27 Driveway Ideas – Styles & Designs For All Home Types

When you think of home design, your driveway may be the absolute last thing that comes to mind. Its function is essentially to keep your car off the street, so it's not really considered a “pretty” part of your home. But the thing is, your driveway is the first impression your guests will have of your home as they arrive.

So, putting some extra thought into its design can really make or break the curb appeal of your home. To get you inspired about your own home design, here's a list of homes with beautiful, creatively designed driveways that give your home an instant facelift.

Driveway Design Ideas & Inspiration

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1. Roundabout Driveway

A huge new luxury home at sunset

This luxury home features a striking Italian villa-inspired facade, but the real “wow” factor is this roundabout driveway. The bricks are laid into the ground in a scallop-style pattern facing the house and the fountain in the middle gives it that extra touch. The colors are warm, bright, and inviting, but the rustic look of the bricks makes this home feel timeless and elegant.

2. Concrete With Feature Center Piece

Luxury house with beautiful curb appeal

With a house this unique, a plain driveway simply won't do! I adore this unique take on a driveway and how it adds character and visual interest to an already stunning home! The stone is laid out in a compass-style pattern with a statement section right in the middle, creating the perfect landing pad for your car.

3. Monotone Gray Brick Stone With Boarder

Perspective View of Monotone Gray Brick Stone on The Ground for Street Road

If you're more for a subtle look that still shines with personality, consider this effect. This driveway doesn't go out of its way to be unique.; Instead, subtle details are added to make the roadway up to the house feel more luxurious and planned out. For instance, the driveway is bordered by two lines of darker stone on either side and instead of one stone pattern throughout the entire driveway, there's a wave pattern leading out towards the road.

4. Traditional Grey Cobble Style

Front view of a large house that has a white picket fence with lush landscaping

Do you want your house to feel like a trip back in time? A cobblestone-inspired driveway helps give your house a vintage cottage look – no matter how old it actually is! This home used aged stones to create that timeless, vintage look, while laying them out in a set pattern helps to maintain order. It's a great approach to help give your home some vintage charm, without the bumps and cracks of an old cobblestone road!

5. Stone and Paved Driveway Combo

Image of new style white villa with lawn and stone driveway

If your style is more sleek and minimalist, there's no reason why your driveway should have to be plain. Check out this modern cubist-style house, and the truly unique driveway in front! Stripes of slick flat cement are interchanged with textured cobblestone pathways, with each stone a rectangle facing toward the house. The entire effect draws a line right up to your front door!

6. Sandstone Pavers Outline and Asphalt Drive

Large home with front columns and brick pillars

While many think that a driveway should be a straight path up to the garage or front door, if you want a truly luxurious feeling, consider stretching your driveway out in front of the entire house! This charming brick home is surrounded by a flat blacktop driveway that curves around the house and a fountain area near the front. This offers the chance for your to park anywhere you wish, and the roundabout is helpful so you never have to back out into the street!

7. Long Sweeping Driveway With Smooth Asphalt Finish

Large luxury stone home with circular driveway

I love the contrast of an old-world-style stone cottage against a sleek black driveway! It makes the home feel modern and new and allows the beautiful house to shine without drawing too much attention. At the same time, since the house has so much character, the designer knew that a more intricate driveway might be too hectic in the overall design. Three rows of stone on either side match the house and pull the look together.

8. Grey and Red Chequered Brick

Big modern house

This home is all about shapes, and what better way to add interest to a modern design like this than with a checkerboard pattern? Red and brown stand out against the soft white of the house, so your eye is immediately drawn to the front. And since the house design is so urban and sleek, the landscaping surrounding the driveway helps to soften the overall look of the home.

9. Paved Driveway With Two Color Combination

Big custom made luxury house with nicely landscaped front yard and paved driveway to garage

Despite its large size and neat landscaping, this home is all about warmth and comfort. The driveway is no exception; with its reddish tones, it helps blend into the color scheme of the house while standing out away from the lawn, inviting visitors to stay. The neat and tidy brick layout matches the neat and orderly look fo the front lawn and garden, giving this home a peaceful feeling.

10. Resin Driveway To Match The Color Of The Home

Fragment of a luxury house with a garage door

Since this home has a beautifully textured brick facade, the driveway balances this out with a smooth and neat appearance. This driveway is nearly the same color as the house, helping it feel as though it's an extension of the overall home design. While it's a simple enough design, the diamond accent in the center of the driveway draws the eye directly up to the home, making a statement without overpowering the entire look.

11. Matching Driveway Blocks and Brick Pillars

Big custom made luxury house with nicely paved driveway to the double doors garage

I love the look of this driveway and how it not only blends in with the look of the house but stands out on its own due to its beautiful coloring and bricklaying design. The square bricks are laid in a diagonal pattern, but they don't look too orderly since they're slightly off-center. The coloring picks up all the different tones and shades in the house design, making this overall design feel welcoming and inviting!

12. Red, Grey, Orange Brick Driveway

Luxury Home Exterior at Sunset

The mix of reds and cool grays in the driveway echoes the siding and roof colors in the house perfectly! I also love the irregular look to the bricks, using a set pattern to create a more casual look. This home is contemporary and stylish, and doesn't rely on landscaping to decorate the exterior, letting the home design speak for itself. But the potted plants along the edge of the driveway bring life and vibrancy to the home!

13. Classic English Style Red Brick Driveway

Front view of a red brick English style classic house with a steep roof, large windows and a circular driveway with a flowerbed decoration in the front

Talk about a classic home design! This beautiful brick home looks like it was taken straight from a storybook. The roundabout driveway only helps add to the magical feel of this property, with all the stones laid in perfect circles around the center garden piece. The soft off-white of the bricks stands out against the warm dark bricks to create a powerful statement. It's a subtle but striking way to give your home a classic and timeless vibe!

14. Uneven Textured Block Paved Drive

Brick stone driveway double garage doors pano

This elegant home features a variety of textures and colors and the result is a home that looks completely at one with nature. The layers of bricks that make up the exterior of the house work well against the uneven rows o stone in the driveway, while the border garden brings color and life into the overall design. It's a beautiful way to frame the garage doors and entryway.

15. Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Fragment of a luxury house with a garage door in Vancouver, Canada

Here's a new take on a classic suburban theme! While a lot of driveways use smaller bricks and stones, or flat poured concrete, this driveway stands out for its unique texture and mosaic-style stone layout. It has the simple, clean look of a plain concrete driveway but with a unique twist. I also love how the warm tan color of the driveway stands out and compliments the greens and browns of the landscaping design.

16. Matching Driveway and Pathway Paving

Driveway and main entrance to the house

Check out this beautiful contemporary home with a distinct style! Since this is such a modern design, the minimal landscaping means that the driveway is the most prominent feature in the front yard, and for good reason! The driveway jumps out as a unique feature, with its sleek stone tiles and grain that flows toward the garage and entryway. Since the house is a bright white with dark accents, the driveway is an excellent middle ground to pull the whole look together.

17. Mixed Shades of Grey Paving Blocks

A very neat and colorful home with gorgeous outdoor landscape in suburbs

I love this take on a classic, traditional design! This gorgeous yellow and white house stands out with its crisp, clean lines, and the driveway compliments the look with its distinctive tile pattern. Since the home is painted a bright yellow, a warmer color of stone or concrete would have been too much, so a cool grey tone in darker and lighter shades adds interest without competing with the main house design.

18. Octagonal And Square Shaped Bricks

A brick driveway composed of octagon and square shaped bricks stretches off into the distance bordered with white bricks

The standard rectangular bricks offer tons of possibilities to the overall look of your driveway, but choosing shaped bricks and creating unique patterns give your driveway an extra edge! This octagon and diamond pattern is perfect for a more traditional-style home, since it keeps to classic shapes and lines but still adds a refreshing modern edge.

19. Traditional Paving Clinker Pattern

Traditional paving clinker pattern in front of the house

It takes a lot of guts to add a mosaic pattern of colored bricks to your driveway design. While many homeowners like their driveway to fade into the background, this design is sure to get your driveway noticed! It's a great option if your house is painted in plain colors, or if it's tucked behind a garden or tree – there's no danger of your driveway overshadowing your home!

20. Modern And Minimalist Concrete Driveway

Modern concrete garage for couple cars with big driveway

Who knew a classic brick driveway could look so contemporary! This sleek and super-modern home stands out against a bright white driveway with an oh-so-precise brick layout. The design is geometric and sharp, with minimal landscaping and simple lines. It's the perfect design option when you want maximum practicality without sacrificing on style.

21. Modern, Urban Concrete Pour

Luxurious new construction home

This driveway design is much more simple, fitting in with the modern and sharp-edged home design. Made up of just a few concrete panels all placed together into a sleek design, it's the perfect backdrop for the variety of textures and patterns in the house's facade. But the side curves out to fit into the landscaping of the front yard and help this ultramodern home blend into a more natural environment.

22. Herringbone Woven Style Driveway

Big custom made luxury house with nicely landscaped and trimmed front yard and driveway to garage

A thoughtful brick layout in a driveway makes for a picture-perfect scene! The herringbone woven style of this driveway has an old-world charm about it, echoing a classic brick cobblestone look but in a much more modern and structured way. The bricks mesh into the coloring of the house and set a beautiful backdrop for the vibrant flowers and foliage all around the front yard.

23. Grey Marble Floor Tiles

Grey marble floor tiles on garden square in residential area

If you've got an open driveway, it's a fact that your car will be on display at the front of your house. This driveway literally frames your car with a large, rectangular picture-frame design inlaid into the cement. The cold grey contrasts nicely with the more natural landscaping that surrounds it, helping the home feel like a contemporary retreat. It's a subtle look that makes a world of difference!

24. Hardedge Paved Driveway

Boxwood in the garage driveway

If you're looking for a fresh new take on classic suburban living, this structured and hard-edged driveway is everything you want. The soft grey bricks leading up to a house painted in nearly the exact same color, the sharp lines, and perfectly laid out bushes all work together to create a modern, almost futuristic look, while still maintaining the timeless lines of a traditional suburban driveway.

25. Large Concrete Slab Driveway With Natural Grass Accent

tropical home with large concrete slab driveway

If you've got a modern, minimalist design preference, you may want to go with a sleek and flat driveway design, but consider a more unique option. This incredible home is tucked away in a grove of palm trees with the driveway leading the eye toward the house. But this driveway, with its separated concrete slabs, feels more like a stone pathway, giving this ultra-contemporary home a more natural feel. Perfect for a home in a naturally beautiful setting!

26. Grey Concrete Block Driveway And Contemporary House

grey concrete driveway in front of contemporary house

I adore how the designer decided to go with an ultra-industrial look to the driveway to compliment the more natural wooden side paneling of the house. And to add a bit more personal flair, the bricks are elevated up off of the ground, instead of being inlaid like you would normally see. Altogether this compliments a modern home design without feeling too unnatural.

27. Herringbone Patterned Stone Brick Driveway

home with herringbone-patterned stone brick driveway

I love the variety of shapes and textures in the design of this house! It's an excellent example of how you can modernize classic building techniques when designing your driveway. By using smaller rectangular bricks and laying them out in a herringbone pattern facing towards the front door, the eye is drawn up to the house.