20 Inspiring Birdhouse Design Ideas To Attract More Birds To Your Garden

Mother Nature has blessed us with countless creatures to admire and adore. Our fascination with our aviary friends are often tinged with the desire to befriend them. By crafting a birdhouse near to our homes, we may just be able to sneak more than a peek before they soar to greater heights. Check out our gallery for birdhouse ideas:

While other birdhouses may be designed to shelter our feathered friends, this one is meant to have just enough perching room. Tip: keep a pair of binoculars handy by your window.

Especially during the cold winter months, a birdhouse with ample space allows for a family to roost together in warmth.

Craft a dainty room for one (or two) for birds to lay and hatch their eggs with privacy.

Just like this petite birdhouse, even the smallest roof can provide refuge during brutal winters.

Encourage sparrows and finches to perch on this home.

Though birds are unlikely to roost on these birdhouses, they are eye-catching and can be used for decorative purposes.

Par avion: Add a ‘Mail’ sign and train your pet bird to retrieve letters.

Tempt a variety of plumage to perch onto this tastefully re-purposed withered trunk.

Got your eye on a pretty songbird? Craft this little roof onto a nearby trunk or low hanging branch and await melodious tunes.

With a bright splash of red, this aerial home fits right into the spring palette of colors.

The windows are a homely touch on this occupied birdhouse.

Prop this handmade nest atop a nearby tree to attract a songbird for free entertainment.

These pigeons look right at home on this quaint mini shack.

Prop one of these small birdhouses along your favorite trail and keep an eye out for avian visitors.

Surrounding bushes provide a lush setting for this solo birdhouse on the edge of a lake.

Almost as if it were part of the tree, this mini birdhouse is an invitation to perch and mingle.

Walk down this well-trodden path with a purpose – the birdhouse may have some visitors on a summer’s day.

Caught in mid-flight, this home is designed perfectly just for one feathered friend.

Put a couple of simple planks together to make a useful nest, just like this one.

High above ground, birds will feel free to flock over to this birdhouse for some peace and quiet.