with me, check them out and let me know what you think!

Incredible Covered Deck Ideas For The Perfect Home!

1. Cozy, New England Style


This porch, featuring stylish rattan furniture and neutral, pleasing colors, feels like a wonderful place to have coffee and a good book. The New England style home, distinguishable from the wood shingle siding, makes it feel at once homey and sophisticated. All around, a cozy, simple backyard retreat! Source.

2. Southern Chic


Sometimes, you want the southern charm without the obnoxious “Cracker Barrel” feel. This covered deck, with muted colors and plenty of hospitality, is here to welcome you to the finer side of southern living.

While it’s definitely not a barn party vibe, your glass of sweet tea will be right at home as you relax and watch the sunset! Source.

3. Tuscan Inspired Deck


The faded columns, along with the thick boards that make up the pergola, make this a rustic Italian dream deck. This feels like the kind of deck you’d sit on and think about the collapse of an empire. That, or just open a bottle of wine and enjoy time with friends and family. Either way, it fits. Source.

4. Rattan and Lattice Masterpiece


The combination of rattan furniture and white-painted lattice gives the whole deck a great visual texture. It has an old-world air to it, reminding one of times when people were outside more often than not.

The blue pillows play nicely with both the brown in the furniture and the white lattice- it’s cohesive, comfortable, and idyllic! Source.

5. Sophisticated Relaxation


The thing I really love about this covered deck is the ceiling fans and light fixtures. They remind me of an old school family estate, where you can sit all evening and discuss the state of the world over a plate of great food.

The colors come together really nicely as well, as do the selection of decor and plants. It all feels like a serene reading nook I could spend way too much time in. Source.

6. Effortless, Minimal Farmhouse deck


This backyard deck is, in a word, effortless. The simplicity of it is instantly appealing. I especially love the way the plant in the foreground and cloth curtains in the back complement each other and add a sense of laid-back elegance.

I also appreciate the dark hardwood on both the deck surface and ceiling- a wonderful place to unwind! Source.

7. Victorian Garden Feel


The high ceiling on the deck of this Victorian home makes everything feel open and airy. The color pattern is excellent; the light blues and whites have a great aesthetic that is perfect for sitting outside on a warm Saturday morning! Source.

8. Neutral, Cozy Deck


This deck area is pretty darkly colored, but the homeowners made a great choice in painting the ceiling area white. The lights bouncing off the ceiling blanket the whole deck in a soft, comfy light.

This seems like an absolutely amazing place to have an outdoor movie night accompanied by hot chocolate! Source.

9. Lake House Simplicity


The bare wood features of this covered deck have a natural, relaxing vibe. The furniture, which is simple and casual, compliments this, and the screened-in walls keep nature (aka mosquitos) at bay. This is a great place to read (or write) a great work of literature! Source.

10. Plant-Covered Pergola


There’s a lot of simple charm to a pergola, but, to be honest, they can be pretty boring. However, letting some leafy plants grow all over the top can provide a lot of shade and life to the aesthetic. This covered deck idea is one that will help you disconnect and recharge with ease. Source.

11. Black and White (and Green) Pergola


The black and white stripes theme is trending again- and I’m a big fan! It feels retro and contemporary at the same time, and creates a great, cohesive vibe for an outdoor space.

Outdoor living areas usually either have too much or too little going on, but this covered deck gets it right. The plants add a layer of life to the thoughtful decor, and I’m loving it! Source.

12. Contemporary Calm Deck Space


The contemporary style of home is all the rage in real estate these days- they’re similar to the mid-century ranch home but with an emphasis on comfort and spaciousness.

This deck combines dark, moody colors with a soft furniture touch and keeps things roomy. I love how it feels like a balanced bridge between the interior of the home and the back yard! Source.

13. Classic French Style Awning


I never really thought about what it would feel like to have a deck that could just as easily be a Parisian cafe, but I have to say I love the aesthetic. If you want to feel like the socialite you know you were born to be, this chic, French-inspired covered deck will put you right at home! Source.

14. Cozy DIY Covered Deck Upgrade


It’s fun to look at the dream house decks, but what if you have a normal, suburban home? This is a great example of a chic upgrade to the average covered deck. The outdoor sectional, low-key lighting and curtains make for a wonderful place to unwind. Source.

15. Modern Pergola


There’s a snooty modernist in all of us- and that’s something to be celebrated. This black pergola with sharp edges has its roots in German Brutalism, and the furniture has both superior style and function.

If I had this house and this covered deck, I would invest in more linen shirts to get the true high-class relaxation experience! Source.

16. Warm Colors, Cool Nights


A perfect setting for a dinner party with friends, this outdoor space is optimized for laid-back gatherings. Plenty of seatings, an open floor plan, and calming, neutral decor all contribute to a great atmosphere.

I especially like the use of string lights- not too much, not too little- to give a soft, cheerful light to the whole deck! Source.

17. Wooden Pallet Furniture


This deck is deep into the “boho chic” decor style. The furniture, made of wooden pallets, has a great DIY feel that is both rustic and functional.

In addition, the use of black and white textiles gives it a hip, youth-focused aesthetic that feels like a great place to record a TikTok (I’m guessing here since I’m from the Vine generation). Source.

18. Shade Sail Upgrade


A shade sail is a great way to improve the comfort level of your deck. Plus, your kids (or you) can have a lot of fun pretending to be on a pirate ship, cooling off underneath the sails.

They’re simple and lightweight- a fantastic way to cover your deck with shade, without putting up hundreds of pounds of wood and shingles. Source.

19. Minimalist Retractable Awning


Looking for more covered deck ideas? Sometimes, adding a new space to your house really just means adding a lot more clutter. If that’s unacceptable to you, or if you just want a no-frills, comfortable place to enjoy a cool evening, this retractable awning might be a great idea for you! Source.

20. DIY Retractable Awning


Who doesn’t love a great DIY project? This is an easy-to-build awning that extends the shaded portion of your deck. The canvas sheeting will flow in the wind, gently and with a billowy quality that will add a lot to the atmosphere of the sitting area. What a great DIY covered deck idea! Source.

21. Stylish Shade Sail Covered Deck


Shade sails can be a very stylish way to provide shelter from the sun without causing you to feel too closed in. If your deck is completely uncovered, consider the creative ways a shade sail can transform your backyard space!

In this example, I love how the shapes feel abstract and organic while still fulfilling their intended purpose. Source.

22. Moroccan-Inspired Pergola


Do you consider yourself a true Bohemian? This covered deck is going to be everything you’ve ever wanted- an eclectic mix of textiles, patterns, and international accents all on an outdoor covered deck!

This is the ideal place to have a jam sesh with friends or relax the night away on a cool autumn evening. Source.

23. Classic DIY Pergola


It’s not just the pergola that appeals to me here, although I really do like the classic wood framing and thick, richly colored beams. The natural wood bench, macrame hanging swing, and spacious layout all give it a great, airy feel.

This would be a wonderful spot for a picnic! Source.

24. Understated Lake House Vibe


The caramel cushions on the sectional in this cozy covered deck are simple and sophisticated at the same time. The natural wood reminds me of a national park lodge, and the whole interior is made of high-quality material.

It would be a great spot to watch the snowfall or look out for fireflies in summer! Source.

25. Backyard Sports Bar


Want a place to watch the big game? Or the medium game? Or any game to have an excuse to use this amazing covered deck? This sports bar covered deck is the perfect place to gather, grill, and cheer on your favorite team! Source.

26. DIY Drapery Covered Deck


Now this is a DIY covered deck gone right. The transparent ceiling, billowy white curtains, and sparse lighting make this a warm, calming place to be.

This covered deck would be pretty easy to build yourself, provided you’ve got a little patience and a good level. I can see myself and my friends now, enjoying a drink and reliving the good old days in this laid-back atmosphere! Source.

27. High Ceilings, Luxury Feel


The cathedral style ceiling and railing with black iron ballisters remind me of contemporary luxury living- but not the bawdy, overdone luxury. Rather, this outdoor deck feels like a place where you can relax at the end of a long day, enjoying the craftsmanship and quality of everything around you.

My favorite part is how open-air the whole deck feels- it’s exactly what you want when planning your dream covered deck! Source.


We hope you enjoyed browsing through these awesome covered deck ideas! I did my best to include different covered deck ideas and concepts, as well as a range of decor styles and tastes. Did you find some inspiration for your own backyard oasis? Or perhaps set some “gotta-have-its” for when you shop for your next home?

Let us know in the comment section! Thanks for reading!