20+ Tiny House Landscaping Ideas

tiny house landscaping ideas

There are a wide variety of landscaping ideas that can transform your tiny house yard. Placing raised flower beds, adding naturalistic decor, planting trees, and adding water features can be just some ways you can spruce up your outdoor space. Tiny house living probably means tiny landscaping space as well, but you don’t need a … Read more

30 Small Garden Examples: What To Do With Small Spaces

small garden ideas

Urban sprawl has allowed dense populations and expansive suburbs to hinder green spaces. Downtown areas only have parks as green space, and some suburban areas only allow for a small plot of land at the back of each house. But, if you’ve spent any amount of time outside during the warm months in these urban … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter X

flowers that start with x

You’ll find many interesting flowers that start with X to add to your garden. Some of them are hard to find in stores, so you may have to do some digging. We have a list of flowers and flowering shrubs, and trees that start with X with crucial information so you can find something that … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter B

flowers that start with b

Knowing flowers that start with B could open up a world of blooming, beautiful, buttercup plants, among many others. With an array of colors and blooming time frames, flowers that start with B could provide you with season-long beauty in your flower beds. Flowers That Start With B Quick Look 1. Begonia This flower comes … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With T

flowers that start with t

Teaching people about flowers that start with T is a great passion of mine because many of my favorite plants fall under this category! Whether the plants are edible, fragrant, or just downright beautiful, there are many species that you can come to love that start with the letter T. Flowers That Start With T … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With K

flowers that start with k

Flowers that start with K are an interesting bunch that tend to have a diverse selection of foliage and flowers! As plant lovers, we seem to always be on the lookout for new species that we can learn about, and a list of flowers that start with K can be a perfect start to that … Read more

How Long Does Bamboo Fencing Last?

how long does bamboo fencing last

Bamboo fencing is a popular choice among homeowners these days. It’s often used to make a yard look more interesting or to make a home stand out. It adds a touch of elegance, especially around outdoor seating areas and pools. Is bamboo worth the investment? It depends on your dedication to its upkeep. Bamboo requires … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With L

flowers that start with l

As we become familiar with our typical gardening plant combos, you may want to search deeper into the plant world. With a list of flowers that start with L, you could find an extensive list of diverse plants from around the world! Flowers That Start With L Quick Look 1. Lablab Plant Type: Perennial Bloom … Read more

How Fast Do Cactus Grow?  


In the past few years, the desire for succulents as houseplants has skyrocketed. Cacti, among many other succulents, have gone into mass production to provide for plant enthusiasts. When talking about cacti, there are some inevitable concepts that have to be brought up such as CAM plants and the fact that cacti have no leaves. … Read more

The 5 Best Heating Lamps For Plants

the best heating lamps for plants

Plants cannot function without heat and light, and both factors go hand in hand. If you are growing indoors, it can be difficult to maintain those perfect temperature conditions for your plants, especially if you have harsh winters such as I do. Plant heat lamps can assist you if your plants are suffering from cold … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With E

flowers that start with e

With millions of plants in the world, there are hundreds of flowers that start with E among all the populations. Whether they be entrancing, elegant, or ethereal, lists of angiosperms are ever-growing across the globe, some of which you may be able to include into your garden, and others you could spread the word about … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter D

flowers that start with d

Flowers that start with D are not hard to come by, and you could find almost any color and growth habit available when looking at all the diverse plant specimens that fall into that category. Oftentimes we can be overwhelmed when thinking about what to plant for the year, so a defined list such as … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With C

flowers that start with c

It seems that every year we are running out of room for gardens, yet we always find a way to adapt and implement more plants into our lives. An abundance of gorgeous ornamentals happen to be flowers that start with C, and you may find yourself imagining these plants in your garden! Flowers That Start … Read more

25 Types of Japanese Garden Plants

japanese garden plants

Bringing Tradition To Your Gardens The concept of Japanese gardens has been thoroughly developed throughout the past centuries and the principal garden ideas are Karesansui, Tsukiyama, and Chaniwa. Japanese gardens are very symbolistic and thematic and Japanese garden plants are a main way of incorporating important ideas. These gardens carry inspiration from Chinese gardens, and … Read more

The Best Indoor Plants For Asthma – Health Benefits

Keeping plants outside and in the home provides numerous health benefits for all parts of the body.  Especially with the coronavirus, people’s asthma conditions may have worsened by staying indoors and being exposed to indoor air pollutants for long spans of time.  If you would like to enjoy your home more and not have it … Read more

Viburnum Varieties: 25 Types of Viburnum Shrubs For Your Garden

types of viburnum shrubs

If you’re looking for a flowering shrub to improve your landscape, consider using viburnum. There are several viburnum varieties to choose from, and although they’re tropical plants, they can adapt to several climates. Viburnums are large shrubs, but when grown in the right conditions and given proper pruning and care, they can be grown as … Read more

34 Types of Trailing Succulents Ideal For Hanging Baskets

trailing succulents ideal for hanging baskets

Succulents are addicting to collect. They’re usually small and inexpensive, which means it’s easy to fill up your home with them. Once you run out of surfaces to display them on, you have no choice but to find new places. That’s where hanging baskets come in. Fortunately, there are several trailing succulent varieties that look … Read more

Why Is My Aloe Vera Plant Turning Brown?

why is my aloe vera plant turning brown

Were you told that aloe vera is next to indestructible, and it’s a great plant to start out with? Are you now looking at a brown aloe vera plant through teary eyes? It’s okay – it happens to all of us. If you’re prone to watering frequently or you lack a sunny window sill, that’s … Read more

26 Peperomia Varieties That Are Easy to Grow Indoors

peperomia varieties

Peperomia plants are a plant lover’s best friend. In their natural habitat, these plants can grow on trees in tropical forests, which means they don’t require many nutrients or much sunlight to thrive. This means that they’re easy to grow as house plants because they don’t require much fertilizing and will be happy in that … Read more

Pepper Plants Turning Yellow – What You Need To Know & Do

pepper plants turning yellow

Why Are My Pepper Plants Turning Yellow? As you are gardening this summer in your backyard, you may notice that particular problems occasionally arise. Certainly, pepper leaves turning yellow is a common issue that gardeners face every year. With living on seven acres of land, every year it seems that I expand my vegetable garden … Read more

25+ Wooden Garden Gate Design Ideas

wooden garden gate design ideas

I love creating garden rooms in my Florida home. Of course, every garden needs a gate. There are so many options from iron to wood. However, wood is my favorite as it compliments the nature theme of an outdoor space. Wooden gates come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes which makes it … Read more

25+ Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

indoor plant stand ideas

Most of the time, houseplant enthusiasts are constantly searching for more space for their green friends. If you find yourself in the same conundrum, it is time to take a stand, and maybe invest in some plant stands! Space increases ventilation which decreases pests and allows the plant to grow larger. With 25+ indoor plant … Read more

25 Stunning Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas for Your Backyard

backyard bbq. idea

If you’re looking for stunning backyard BBQ area design ideas, we’ve got you covered! Nothing screams summertime like a cookout with family and friends around a grill. The right patio environment can easily become the highlight of your house, especially during spring and summer. And while having a small and simple grilling setup is all … Read more

25+ Planter Box Design Ideas

D. I. y plastic bottle for children, crafts with children, reuse water bottle. Pink pots in the form of pigs. Recycling of plastic waste

Gardening is one of the hottest hobbies of the moment. Even people who have never before picked up a trowel are now growing their own flowers, vegetables, and herbs. But for those of us who rent (myself included) or who don’t have extra room in their backyard, cultivating a lush garden can feel like a … Read more

Do Indoor Plants Attract Bugs?

do indoor plants attract bugs

If you’ve purchased a good few houseplants lately, you may ask yourself, do indoor plants attract bugs? Without question, they sure do. Any plant growth can attract insects regardless of location, and houses provide an ideal climate for bugs and their offspring. Which Bugs Do Indoor Plants Attract? According to Dr. Joey Williamson and Janet … Read more

25+ Unique Birdbaths

unique bird baths

Birdbaths are an adorable addition to any backyard. Having a cute, well-placed birdbath is sure to attract a variety of feathered friends to your home. This ensures that you have nice outdoor decor, while also helping out the local bird populations. However, you might not be sure exactly what kind of birdbath to add to … Read more

26 Zen Garden Ideas – Create A Peaceful And Stylish Outdoor Space

zen garden ideas

Introduce wellbeing in your life with these 25+ Zen garden ideas. A yard is a refuge from the outside world for many people. You can create your dedicated space by expanding this concept for quiet contemplation. Japanese Buddhist monks were the original creators of the Zen garden or karesansui as places of meditation. Any home … Read more

25+ Treehouse Ideas For Both Children And Adults!

treehouse ideas

Get inspired to build a miniature retreat for yourselves with these 25+ Treehouse Ideas. Contrary to popular opinion, treehouses are not just for kids. Adult treehouses have also gained momentum and are becoming quite popular. Many people are considering taking high ground between the birds and branches to find peace and relaxation. With an adult … Read more

25+ Backyard Pavilions Ideas

backyard pavilions

Design an exquisite pavilion for your backyard with these 25+ Backyard pavilion ideas. Imagine spending more time outdoors regardless of the weather and time. A pavilion is an additional structure that would let you enjoy the same. You can design it to blend it with your home decor. Backyard pavilions are multifunctional and can assist … Read more

28 Trellis Ideas To Inspire Your Next Garden Project

trellis ideas

If you’re looking to add a new element to your backyard or garden, consider adding a trellis to your overall design. A trellis is a practical and versatile structure, usually made of wood, that allows trees and vining plants to grow through the gaps in its crossed design. It can be used in gardens, patios, … Read more

Fire Pit Seating – 23 Ideas for Maximum Bonfire Coziness

fire pit seating ideas

Fire pit seating designs come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to help you choose your perfect design with our awesome collection of fire pit seating ideas! So, you’ve got the fire pit of your dreams at last! It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a fire pit; well-crafted, creatively designed, sure to be … Read more

18 Examples of Greenhouse Sizes And Models [Image Gallery]

greenhouse sizes and models

So you’ve decided, you’re getting into the greenhouse game. Personally, I have been wanting to build a greenhouse for probably two years now and just keep putting it aside. But after writing this article, I have officially decided that getting a greenhouse is going to be this season’s priority! Now all I have to do … Read more