5 Best Minimalist House Plans to Inspire Your Dream Home

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyle, sometimes it’s good to just take it slow. A minimalist home may be just what you need to take life slower for your whole family or during your retirement.

Minimalist house plans usually include wide-open interior spaces which give you freedom in placing most of your furniture. You won’t be limited by specific room designations in some cases and can decide exactly how you want the interior flow of the house to feel.

Choosing the Right Minimalist House Plans

Minimalist homes can be perfect for families of any size, a single person, or a couple with plans for a future later on. There are some important thoughts to keep in mind when selecting your house plans, however.

Will you be needing more rooms or larger living rooms? Do you want a single level or not? Knowing what you are looking for in advance will help make your house plan search go much quicker.

The initial cost of pre-made house plans is normally budget-friendly. In fact, you might find the perfect pre-made plan and won’t need to hire the use of a trained architect. This will help save you hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars during the very first step in building your new home.

When looking for the right minimalist house plan, it's important to know if you have a particular exterior style in mind. While most minimalist designs will be rather simple, there are some that also try to be stylish and help them stand out from the rest.

The interior design can also be a mix of mostly open floor spaces and pre-designated spaces for dining and living rooms.

What to Look For in the Best Minimal House Plans

If you are set on purchasing a pre-made blueprint and want to limit the need for an architect, always be sure the plans are complete. There may be some blueprints that are left extremely open and you will need to hire an architect to finish them to your specifications.

In this case, you are basically purchasing the exterior design and overall shape. The interior is up to you. This may end up being highly desirable for some people, but it can also add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the overall cost of your blueprint.

Hiring a trained architect is not cheap, especially if you want a finished blueprint that is ready to hand to your build contractor. Also, be sure to consider the interior layout and whether or not the house feels cluttered or more open.

Make note of bedroom locations and how convenient it might be to get to the bathroom during the night while sleeping. Notice the size of the kitchen and dining space, especially if you plan on entertaining friends and family during holidays or special events.

Window placement may also be important to you, especially if you have a specific plot of land where you will be building your home. You might want to be sure windows on the house will line up well with the direction of the sunrise or sunset to allow natural lighting year-round.

1. One Hall, One Bathroom Home Plan – 413 Square Ft. (Plan 763-413)

home plan: 763-413
Image: HPM Home Plans

This minimalistic design also has a stylish contemporary exterior that will easily make your home stand out among your neighbors. This eye-catching exterior will help this home fit into a wide range of locations including urban, rural, or coastal spaces.

The interior is simplistic, but perfect for average-sized families. It features unfinished areas for two spacious bedrooms or a single bedroom and living area. The living area, kitchenette, and hall area are all open floor plan with no dividing walls making the area feel cluttered or closed in.

Overall, the usable interior living space covers just over 400 square feet. This home offers a minimalistic and simple design that can make the perfect first home for a variety of individuals or couples.

This home plan is ready to hand to your building contractor now, or you can make some adjustments to suit your needs. Either way, the interior design and exterior style both lend themselves to this great minimalistic house.



●    Perfect layout for couples or small families.

●    Plan includes potential space for two bedrooms.

●    Open central interior floor plan lends itself to minimalistic styling.

●    Just over 400 square feet which may be too small for some.

●    Simple exterior design may be dull to some people.

2. Two Bed, One Bath Home Plan – 480 Square Ft. (Plan 728-1904)

home plan: 728-1904
Image: HPM Home Plans

This home is both minimalistic and offers a unique rustic charm with its exterior design and choice of upper loft windows. This home is rather cozy and includes just under 500 square feet of usable living space.

Unfortunately, this may be too small for most families looking for a more spacious floor plan to grow into. The living spaces are laid out to be convenient and quaint, with plenty of room for multiple bunk beds to use as a hunting reserve or vacation getaway.

The bedrooms are on either side of a central-based bathroom and are suitable for a couple or small family, however, the design can be adjusted to suit your needs. This home offers two cozy bedrooms and one small bathroom that are all practically located in convenient spaces at the rear of the house.

The home consists of a single story but has upper vaulted windows in a mini-loft style. The kitchen, dining area, and living area are spacious and wide open with no walls restricting movement from one area to the other. It’s a perfect spot to create dinner and feed the family during holidays.

You also have quick and simple access to an outdoor covered porch so you can enjoy the view from outdoor furniture.



●    Cozy and quaint home with just under 500 square feet of living space.

●    Extremely open floor plan when it comes to the kitchen and dining area.

●    Raised loft-style windows provide plenty of natural lighting.

●    Much too small for large families and groups of vacationers.

●    Covered porch is small, but has room for a few chairs at least.

3. One Hall, One Bath Home Plan – 676 Square Ft. (Plan 763-676)

home plan: 763-676
Image: HPM Home Plans

With just under 680 square feet of usable living space, this adorable minimalistic home is a great option for small families looking for that perfect new living space. The interior of this home plan offers one large bedroom and one spacious bathroom.

It’s perfect for a couple or a smaller family, or families wanting to be closer together. The exterior offers a unique combination of contemporary and country style, with minimalistic designs that won’t take away from the overall look. The home is a single floor, but offers a lot of living space on that level.

The kitchen and combined dining area is extremely spacious with plenty of room to entertain family and friends. The large living room connects openly to the dining area and kitchen, giving you a convenient space to chat with family and friends while making meals.

Additionally, the living room leads directly onto the small covered porch which is perfect for a few pieces of outdoor furniture, a small BBQ grill, or other outdoor decor. As with most blueprints on this list, this plan is suitable for handing to your building contractor as-is or you can easily adjust the placement of certain rooms to suit your needs.

You may have ideas for the large bedroom such as turning one into two, or you may see a spot that an additional room can be tucked into. The choice is yours.



●    Room enough for smaller families or couples.

●    Exterior combines contemporary and country designs.

●    Spacious 676 square feet of living space.

●    Exterior is somewhat simplistic which may not be desirable to some.

●    Front covered porch is very small and narrow.

4. One Bed, One Bath Home Plan – 860 Square Ft. (Plan 003-66)

home plan: 003-66
Image: HPM Home Plans

For small families, or average families looking for reasons to be closer together, this blueprint might be perfect for you. It features right around 860 square feet of living space that also includes an upper loft area for storage or more sleeping space.

You’ll notice a unique exterior design with a minimalistic and quaint-styled design. This home design can work in a wide range of locations, both rural and coastal. You’ll also notice an abundance of large windows on the front to allow natural lighting and air in as you please.

While the home is mostly a single floor, it does include an upper loft or attic area that helps disperse heat while also allowing more room for air to circulate throughout the living space below. The bedroom and bathroom are well placed on the default blueprint and this floor plan is perfectly suited to be handed to your building contractor as is.

However, you can also make some adjustments to room placement and sizes if it suits you.



●    Large windows on the front for plenty of natural lighting.

●    Interior layout can be adjusted in numerous ways to suit your needs.

●    Offers a rustic and country charm feel, suitable for a wide range of locations.

●    May be too small for some families.

●    Large-sized windows may add to ongoing climate control costs.

●    Finding the right directional placement on your property may be difficult.

5. Two Bed, Two Bath Home Plan – 3,208 Square Ft. (Plan 763-1604)

home plan: 763-1604
Image: HPM Home Plans

This home plan offers a simplistic, minimalistic exterior design that also displays crisp right angles and a sharp look. The home could fit suitably well into a variety of locations such as forested lots, coastal areas, rural and urban spots, and more. There is no limit to where this home may fit in.

With a total area of a little over 3,200 square feet, the interior usable living space covers just over 1,600 square feet giving you plenty of room for an average-sized family to remain comfortable. The home plan is designed with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, all of which are conveniently located among each other.

The partially covered center front porch space is great for outdoor seating and relaxing. It allows easy access to and from the extremely spacious country kitchen and great room to give you an amazing spot for enjoying your meals with friends and family.

The default home plan offers massive vaulted ceilings in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms to allow an abundance of airflow and heat dissipation throughout the year. Additionally, you will be able to open and close many windows to let in a cool spring or autumn breeze.

While the floor plan is currently livable as-is, there are many options for customization to suit your unique needs. Working with an architect to get your perfect blueprint may add to the overall cost of your home build budget, but ensuring you get the best layout that works for your family is important.



●    Large vaulted ceilings in the living room and kitchen areas.

●    Floor plans can be adjusted to suit your needs with ease.

●    Multiple bedrooms can be used for guests, or as office and craft rooms.

●    Amount of windows may increase heating and cooling costs.

●    Exterior look may be considered plain and uninspired to some.

Final Thoughts

In comparing the above five floor plans to find the perfect minimalist house design, the one that meets or exceeds a range of needs most families might have is the Two Bed, Two Bath Home Plan – 3,208 Square Ft. (Plan 763-1604).

This home is a single floor and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms, however, there is plenty of freedom to change up some of the rooms to add an office or designated game room.

You will also love the vaulted ceilings which give a luxurious feel to the main center way of the home. It’s also spacious enough to entertain large numbers of friends and family during the holidays.

Even if this home plan did not meet your needs, there is no shortage of minimalistic and open floor plans to find and consider for your next home build.