25 Types of Ferns to Add Interest to Your Home

brazilian tree fern

Many plant enthusiasts love ferns for their bright green foliage and their tolerance to shade. They make the perfect house plant for those who don’t have direct sunlight in their homes and tend to overwater their plants. They also work well in the shady parts of the garden that can’t …

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18 Examples of Greenhouse Sizes And Models [Image Gallery]

greenhouse sizes and models

So you’ve decided, you’re getting into the greenhouse game. Personally, I have been wanting to build a greenhouse for probably two years now and just keep putting it aside. But after writing this article, I have officially decided that getting a greenhouse is going to be this season’s priority! Now …

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19 Garden Uses For Wooden Pallets – Ideas and Inspiration!

garden uses for wooden pallets

We love to reuse and recycle products that would otherwise be throw out with the trash. Especially when it comes to wooden products that we can incorporate back into nature. Wooden pallets are robust and have many, many uses. Just check out these examples for some inspiration and the next …

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16 Practical Chicken Coop Ideas for Happy And Healthy Hens

practical chicken coop ideas

Looking for practical chicken coop ideas? Growing up, we had chickens on our farm. They made friends with the alpacas and ran around freely without a care in the world. However, we had quite a few cares in our worlds. If you didn’t already know, chickens aren’t the brightest animals, …

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