33 Homemade Fall Wreath Ideas For Your Creative Side

If you're looking for some inspiration this fall to get you into the spirit of the season, then look no further than these beautiful homemade fall wreath ideas to decorate your door.

There sure are some creative people out there and what better way to decorate your front door, garden gate, or outbuilding than with something designed to match the season…they're not just for Christmas after all!

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Grapevines, burlap, and a selection of berries and leaves make this a slightly less bright option. It's rustic but not overly floral and still has little pops of color from the blueberries.

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A simple and sunny version with grapevines and a couple of squash. The leaves are warm-toned just like real fall leaves. With only half the wreath covered it's not excessive or overwhelming.

An unusual color selection with purple, pink, and teal. This felt flower version has a more homemade texture to it and the real cotton buds mixed in add a touch of nature. Ideal for someone who hates the traditional orange and yellow of fall.

A cute dollar store wreath that has a lovely hedgehog sign. This is a bit fussy and has a lot going on with flowers, a burlap bow, the sign, grapevines, sunflowers, and lots and lots of leaves. In fact, you can barely see the wreath.

With sparkly pumpkins and lots of leaves, this is bright and festive. It's also got some mini corn and berries mixed in with a sunflower for pop.

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A very simple grapevine wreath with a bow and hydrangea flowers. This is in muted orange and brown color which isn't too bright but still festive.

A huge wreath with dried flowers and a large red bow. There are grasses, ferns, mini pumpkins, and some flowers. This is bright and impressive.

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Minimalist as possible, this grapevine wreath has a simple burlap bow and two sunflowers. While this is simple, it's perfect for lazy crafters and cheap to make.

An alternative fall wreath that has lots of flowers and berries. This is a little disorderly and chaotic but it has charm. There are some pine combs and white flowers like dogwoods.

A more Halloween-themed wreath, this is made with lots of grasses, twigs, pomegranates, and black ribbons. There are also a few small red berries dotted through and some purple-dyed leaves. This is a pretty big wreath from all the grasses coming out.

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A cool illuminated wreath that has thanksgiving ribbon, sunflowers, and bright colored leaves. This is a really noticeable wreath that is eye-catching with all the colors in it. There are also a few berries dotted through the wireframe.

A very simple, classy, and effective wreath that is simple layers of leaves. While these are fake leaves it could easily be done with real ones as well. This would work well in a modernist house and is very eye-catching.

An unusual golden fall wreath. This is sprayed with golden tone pain so everything looks like it's made of brass. Ivy leaves, flowers, daisies, and large flowers all come together to make an eye-catching and antique-looking wreath.

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A twig wreath that uses willow branches and orange orchids are simple and popping. The small center makes this much more unusual, though the size of the twigs means that it's actually a pretty big wreath overall. The flowers could easily be substituted for any other too.

A fall fruit wreath that has leaves, twigs, and some pine cones mixed in among the apples. The red apples, red leaves, and red berries make this a perfect wreath for someone who likes warm colors. There's also some cute fuzzy grass stems tucked in.

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A fabric wreath with pumpkins. This is a very simple but effective wreath. The fabric is patterned with thanksgiving greetings and is a festive burlap.

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Another classy leaf wreath with some unusual white pumpkins and dried lotus pods. While the lotus pods aren't really festive they add a nice texture. The leaves are backed by twigs so the wreath is actually 3 different levels.

A fun and simple wreath with red and yellow leaves roughly bound into a wreath shape with twigs. This is a very open and airy and colorful without being overwhelming. It's classy and great if you don't like the typical orange.

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A fabric wreath that has burlap, glittery mesh, and a variety of ribbons surrounding a fall greeting sign. The brown colors are also nice and muted so the focus is on the bright sign in the center. This is pretty impressive in how fancy the ribboning is.

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A real harvest wreath, this is made entirely of braided stalks of wheat with some dried flowers and leaves woken in. It looks much like the old harvest crowns of old you see in classic paintings.

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Another dollar store craft is a butterfly wreath that has a lot of color in it. The base is grapevine and there's also a bunch of fall berries and mini pumpkins tucked in with a burlap bow at the bottom.

Another ribbon wreath with ribbons, burlap, mini pumpkins, and some straw. The wreath is Thanksgiving-themed with a large sign saying “thankful” tucked in. This is a mostly green wreath, a little more unusual of color for fall.

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A bright and popping wreath with a bunch of mini pumpkins and a corn dolly. The scarecrow/corn dolly is traditional for the season and very cute. The leaves are nice and bright and in keeping with the classic orange and red colors.

The ideal wreath for an OCD person. This is organized with a ring of pumpkins and alternating orange and brown fake flowers. The orderliness of the design is pretty striking and simple which is what makes it so effective.

Lots of berries and pinecones dominate this design. It also has a backdrop of twigs and leaves holding it together so it's nice and colorful without being messy. The pinecones and berries add interest and texture while the red leaves make everything pop.

A really full and busy wreath that is made from a lot of different leaves and some berries tucked in. The red bow at the top is a little overwhelmed but it works with the red leaves mixed in. There are also some thistles mixed in which add pops of blue too.

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A bright and colorful arrangement with lots of yellow and green. There's lots going on with this wreath and some berries and rose hips mixed in. The red and orange berries bring it all together.

A wreath made with real dried flowers and leaves. This is another wreath that has a lot going on. There are also a few sticks of grass poking through and some delicate seed pods. It's very busy but not very colorful.

A simple wreath with pine boughs, pine cones, and dried fruit and flowers. It's very eye-catching and lively. The larger dried fruits make this a very unusual-looking wreath.

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A fun bright orange wreath that is made of mostly bright Chinese lanterns. There are brown ribbons woven through and string balls as accents. It's popping, eye-catching, and almost looks like a bonfire which is perfect for the season.

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A simple and effective wreath that is mostly made of leaves with some rose hips tucked in. The chalk “Autumn” sign for the season is ideal for reusing with whatever seasonal message you prefer.

A wreath that combines everything from the other wreaths. There's a grapevine base, burlap, ribbons, leaves, pumpkins, grass, dried flowers, mini sunflowers, and some cute little toadstools tucked in. There are also some acorns added.

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A busy wreath that has Chinese lanterns, mini pine cones, and some sprayed seed pods mixed in. You can practically feel the fall season coming!

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