The 15 Parts of a Roof on a House

parts of a roof

There’s a good chance you only think about your roof when something goes wrong. A leak or missing shingles may feel like a headache you don’t deserve. But understanding the elements that go into constructing a roof could provide a greater appreciation for all this structure does for you and …

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5 Best Barndominium Floor Plans With Pictures for an Ideal Dream Home

best barndominium floor plans

Before you build a brand new barndominium, you need the best barndominium floor plans, and we have you covered! Whether you are new to the term “barndominium” or have been enjoying the idea of it for a while, the fact remains that a barndominium, or ‘barndo’ for short, is a …

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Best Affordable House Plans

best affordable house plans

Building a house can be extremely expensive in this day and age, regardless of what size it may be. The planning stage itself can be very costly, with some floor plans and blueprints costing thousands of dollars upfront. If you’re looking for ways to keep your budget low, finding the …

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5 Best Minimalist House Plans to Inspire Your Dream Home

best minimalist house plans

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyle, sometimes it’s good to just take it slow. A minimalist home may be just what you need to take life slower for your whole family or during your retirement. Minimalist house plans usually include wide-open interior spaces which give you freedom …

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25+ Exterior Window Trim Ideas

exterior window trim ideas

Introduce modern style to your home’s exterior with these 25+ exterior Window Trim Ideas. Windows play a huge role in the way the luxurious house feels and looks on the outside as well as inside. Window trims are the key aesthetics that add excitement and energize the whole appearance of …

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27 Driveway Ideas – Styles & Designs For All Home Types

driveway ideas

When you think of home design, your driveway may be the absolute last thing that comes to mind. Its function is essentially to keep your car off the street, so it’s not really considered a “pretty” part of your home. But the thing is, your driveway is the first impression …

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