Lawn Mowers: Greenworks vs Ego

Lawn mowers are a pricey necessity that most people can’t do without. Whether you have a small lawn, or a large one, at some point in time you’re going to need to mow the grass.

For something this necessary, you want to make sure that you’re investing in one that will last and will do what you need it to.

We are going to be comparing Greenworks vs EGO, arguably among the best brands of lawn mowers.

What to consider before buying a lawn mower

There are several things you need to consider before buying a lawn mower, particularly the size of your lawn.

  • If you have a small to medium-sized lawn, and you’re willing to put a bit of effort into it, a push lawn mower would be ideal. 
  • For larger lawns or less effort, a self-propelled lawn mower would be better, as you won’t be exhausting yourself. 
  • You also need to consider whether you want the lawn mower to have a collection bin or not. For larger lawns, this may be ideal as you won’t want grass clippings lying all over that you need to rake up afterward.
  • For a smaller lawn where it isn’t too much of a hassle, you may be able to get away without having a collection bin attached. 

Another factor to consider is the terrain of your lawn.

  • Push lawn mowers are mode ideal for lawns that are mostly flat. You don’t have to put in too much effort when mowing your lawn, and there are little to no hills that you have to consider.
  • With a slanted or less even terrain, a self-propelled lawn mower would be better. It can reduce the amount of strain and effort you must put in, as the engine will be propelling the lawn mower for you. 
  • With flower beds, fountains, rocks, and other obstacles, you would do better with a lawn mower with a zero-turn radius. This will allow you to manipulate the lawn mower easier around these obstacles. 

Greenworks vs Ego – Quick Comparison



  • Greenworks specializes in battery-powered outdoor machinery, meaning the hassle of power cords is something you can do without.
  • Greenworks lawn mowers are on average much lighter, meaning they are easier to use for most people.
  • Battery powered lawn mowers produce very little noise, meaning you won’t be annoying your neighbors if you decide to mow your lawn at 10 pm


  • Greenworks lawn mowers have a somewhat short warranty of approximately 3 years. 
  • These lawn mowers can also take up a bit of space, as they don’t fold down to be compact



  • EGO products are cordless with a battery life of approximately 60 minutes between charges.
  • Your warranty on an EGO lawn mower is approximately 5 years.
  • EGO lawn mowers can fold for vertical storage, making it much more convenient to store in your garage


  • EGO lawn mowers tend to run on the heavier size than their counterparts, meaning that it may be more difficult to use an EGO mower for some people, depending on the specific mower you choose.
  • Some EGO lawn mowers can be a bit heavy, so selecting the correct model is vital to ensure you can use it easily

Let’s get into the details

Greenworks and EGO both offer cordless mowers, meaning the mowers are operated on battery power.

Battery-powered mowers tend to be much quieter, meaning less noise pollution and allowing you to mow your lawn at whatever time of the day suits you.

Greenworks also offers corded mowers, which you may decide to go with if a battery-powered mower isn’t right for you.


There are many models of Greenworks mowers that come with two batteries but can be operated with one. Therefore, you could have one battery charging while using the other on the mower and swap them out when the one dies. 

These batteries have a charge time of about 60 minutes and can be used for 30 minutes of mowing. Greenworks batteries cannot be used on other types of Greenworks outdoor machinery, as the company tends to use different types of batteries for different equipment. 

All Greenworks cordless mowers come with a battery capacity of 80 volts, which offers impressive power, particularly when you are considering a push mower.

The corded mowers come with a maximum capacity of 13 amps, which runs on the stronger side of corded mowers, with the average amp of a mower being between 6 and 12 amps.

In comparison, EGO mowers come with only one battery; however, the batteries can be used on other EGO machinery. EGO batteries take 30 minutes to charge and can be used for 45 minutes of mowing. This means you could easily mow a medium to large lawn without needing to recharge the batteries.

All EGO cordless mowers have a battery capacity of 56 volts, which, while on the lower side, can still be ideal if battery power isn’t the main factor for you in selecting a mower.


Greenworks mowers tend to run on the lighter side in terms of weight, with the average weight of all listed mowers coming to 56,57 pounds, running on the lighter side of electric mowers.

The reason for the lower weight, is that Greenworks motors are much lighter than the market average, hence the difference in the size of the mower as a whole.

EGO mowers are of average weight, with the average weight of all listed mowers coming to 64,17 pounds. The reason for the heavier weight is due to the larger battery, as it has a self-propelling system.

The benefit to EGO motors, however, is due to the foldability of the mower. So, the mower can be folded up and stored easier, making up for the heavier weight of the mower.

Mower Options

Greenworks offers a range of mowers, including self-propelled mowers, push lawn mowers, and riding lawn mowers.

This gives you the option to choose which mower best suits your lifestyle and your mowing needs. to reiterate from earlier, for larger lawns or lawns with uneven terrain, self-propelled mowers would be better, whereas smaller lawns would do well with a push mower.

The riding lawn mowers would be an ideal option for a large lawn with a fairly even terrain. 

Greenworks also offers brushless lawn mowers, which automatically adjust to the power that the mower will need for a task.

This decreases the need to replace the brushes on the mower and decreases maintenance costs. These brushless mowers are offered in push mowers and self-propelled mower options. 

Greenworks also has a zero-turn, riding lawn mower, ideal for large gardens with obstacles, such as flower beds, fountains, rocks, etc. This wide range of offerings means that you are more than likely going to find an option that works with what you want. 

EGO specializes in cordless mowers, offering push mowers, self-propelled mowers, ride-on mowers, and brushless motor mowers.  EGO offers 14 types of cordless mowers, with 12 of these being brushless. 

EGO’s brushless motors decrease your maintenance costs, meaning that almost all options will be cheaper in the long run for you as you won’t need to replace the brushes on these mowers. 

EGO mowers promise petrol-free fumes, low levels of noise, and low vibration. This allows you to mow your lawn whenever you want, without putting yourself at risk of noxious fumes and decreasing your chances of annoying your neighbors.


Different people may have different wants and needs when it comes to cutting their lawn. While you may prefer your lawn to be on the longer side in terms of grass blades, someone else may want it on the shorter side.

For this reason, being able to adjust the height of your mower’s blades may be something you want to take a look at.  It also depends on the season as well as the type of grass you have. 

Both EGO and Greenworks offer different options on blade adjustability, with roughly 6 or 7 height options for both brands.

In this regard, either brand could be what you are looking for if adjustability is something you are considering.


When you’re choosing a lawn mower to invest in, you want a mower that will stand the test of time. For the price you are paying for a mower, you want to be able to use that mower for a long time. 

Greenworks mowers on average tend to last about 5 years before you will potentially experience issues with your mower. All Greenworks mowers depend on plastic parts as they are all made completely of plastic.

Greenworks mowers have a 4-year warranty on the body of the mower.

In comparison, EGO mowers are made of durable materials, meaning your mower won’t break easily. Factor in that most of EGO’s mowers are brushless, your replacement costs will be low with these options.

All EGO mowers come with a 5-year warranty on the body of the mower.

Maneuverability and Cutting Options

Greenworks mowers, due to being smaller and lighter than market averages, allow you to manipulate the mower easily around obstacles in your lawn.

The lighter weight makes it easier, particularly when you keep the push mowers in mind, to maneuver the mower around your lawn. 

EGO mowers have greater flexibility when it comes to adjusting the cut range of the mower’s blades. Given that you can adjust the height of the blades, you can change the height to adjust for obstacles such as flower beds, etc.

Greenworks and EGO both offer mower options with 3-in-1 cutting options. These mowers also offer a range of bagging, mulching, and side discharge options. Depending on your need for a mower, these options are all valid. 


EGO mowers are priced between $369 and $799. EGO mowers are most cost-effective in the long run due to low replacement cots and the higher quality materials used in making the mowers.

The lower charge time of the batteries (30 minutes) means you are losing less electricity in the long run in operating your mower.

Greenworks mowers cost, on average, ranges from $200 to $750. The priciest mower is a brushless self-propelled option.

The longer charge time for Greenworks batteries (45 minutes) does mean you will need to use more electricity, however, having 2 batteries allows more use of the mower.

Alternative Options

Now, there are many different brands and companies that produce lawnmowers apart from Greenworks and EGO. Let’s take a look at some electric lawn mower options.

  1. Sun Joe offers a cordless lawn mower (the MJ401C Pro Cordless Mower) which is priced at under $200, putting it on the more affordable size. This mower is ideal for small and medium-sized lawns and comes with a collector bag.

Sun Joe mowers can be easily maneuvered and have a lifting handle that will allow you to pick them up easily when storing them. The cutting height can be adjusted as well as the handle, which can be adjusted to fit your height. The battery does take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge but can run for 40 minutes once charged.

  1. Black and Decker offer a corded electric mower, which is a push mower ideal for small yards. The MM2000 is eco-friendly, can handle thick grass, wet grass, and long grass, and is priced reasonably. 

Black and Decker models are lightweight. The height of these mowers can be adjusted, the handles can be adjusted for ease of storage and there is an option for any size yard. These mowers tend to last between 2 and 3 years and have lower maintenance costs. These mowers are easy to manipulate and most have large wheels to make it easier to move over obstacles in your yard.

  1. Snapper offers an electric cordless self-propelled mower (the XD 82V MAX), which can run a bit pricier between $330 and $600. The price difference is due to the option of buying a battery and charger. So, for new owners who don’t currently have a Snapper mower, you would need to get the battery and charger, thus giving you a saving. 

Snapper offers zero turn, self-propelled, ride on, and push mowers. These mowers come with side discharge options and rear collection bags. The name ‘Snapper’ comes from the way the blades tend to ‘snap’ at the grass as opposed to slicing it. This mower is ideal for uneven terrains and there is an option for any lawn size.

While there are many different brands that you could choose from, most reviews indicate that Greenworks and EGO are the preferred options.

It really does come down to what your price range is, whether you prefer battery powered or corded mowers, and what exactly you are expecting from a mower. 


Lawn mowers are an investment, if you have a lawn, you need one. Depending on your priority, Greenworks or EGO lawn mowers could both be a brand you decide to explore. 

If it were me, based on price alone, Greenworks lawn mowers would be my first choice, simply because saving up to buy a new mower when yours dies could be a hassle.

However, if I was looking for a lawn mower that would last longer, and is more user-friendly, I would go with EGO. It just depends on what additional benefit you are looking to get out of a lawn mower.

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