13 Garden Loving Animals (Photos)

Creating a garden that invites some of our most cherished wildlife not only warms the heart but can turn your garden into a hive of life.

These 13 images showcase a selection of animals that love your garden!


Hedgehogs are super cute but they also have some nasty spines. Leave them well alone and don't try and feed them. The old story about milk and bread is actually really bad for them! Hedgehogs are actually meat eaters and would prefer eggs.


A vibrant green bee. This is actually a reflection from the holographic coloring on the bee's armor, he's really black. Bees live on flower pollen so plant lots of flowers if you want to see them.


A slightly more realistic bee, this is a worker from a nearby colony. Their job is to collect pollen and nectar so that they can bring it back to the hive to make honey which feeds the queen and her eggs.


A goldfinch has beautiful yellow plumage. There are tons of different finch varieties that can be found about the garden but this is the most easily spotted because of it's coloring.


A reflective grasshopper perched and ready to spring. These little guys will hop all over the place and rub their legs together to make sound like their cricket cousins. They're actually a bright, vibrant green color.


A dragon fly perches on top of a flower. Don't get confused, many people can't tell the difference between a damselfly and a dragon fly. This one is a nice bright yellow but they come in all colors.


A tiny snail sits atop a strawberry. Snails are considered to be a pest by most because they eat crops and plants. Snails can decimate garden flowers. Use pennies to keep them away from important plants as they hate copper.


A fuzzy bee attempts to get into the pollen inside a thistle. This is a much less vibrant variety of bee but it still does the same job.


A Eurasian Bullfinch, you'll only be able to spot these if you live in Europe and parts of Asia. Their bright colors show an adult male while the eggs are a pretty mint green. They can also be kept as pets but they prefer pairs and family groupings.


A British Robin, much smaller than it's American cousins. The small-clawed feet and impossibly tiny wings look like they shouldn't be able to hold up the fat round body.


Red squirrels are much less common than their gray cousins. You can also find black squirrels in parts of southeast England and Canada. There was also one rare occasion where a woman came across a purple squirrel!

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Another little red robin gazes out off a branch. These teeny birds are often seen flitting around the garden and are iconic in Christmas décor.


A large toad sits on a lily pad. Toads and frogs are commonly confused but the warty skin and golden eyes give this one

Images Credit: Max Pixel