19 Climbing Vegetables For A Bountiful Garden Of Any Size

climbing vegetables

Backyard gardening is seeing a resurgence, and many people are taking up the task of growing their own vegetables! But one of the biggest obstacles to creating a self-sufficient veggie patch is the amount of space required. Climbing vegetables are a great option when acreage is limited. You can grow …

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20+ Tiny House Landscaping Ideas

tiny house landscaping ideas

There are a wide variety of landscaping ideas that can transform your tiny house yard. Placing raised flower beds, adding naturalistic decor, planting trees, and adding water features can be just some ways you can spruce up your outdoor space. Tiny house living probably means tiny landscaping space as well, …

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30 Small Garden Examples: What To Do With Small Spaces

small garden ideas

Urban sprawl has allowed dense populations and expansive suburbs to hinder green spaces. Downtown areas only have parks as green space, and some suburban areas only allow for a small plot of land at the back of each house. But, if you’ve spent any amount of time outside during the …

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25 Gorgeous Flowers That Start With X

flowers that start with x

You’ll find many interesting flowers that start with X to add to your garden. Some of them are hard to find in stores, so you may have to do some digging. We have a list of flowers and flowering shrubs, and trees that start with X with crucial information so …

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25 Beautiful Flowers That Start With B

flowers that start with b

Knowing flowers that start with B could open up a world of blooming, beautiful, buttercup plants, among many others. With an array of colors and blooming time frames, flowers that start with B could provide you with season-long beauty in your flower beds. Flowers That Start With The Letter B …

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25 Flowers That Start With T

flowers that start with t

Teaching people about flowers that start with T is a great passion of mine because many of my favorite plants fall under this category! Whether the plants are edible, fragrant, or just downright beautiful, there are many species that you can come to love that start with the letter T. …

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25 Flowers That Start With K

flowers that start with k

Flowers that start with K are an interesting bunch that tend to have a diverse selection of foliage and flowers! As plant lovers, we seem to always be on the lookout for new species that we can learn about, and a list of flowers that start with K can be …

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How Long Does Bamboo Fencing Last?

how long does bamboo fencing last

Bamboo fencing is a popular choice among homeowners these days. It’s often used to make a yard look more interesting or to make a home stand out. It adds a touch of elegance, especially around outdoor seating areas and pools. Is bamboo worth the investment? It depends on your dedication …

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25 Lovely Flowers That Start With L

flowers that start with l

As we become familiar with our typical gardening plant combos, you may want to search deeper into the plant world. With a list of flowers that starts with L, you could find an extensive list of diverse plants from around the world! Flowers That Start With The Letter L Quick …

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How Fast Do Cactus Grow?  


In the past few years, the desire for succulents as houseplants has skyrocketed. Cacti, among many other succulents, have gone into mass production to provide for plant enthusiasts. When talking about cacti, there are some inevitable concepts that have to be brought up such as CAM plants and the fact …

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25 Flowers That Start With E

flowers that start with e

With millions of plants in the world, there are hundreds of flowers that start with E among all the populations. Whether they be entrancing, elegant, or ethereal, lists of angiosperms are ever-growing across the globe, some of which you may be able to include into your garden, and others you …

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