5 Best Barndominium Floor Plans With Pictures for an Ideal Dream Home

Before you build a brand new barndominium, you need the best barndominium floor plans, and we have you covered!

Whether you are new to the term “barndominium” or have been enjoying the idea of it for a while, the fact remains that a barndominium, or ‘barndo' for short, is a stylish and quaint way to combine ample living space with the tiny home lifestyle.

Over the past few years, barndominiums have quickly made their way to the front of the line when it comes to smaller residences. However, depending on your unique needs, you can also find barndominiums that are spacious and perfect for a larger family!

Once you have decided to search for a barndominium floor plan, you need to think about the features you would like to see. Are you wanting designated bedrooms and bathrooms, or do you want a more open floor plan?

Will you be using this as a main residence, or is this a vacation home or temporary office space?

What’s Great About Living in a Barndominium

Before you even fully decide that a barndominium is for you, there are several things to think about and consider. First of all, if you are looking for a home that gives rustic or country charm, a barndo can definitely deliver!

The lovely barn vibes you and your family will get from this home are second to none. Pre-made barndominium floor plans can come in a wide range of styles. Some are designed with full-time living in mind, while others are made for temporary hunting lodges, weekend offices, or quiet writing nooks in mind.

You can also find some which utilize most of the available space, while others are more open and free. Most floor plans have options for you to tweak to your own liking as well.

For example, if you don’t like the placement of a certain closet and think it might look better on another wall, you can have it adjusted to your preferences. Additionally, some floor plans also have wiggle room for plumbing for bathrooms and kitchens if you are looking for a more permanent residential situation.

Once you have finalized your design, the next step is watching your dream barndominium being created over time. For first-time homeowners or those new to the barndominium and tiny homes lifestyle, this can be one of the most memorable times in your life.

Soon you will be living in that spacious country-styled home you once saw only on paper.

The Benefits of Using Pre-Made Floor Plans

One of the biggest benefits of using a pre-made floor plan is that it helps streamline the entire process. Finding an architect to work with locally can be a daunting task, and sometimes may even be impossible depending on where you live.

Not to mention their waiting list could be extremely long, causing you to have to wait weeks or even months for an appointment to discuss your ideas. Additionally, there is no learning curve to picking up computer-assisted design software to make your own floor plans.

While there are several beginner-friendly software options, actually getting your idea from paper to the builder takes more than just creating the shape of the barndominium itself.

While computer-assisted design software does give you 100% freedom in how you design your future home, it can also come with a lot of downsides. The biggest one is the initial purchase cost.

Most floor plan software can run several hundred dollars for full-service programs. Additionally, you’ll need to have basic scale and builder knowledge to know if a plan is feasible.

When compared to learning how to properly use design software or purchasing a pre-made floor plan, the easiest route for most is to go with the pre-made design. It’s already made, and you can compare it side by side to several other plans to find the one that works best for your space needs and your budget.

The only downside is it may not be exactly to your complete specifications. On the other hand, it may also include little details you didn’t even think of.

The 5 Best Barndominium Floor Plans to Consider

If you’ve spent any time searching for floor plans, you know there are a hundred and one things to consider. How is the space used? Are there bedrooms and bathrooms? How tall are the ceilings? Where are the entries and exits?

The first step is to sit back, relax, and take some time to just look over a few pre-made floor plans. Over time, you will soon realize what features are important to you, and what can be left out.

1. Three Bed, Three Bath Barndominium Home Plan – 5,520 Sq. Ft. (Plan 001-3639)

3 bedroom, 3 bath barndominium
Image: HPM Home Plans

This plan offers a spacious yet practical residential option. It offers standard living areas upstairs with room for a full-size family. Downstairs are ample storage areas, with designated boat storage and garage area.

The design features three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with plenty of room for lounging and entertaining. You’ll also notice a spacious kitchen and dining area with large windows overlooking the property you build it on.

Not to mention the sizable great room opens up onto a covered deck to give you a breath of fresh country air. While this design does not fit into the tiny homes category, it is the epitome of a spacious barndominium.

The exterior offers that perfect country charm and would look great sitting on acreage with horses grazing nearby.



●     Plan Includes Covered Deck

●     Garage is Attached

●     Spacious Storage and Workshop

●     Almost 50 feet of Boat Storage

●     Classic Barn Style and Charm

●     Mostly Open Floor Plan

●     Residential Quarters are Upstairs

2. Four Car Garage with Full Living Quarters – 5,000 Sq. Ft. (Plan 001-3222)

four car garage with full living quarters
Image: HPM Home Plans

Created with plenty of freedom in the downstairs area, this four-car garage floor plan can give you more than enough room for a workshop, storage, or more. Whether you plan on filling the space with vehicles or using it for something else, you will find 2,500 square feet of lower level, mostly open space to work with.

This floor plan is done in a simplistic style to fit into a variety of locations. It’s practical and spacious, with a well-designed upper level that features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious office.

Additionally, you’ll have plenty of room to move into the kitchen, as well as be able to have the whole family enjoy meals in the dining room. Definitely made for full-time residential living, this floor plan would also work great for a seasonal getaway home or second residence.

You might even want to have it built on a piece of land that offers great views of the distant horizon which you can enjoy from the spacious partially covered deck.



●     Four Car Garage

●     Room for Large Workshop

●     Designed for Full Residential Living

●     Master Suite

●     Spacious Upstairs Office

●     One Car Bay is in the Rear

●     Staircase is Narrow

●     Very Uninspired Exterior Design

3. Two Bed, Three Bath Barndominium Home Plan – 2,626 Sq. Ft. (Plan 001-3170)

board & batten styled barndominium
Image: HPM Home Plans

Here is a lovely barndominium styled home that would work in a country setting, as well as fit in on a coastal lot as well. It features a two-car garage which can be customized to suit your needs if you are looking for a workshop instead.

This plan offers a unique combination of country charm, with a coastal design flair. It would work in the Northwest United States perfectly, as well as fit into a variety of Heartland area country settings.

While it’s not the barniest type of barndominium on the list, it offers a unique combined look that just might be exactly what you want. While it would work as a holiday home or working retreat, it is also designed to be a full residence with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen area.

Additionally, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature through the plentiful windows or from the large covered deck.



●     Board & Batten Exterior

●     Works for Country or Coastal Areas

●     Suitable for Full Residence

●     Spacious Throughout

●     Office Space on Lower Level

●     Inconvenient Staircase Placement

4. Loft with Bathroom and Three-Car Garage – 1,738 Sq. Ft. (Plan 763-642)

loft with bathroom and 3-car garage
Image: HPM Home Plans

This plan is the perfect option for someone looking for an artist's retreat or quiet haven to do some writing. It features a single bathroom and loft area, with a three-car garage downstairs.

Additionally, you can work with the architect that did this floor plan and adjust the garage area to instead work as a workshop, art studio, or crafting room instead. The home offers a rural touch of barndominium charm while still being practical for building near a full residence home.

On the other hand, you may also see the potential for this floor plan to be used as a hunting cabin or detached man cave. There are large windows on both sides of the upstairs loft area, giving you excellent views of the property it sits on.

It also has an outdoor balcony that would be a perfect spot for some potted plants or relaxing outdoor furniture.



●     Three Car Garage

●     Perfect Writers or Artists Retreat

●     Ample Storage or Workshop Space

●     Small Overall Space

●     Not Designed for Full Residence

5. Two Bed, Two Bath Barndominium Home Plan – 999 Sq. Ft. (Plan 763-4941)

two bedroom, two bath tiny barndominium
Image: HPM Home Plans

While this adorable barndominium is just under 1,000 square feet, you will notice the interior floor plan design has been done with full-time living in mind. The lower level features a spacious family gathering area, kitchen, and dining room with quick and easy access to the front or back yards.

The upper level cozily tucks in two spacious bedrooms, a full-size bathroom, and plenty of closet space. Additionally, you’ll notice the floor plan design includes windows in both bedrooms so you can enjoy the views while still maintaining your privacy.

While this is the smallest floor plan on the list, it’s an extremely quaint barndominium for first-time homeowners or those who are simply wanting to move into the tiny home lifestyle.

With the combination of horizontal and vertical siding on the render of this floor plan, you may notice it can fit into a wide range of rural, country, and urban locations with ease.



●     A Proper Tiny-Home

●     Designed for Full Residential Living

●     Perfect for a Small Family

●     Stylish Design for Any Location

●     Under 1,000 Square Feet

●     Does Not Have a Garage

Final Thoughts

After giving the previous five floor plans a comparison look, the version that seems to meet a variety of universal needs would be the Two Bed, Three Bath Barndominium Home Plan – 2,626 Sq. Ft. (Plan 001-3170). This floor plan is not only extremely practical and easy to live in full time, but it also seems to blend all the necessary rooms into the space seamlessly.

You won’t find any wasted space with this floor plan! Beginners looking for barndominium floor plan ideas can look at this design and quickly fall in love with the detail the architect put into it.

In fact, you might even notice useful little additions such as the wet bar and corner fireplace which are normally hard to find in other pre-made floor plans. No matter what barndominium floor plan you choose to go with, you are sure to love the spacious and quaint interior provided by them all.

In addition, you will soon have the home of your dreams to give you that little piece of country charm no matter where you may be!