25 Terrific Plants Starting with T

plants starting with t

There’s a range of interesting plants starting with T to discover, from common garden flowers to beautiful tropical plants. Here are some familiar, and unusual, plants that start off with “T” for you to learn about. Make sure you also check out our list of 25 flowers that start with …

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25 Great Plants Starting With O

plants starting with o

From delicate orchids to mighty oak trees, there is a huge range of amazing plants starting with O. Here are 25 of my favorite flowers, trees, grasses, bushes, and fruits. Make sure you also check out our list of 25 appealing flowers that start with O. Plants that Start with O …

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25 Amazing Plants Starting with Z

plants starting with z

The final letter of the alphabet definitely makes the start of far fewer words than others, but there are still plenty of fun plants starting with Z. Here are 25 interesting plants starting with “Z” for you to discover. Make sure you also check out our list of 25 Unique …

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25 Pretty Plants That Start With Y

plants starting with y

Plants that start with Y are rarer than most other letters but there are still some weird and wonderful contributions from the botanical world to check out starting with this letter. From the picturesque Yew Tree to the healthy Yellow Ginger, well take a look at 25 plants starting with …

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25 Excellent Plants Starting with X

plants starting with x

There are certainly fewer plants starting with X than most other letters of the alphabet, but there are a few fascinating ones to discover. Here are 25 amazing botanical delights starting with the letter “X”. Make sure you also check out our list of 25 Flowers That Start With X afterward …

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25 Great Plants That Start With J

plants that start with j

While many of us are content to fill our gardens with things like hostas and roses, others crave plants with a bit more variety. If you fall into the latter category, then learning about new or lesser-known plant species is likely a cherished pastime! You can search for plants that …

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25 Wonderful Plants Starting with W

plants starting with w

A huge array of wonderful trees, flowers, and food begin with this letter near the end of the alphabet. We have already explored 31 Wonderful Flowers That Start With W in a previous article. From the pretty wallflower to the hearty wheat plant, let’s take a look at 25 amazing plants …

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25 Interesting Plants That Start With I

plants that start with i

In the botanical alphabet, most letters are represented by a stunning variety of well-known plant species. Meanwhile, some letters of the alphabet fall short. You probably wouldn’t be shocked by how few plants exist that start with letters like Q, X, or Z. But the number of plants that start …

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26 Wonderful Plants Starting with V

plants starting with v

There are some incredibly unique plants starting with V and they have some fascinating features and appearances. Read on for 26 interesting plants that start with the letter “V”. For more botanical inspiration we recommend also checking out our list of 25 Vibrant Flowers That Start With The Letter V …

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25 Unique Plants That Start With U

plants starting with u

“U” certainly isn’t the most common letter to start off a plant name, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of interesting ones to discover. For example, there are many unique flowers that start with U! Here are 25 amazing plants all starting with the letter “U.” Quick Look Umbrella …

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25 Stunning Plants Starting with S

plants starting with s

The letter “S” starts off the names of many delicious herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. It also heads a few beautiful flowers, some mighty trees, and the occasional shrub. Read on to find out a bit more about some botanical favorites beginning with “S”.  Then make sure to check out …

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