25 Stunning Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas for Your Backyard

If you're looking for stunning backyard BBQ area design ideas, we've got you covered! Nothing screams summertime like a cookout with family and friends around a grill. The right patio environment can easily become the highlight of your house, especially during spring and summer.

And while having a small and simple grilling setup is all you need to bring people together and enjoy the beautiful warmer months, there's every reason to make the most of your backyard space and create a barbecue area that's truly special.

So if you're ready to step up your backyard barbecue game and create a welcoming and relaxing spot to entertain guests, here are some stylish backyard BBQ areas design ideas for a stunning backyard makeover.

Quick Look:

  1. Gas Barbecue in Enclosed Stone Area
  2. Outdoor Patio Area with Wood Ceiling
  3. Enclosed Outdoor BBQ Area and Garden
  4. Courtyard-Style Garden with Stone Seating
  5. Tranquil Bamboo Garden and Patio Area
  6. Simple BBQ Area Surrounded by Trees
  7. Private Brick Barbecue Oven and Grill
  8. Waterside Summer Gazebo and BBQ Area
  9. Outdoor Kitchen with Covered Grill
  10. BBQ area in Garden of Luxury Villa
  11. Lakeside Backyard BBQ and Metal Benches
  12. Stone Grill and Open White Stone Kitchen
  13. Luxury Lounge Area and BBQ Station
  14. Suburban Farmhouse Patio and Cooking Area
  15. Backyard Patio with Fireplace and Furniture
  16. Suburban Backyard BBQ With Nature
  17. Modern BBQ Area in Large Courtyard
  18. Contemporary Backyard Grill and Dining
  19. Tropical Backyard BBQ and Entertaining Area
  20. Outdoor Dining and Patio with Stone Walls
  21. Suburban Backyard BBQ and Dining Area
  22. Mountainside Gazebo with Large Fireplace
  23. Shaded BBQ with Patio Enclosed by Nature
  24. Poolside Patio and BBQ Cooking Area
  25. Warm Southwestern Patio and BBQ

25 Stunning Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas for Your Backyard

1. Gas Barbecue in an Enclosed Stone Entertainment Area

a man cooking meat on a gas BBQ

When it comes to outdoor entertainment, it's important to bring all the comforts of home outside. This barbecue area is simple and contained, but it feels homey thanks to its clean and simple patio furniture.

The full countertop is set up surrounded by a small wall that adds extra seating opportunities. The best part about it is that the chef is easily able to work the grill while conversing with their guests nearby.

2. Exterior Covered Patio Area with Wood Ceiling

Exterior covered patio with furniture, Wood ceiling with skylights

If you'd like to keep your barbecue area more private and secluded, consider a setup like this one. The curtains separate the barbecue area from neighbors while also acting as sunscreen.

In addition, having the barbecue area and seating all under a roof means that you are protected, even on those rainy days.

Have a variety of comfortable seating to fit everybody's needs, and a few small tables set up around the space and you'll have a casual entertainment atmosphere.

3. Enclosed Outdoor BBQ Area and Garden

Outdoor furniture and bbq in the garden

This fun outdoor area is surrounded on all sides by warm brick walls that add privacy and make the space feel much more like an indoor getaway.

A variety of plants against the back wall brighten up the area, while comfortable seating and wood flooring give guests all the comforts of the indoors. The grill is placed in the center, but not too far away from the seating area to allow for conversation and a party atmosphere.

4. Courtyard-Style Spanish Garden with Stone Seating Area

BBQ area in a Spanish garden, with seating and washinup area

This super modern outdoor barbecue area feels like a Mediterranean paradise! Palm trees and foliage surround the area on all sides, making it feel private and secluded, while the enclosed stone seating gives an intimate feel.

The grilling setup is large and perfect for a variety of uses, making it an excellent focal point for the courtyard. All that's missing is the guests!

5. Tranquil Bamboo Garden and Patio Area

Tranquil garden, Patio area

For a smaller and more intimate feel, consider a setup like this one. The wood-fired oven and grill make for a beautiful conversation piece as well as a functioning outdoor cooking hub.

The matching wicker seating is cozy and casual, but combined with the bamboo against the walls has a distinctly calming Asian-inspired feel about it. This area takes in all the natural beauty of its surroundings and creates the perfect environment to relax.

6. Simple, Secluded BBQ Area Surrounded by Trees

barbecue area 

If you're thinking of a more minimalist setup, or you simply want to let Mother Nature do most of the work, then why not create a picnic area instead?

This open space still feels private because of the trees creating a private alcove, and with a couple of benches and a simple barbecue setup, it's the ideal area to lay a blanket down and enjoy a summer picnic with loved ones!

The while of the benches and barbecue pit pop against the greens of the grass for a truly beautiful effect.

7. Enclosed Brick Barbecue Oven and Grill

Barbecue made of bricks

This setup is everything the outdoor cook needs to create memorable meals this summer! Brick ovens are a staple for many outdoor cooks, and it's easy to see why.

The smoky flavors they create are truly something special. But, they're not the best for entertaining, so it's best to have the dining area set up a bit farther away from the oven.

8. Waterside Summer Gazebo and BBQ Area

summer gazebo for barbecue and barbecue with stove

Sometimes it's best to blend into nature as much as you can. This idyllic wooden gazebo is perfectly situated next to a tranquil pond on a kill covered in natural overgrowth.

It's everything you want in an outdoor escape and the ideal gathering place for loved ones. Tree trunks off to one side add additional seating, but it's easy to see how a blanket picnic would be the ideal way to entertain in such a naturally beautiful spot.

9. Outdoor Kitchen Area with Grill and Covering

Outdoor kitchen area with barbecue grill and covering

This classic gazebo houses a full barbecue setup, while casual outdoor chairs off to either side welcome guests to pull up a seat.

The gazebo provides a bit of shade and protection for the cook, while the rustic and casual outdoor environment is perfect for a more intimate backyard gathering.

Having trees lining the property creates a natural, secluded feel, which is ideal when entertaining!

10. BBQ area in Garden of Luxury Villa

BBQ area in garden of luxury villa

For a more luxurious and modern take on a barbecue area, check out this beautiful bar and grill setup! It's got all the storage and counter space needed for a variety of tasks.

The grill itself is smaller, most likely used for smaller gatherings, while the bar itself is perfect to provide drinks to guests. With the sleek white walls and dark wooden beams, this enclosed area feels like something out of a vacation resort!

11. Lakeside Backyard BBQ and Metal Benches

Backyard BBQ area by the lake

A lakeside retreat is the perfect summer getaway, and there's nothing like a simple barbecue to set the mood. This striking setup takes all the beauty of nature and makes a bold impact.

The simple setup has a white stone wall to protect the grill from the elements, with a couple of benches off to the side for seating. It's the perfect area for small gatherings to look out across the water as they eat and converse.

12. Seaside Villa Courtyard with Stone Grill and Open White Stone Kitchen

Grill area in the villa by the sea, A large courtyard with a stone grill and an open white stone kitchen

This barbecue and patio area takes all the natural beauty of stone and brings it into the modern-day with strong, clean lines and a monochrome scheme.

With varying shades of tan, beige and white, the area is modern, but at the same time warm and welcoming. The area feels private, but wide and open, with the grill as the main focal point.

All that's missing is some seating for guests!

13. Luxury Lounge Area and BBQ Station

A lounge area in a new luxury backyard

If you're looking to bring the outdoors in (or the other way around!) consider this beautiful villa/courtyard patio setup. With stone walls and a roof, the area is protected from outdoor elements like rain or sun.

The full grilling and cooking area is everything an outdoor cook could dream of, while the comfortable outdoor seating and large coffee table is welcoming for guests.

14. Upscale Suburban Farmhouse Patio and Cooking Area

Large patio outdoor cooking area at an upscale suburban farmhouse

This modern farmhouse is warm and inviting. The bright white painted wood against stark black hardware is classic and timeless, making it an area that will look good for years to come.

The grilling area is more enclosed away from the dining area in the back, perfect for the more serious outdoor cook who needs some more space to work. However, since the area is still open on all sides, they're never far away from their guests.

15. Backyard Patio Area with Fireplace and Furniture

Backyard Patio Area with Fireplace and Furniture, Green Party area, Barbecue Area

This clean and manicured garden is the ideal place to set up a barbecue pit. The natural stone facade and brick floor feel right at home next to the small trees growing nearby.

The entire effect is a cozy and tranquil area to enjoy your morning coffee or entertain friends. The space is large enough to accommodate more people as needed, but the small table is the perfect setting for a meal for two.

16. Suburban Backyard BBQ Station Surrounded by Flowers and Foliage

Backyard Patio Area with Fireplace and Furniture, Green Party area, Barbecue Area, Stone, Blooming Flowers

It's never a bad idea to have your decor scheme work with nature! Bushes and trees surround the property edges, making this backyard feel like its own little private paradise.

With a full grilling set up in the back protected with a roof, this patio area is ready for a party, come rain or shine. Adding colorful and cheery flowers on all sides of the brick patio is an excellent way to surround the space and make it feel more lively.

17. Modern Upscale BBQ Area in Large Courtyard

Outdoor barbeque area in modern house

While this is an outdoor barbecue grilling area, there's very little of the great outdoors about it! This ultramodern space is surrounded by white stone tile, stark white walls, and stainless steel appliances.

The few trees there make a big impact against all the white, making them stand out more as decorative pieces. The enclosed barbecue area means outdoor cooking can go on no matter the weather!

18. Contemporary Backyard Grill and Dining Area

Back Yard Grill Patio Table

This classic yet contemporary home is highlighted by a beautiful outdoor entertaining space. The grill is built into the stone countertop and cooking area, working as both a cooking space and a privacy wall.

The overhead screen adds a bright pop of color as well as provides shade, making this area feel as cozy as an indoor living room. The table and chairs are perfect for dinner parties because it creates just the right intimate setting for a small group of guests.

19. Modern Tropical-Inspired Backyard BBQ and Entertaining Area

modern tropical-inspired backyard bbq and entertaining area

This beautiful outdoor area takes all the serenity of a tropical paradise and matches it with a super-contemporary scheme! The clean, crisp lines combine well with the natural wood colors and textures to create a backyard barbecue area that is totally modern.

Tiki torches add warmth and lighting to the space as the sun sets behind a lush wall of trees and foliage, making the whole atmosphere intimate and cozy!

20. Luxury Outdoor Dining Space and Patio with Stone Walls

luxury outdoor dining space and patio with stone walls

While you may love the great outdoors, there's no harm in adding some modern comforts, like with this luxurious barbecue space. The wooden roof along with the stone walls, fireplace, and cooking space all give the patio are a log-cabin feel, but the look of the area is entirely modern.

The cooking space is huge, perfect for a serious cook looking to flex their talents, while the large dining area is wide open for larger parties or more casual get-togethers.

21. Classic Suburban Backyard BBQ and Dining Area

classic suburban backyard bbq and dining area

If you just want a classic, no-frills, all-American backyard patio space, consider this your inspiration! A small-but-serviceable grill gets front and center attention on a crisp, clean, and newly built deck.

The dining area and protective umbrella are the perfect size for a family or small gathering to congregate during the warmer seasons. The area is surrounded by large trees that block off the neighboring backyards, making it feel more like a private family escape.

22. Outdoor Mountainside Gazebo with Large Fireplace for Entertaining

outdoor mountainside gazebo with large fireplace for entertaining

This stunning mountainside retreat is everything your heart desires when it comes to barbecuing and outdoor entertaining! The seating and dining areas are protected with a secluded-yet-open latticework frame, right next to the massive outdoor fireplace where much of the cooking will be done.

There's also a large open area, perfect for hosting large parties and events like weddings. Dance floor, anyone?

23. Shaded BBQ with Patio Enclosed by Flowers and Foliage

shaded bbq with patio enclosed by flowers and foliage

This built-in barbecue spot is great for weekend family dinners or a more active backyard party. The enclosed area isn't too dark, however, thanks to the skylight put in place to brighten up the space.

With its warm, natural colors, it blends in well with the lush foliage and fauna surrounding the area. With a nice dining area or more seating, this patio is perfectly situated for entertaining!

24. Luxury Poolside Patio and BBQ Cooking Area

luxury poolside patio and bbq cooking area

This gorgeous Florida poolside barbecue area feels like it came straight out of a luxurious resort! What better addition to a poolside party than a secluded high-end grilling area?

The area is protected from harsh weather and hot sunlight, but still accessible, so the cook never feels separated from their family or guests. The white interior and warm wooden shutters perfectly coordinate against the striking blue of the sky and pool!

25. Warm and Welcoming Southwestern Patio

warm and welcoming southwestern patio

There's nothing like a Texas barbecue, and the designer of this outdoor patio area knew it! Warm stone on the exterior of the house and on the grilling area make the home feel as though it's as natural as the open-air around it!

The space is protected by an overhanging roof with a wood panel interior, which takes inspiration from Texas ranches and barns, giving it a classic cowboy atmosphere that's entirely contemporary.

Whether you're looking for countertops or open space grill designs, there are many backyard BBQ area design ideas to choose from. From our list of the top 25, you'll definitely find something you love!