Types of Lotus Flowers – The Ultimate A to Z Guide and Image Gallery

types of lotus

Purity, wisdom, wealth, fertility, the Lotus flower has an array of symbolism and in many religions is believed sacred. The species of Lotus named Nelumbo Nucifera is native to southeast Asia and Australia. Meanwhile, the native Lotus to North America and the Caribbean is called Nelumbo Lutea.

There are currently many hybrids of the two types. This buoyant aquatic perennial has a delicate fragrance that releases in the morning as the petals open and then disappears as their petals shed in the afternoon.

In murky and shallow waters, these majestic flowers can be found emerging towards the warm sun. Intolerant to the cold, you will never see a lotus flower in the wintertime. Their roots are placed firmly into the mud below the water, and their petals are often decorated with pinks, yellows, and whites.

Have you become interested in this charming plant? Then take a look at this A to Z of Lotus flowers to stem intrigue.

Alba Grandiflora Lotus

Start to enjoy this alluring bloom in August and soak up the beauty of the pure whites standing out against the dark velvety green foliage. Cultivate in medium to large ponds to keep this kind of Lotus happy and glowing.

American Lotus

As if made from porcelain, this absolutely elegant Lotus flower is impossible not to desire. The single bloom is white as snow and has a hint of soft yellow highlighting the center. Large and in charge these types of Lotus Flowers grab your attention as they blossom to a width of 10 inches or more.

Birthday Peach Lotus

Originating from China, these bowl-shaped Lotuses are noticeable by their 2 to 5 inch double blooms. Light to medium-dark tones of pink gradually embellishes the petals surrounding the bright yellow middle. Its shape makes you want to scoop it up and hold it in two hands while you breathe in its delicious fragrance.

Carolina Queen Lotus

The base of the Carolina Queen Lotus is a deep pink and a sort-of smudged yellow. These types of Lotus flowers can tackle deep water which makes them a great option for medium to larger sized ponds. The bright yellow center definitely pops against the green leaves and bright petals.

Dancing Phoenix Lotus

Look for this flower blooming during the summertime and you will see a single flower with Fuschia pink tips and faint yellows. Small in size, these Lotuses are considered dwarf plants, however, they can still reach a height of 1 to 2 feet with the right amount of space.

Debbie Gibson Lotus

The Debbie Gibson Lotus was hybridized from Perry Slocum back in 1988. Its bigger size makes it appropriate for large tubs but it can just as happily decorate your small pond. Its silky flower has a soft yellow tinge that makes it appear that it is glowing under the brilliant sun.

Empress Lotus

The way that the violet-purple organizes itself into the white petals is done in such an artistic and abstract way it looks almost surreal. This regal Empress Lotus is a dazzling addition to your backyard pond and will soon become a conversation starter amongst guests.

Evening Shower Lotus

This little Lotus falls under the category of Versicolor Dwarf Lotus and has a heavy and early bloom. Colors vary through stages of the bloom and mixes of yellows and pinks create a glow bursting from the center of the flower. This single petal Lotus prefers shallow waters and with enough sun will bloom all summer long!

Feng Wu Lotus

What makes the Feng Wu Lotus really stand out amongst other Lotuses for me is the drastic change in colors. That sunshine yellow receptacle, then the deep yellow highlighting on the petals that fade out and fade back into a velvety purple. An absolutely stunning Versicolor Lotus!

Golden Monkey Lotus

Like a monkey's long stretched out arms reaching for a banana from a nearby branch, this unique Lotus has thin and longer than normal petals. A golden Lotus flower with hints of pink on the tips of the petals. You will likely see this Lotus blooming early in the season.

Green Maiden Lotus

A color-changing Lotus flower with a soft and exquisite appearance. The petals start off an airy pink and by the third day are showing off as a pale yellow. The receptacle of this Lotus, contrary to most others, is a pale creamy color instead of the typical bright yellow.

Green Star Lotus

Bring a focal point to your backyard pond or water garden with a soft and pure white Lotus. I enjoy how the green receptacle matches nicely with the deep green foliage and therefore makes the white pop even more.

Gui Li Lotus (Magnificent Lotus)

Vibrant red single petal blooms and a splendid yellow center is why this plant is referred to as the Magnificent Lotus. Give it enough room in its tub or pond and it will grow up to 4 feet tall and wow your neighbors. A true delight for all who pass by.

Heavy Storm

Soft pink edges cascading from a cream center. The Heavy Storm Lotus has a full body of spoon-like petals with painted tips. Visually it makes me imagine the tutu of a fairy princess as she dances beneath the glistening stars. These sacred flowers have a tendency to ignite wonderment and fascination in one's soul.

Ittenshikai Lotus

The Ittenshikai Lotus flower is recognizable by the pink stripes outlining the edge of the single petals. Its simplicity makes it a wonderful companion for bolder Lotuses such as the Feng Wu Lotus. Consider pairing the two in a pond for a nice variety of colors.

Jin Se

Come one, come all, and feast your eyes upon the pretty in peach, Versicolor Lotus, Jin Se! *Audience applause.* A true masterpiece in the Lotus world. The creamy yellow in the middle fades to a handsome pink tip, therefore making the overall tone of the flower to be a cute peach.


A cousin to the Handsome Hero Lotus, the Junjie Lotus has large gorgeous bright pink petals around the outside. The inner petals, surrounding the golden yellow receptacle, are disheveled and display a creamy white tip. Enjoy this Lotus in the early spring as it is an early and heavy bloomer.

Kermesina Lotus

A simple Lotus that enjoys full sun and dazzling you with its quaint light pink petals.  This is a large Lotus with a single layer of petals that contrast beautifully against the ornate receptacle exhibiting bright yellows. Too bad the Lotus sheds its petals or I would be enticed to wear that pretty flower in my hair on a night out on the town.

Lavender Lady

Take a look at that gorgeous yellow receptacle protruding from the stem. Lovely lavender petals just make this tall and large Lotus flower even more impressive to look at as it soars above the lush foliage. There is a soft glow of yellow on the inside of the petals as well that even more so grabs your attention.

Mini Chu Lotus

Just a tiny little thing it is. The Mini Chu falls under the category of micro Lotus which can sometimes be tricky to take care of but its elegance is worth the effort. Having the title of Versicolor as well means that it has a variety of colors in the flower. A yellow base and pink tips on a white canvas.

Momo Botan

A small dwarf Lotus in a bowl form with double flowers in deep captivating pink. Ruffly petals layer themselves in a beautifully careless manner. These types of Lotus flowers are perfect to plant in tub gardens or small ponds around the house.

Night and Day Lotus

Admire the ombre effect on this flat laying Lotus, revealing a better view of its receptacle and stamen. Stunning dark pink edges with a rosy cream color in the middle. What makes this Lotus unique is that it doesn't close at night. That's right, a rare Lotus that stays open night and day. Personally, I don't know of any other Lotuses that have the same superpower as this one, do you?

Osiris Lotus

A rare hybrid Lotus growing anywhere from 1.5 to 2 meters in height. A spectacular view if you ever get the chance to see one. The deep pink flower is rich and vibrant however the plant has the ability to be invasive and might take over your muddy pond. In my personal opinion, that's an invasive species problem I wouldn't mind having.

Paleface Lotus

Paleface Lotus is the name of this plant because of its pale yellows, whites, and pinks. Nothing too flashy about this bloom, but still a lovely flower regardless. The stamen stick out horizontally and have white dipped anthers.

Pink and Yellow Lotus

Just as the name describes, a Lotus that has been decorated with soft pinks and creamy yellows. The single bloom flower originates from China and looks absolutely charming in a water garden. Curly Stamen in a soft yellow spring out of the center in almost a comical way.

Princess Abby Lotus

It almost appears as if you could pick a petal and paint streaks of Fuschia pink with the tip. The center of this Micro Lotus is a buttery yellow and you can find other tones of oranges and yellows in the receptacle and stamen. A classic bowl shape and cute micro size.

Qiu Cui Lotus

Faint tones of silky yellows with ruffled petals are displayed in this semi-double yellow Lotus flower. The bees will thank you for planting these in tub gardens or ponds so they can play in the abundance of pollen. Plant this with some bright pink Lotuses for a complementary pair that will waltz above the water.

Rosea Plena

These types of Lotus flowers can impressively reach up to 2 meters tall. The Rosea Plena Lotus has pointed petals and double pink blooms. A hardy plant that resembles giant peonies showing off above the foliage. The shape and overall look of the flower almost seems too remarkable to be true.

Siam Ruby Lotus

Looking for a heavy bloom? Well, Thailand has the Lotus for you! The Siam Ruby Lotus blooms all season long and has an impressive quantity of rich ruby-red petals. Take a closer look and you will notice the stamen have a deep yellow filament (the stem of the stamen) but a pretty pink anther (the tip of the stamen where the pollen is stored.)

Snow White Lotus

A heavenly sight to see when you have the lucky opportunity to cast your eyes upon a Snow White Lotus. The bright and pure white petals cascade down like a ruffled wedding gown. These types of Lotus flowers are dwarf meaning small in size and the double flower is absolutely divine.

Strawberry Blonde Lotus

I get why they call it a Strawberry Blonde Lotus with those darling mixes of yellows and pinks. A bowl-shaped Lotus that has small ruffly petals growing near the green and yellow receptacle and a layer of larger petals around the exterior.

Sugar Pie Pink Lotus

“Sugar pie honey bunch, you know that I love you!” A classic song that pops into my head when I take a look at this attention-grabbing Sugar Pie Pink Lotus. You can sometimes see multiple blooms at the same time displaying bright bubblegum pinks. These Lotuses can reach up to 4 or 5 feet when planted in big enough containers or ponds.

Titan Lotus

A deep rose color spreads across the single flower's pointy petals to surround a golden yellow center. Deep green foliage accompanies this Lotus flower and the frilly yellow stamens dance in the wind and call out for nearby bees.

jUnyu Lotus

Okay, okay… I know I cheated! I truly did hunt the internet for a Lotus starting with the letter “U” and I couldn't find a single one. So, this will have to do. The Junyu Lotus is named after a Chinese horticulturist and has some unique features. The receptacles for example are a lime green color while the petals are splashed with lines of reddish-pink.

Violacea Water-Lily (Nymphaea Violacea)

Since I was having a hard time finding a Lotus starting with the letter “V”, I thought now would be a perfect time to talk about the difference between a Lotus and a water-lily. The Violacea actually falls under the category of water lily, but what's the difference? The easiest way to tell is to look at the leaves. Are the leaves emerging out of the water? Then it's a Lotus! Are the leaves floating in the water? Then it's a water-lily!

Wanshou Hong

A small red Lotus with a double bloom of striped petals. A sunburst effect is made from the cream and red colors sharing the petal as a canvas. The center shows the next bloom beginning with small still-white petals excited to bathe in the hot sun.

Xiamen Bowl (Rice Paper Lotus)

Don't you just love it when the name just says it all? Thin, silky, yellow and white petals pointed upwards encasing the golden receptacle and stamen.  These types of Lotus flowers can be grown as a micro Lotus and are perfect for small ponds and patio pots.

Xiao Foshou

The flower would disappear amongst its large foliage if it wasn't for those wonderfully decorated petals. Petals shooting up to the sky as if trying to reach the sun. The receptacles show a combination of greens and yellows and are accompanied by pale yellow stamen swaying in the breeze.

Yiliang Thousand Petal Lotus

I can understand why they call it the Thousand Petal Lotus, just look at those cramped petals spilling out. Truly a sight to behold. Did you know parts of the Lotus are edible? You can eat the seeds, roots, and leaves. Look up the best way to enjoy each part of this incredible sacred flower online or in some traditional Asian cookbooks.

Zhongshan Duplicate Red Lotus (Zhongshan HongTai)

Deep purples and reds, splashes of yellows and greens, this Lotus is truly exotic to the eye. More impressively, this Lotus has an average petal count of 315! Imagine playing “He loves me, he loves me not” with these types of Lotus flowers. This tall red beauty is an exquisite example of what a hybrid Lotus can look like.