Best Affordable House Plans

Building a house can be extremely expensive in this day and age, regardless of what size it may be. The planning stage itself can be very costly, with some floor plans and blueprints costing thousands of dollars upfront. If you’re looking for ways to keep your budget low, finding the best affordable house plans is an important first step.

Choosing the Right House Plans

Whether you are searching for a large family home or a quaint cottage just for yourself, it’s important to take into account all of the available options the right house plan can offer. For example, you may notice some plans are partial blueprints. They consist of a more open plan that lets you select where you want to place your bedroom or living space.

While the initial cost of these plans may be budget-friendly, hiring an architect to finish the plans to your liking can end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on top of the initial fee. Instead, if you want to save money for the building stage, it’s important to ensure the plans you are considering are complete blueprints of the entire house.

When you’re choosing the right house plans for your budget, always be sure you consider the actual cost of the blueprint. Since it takes an architect time to sketch out the plan and measure out suitable space for every room, it can be costly. This initial blueprint cost will cut into the remaining funds you have for the build process.

You may also want to consider a particular style of home for the plot of land you have available. For example, some blueprints are specifically designed for the home to be built into the side of a hill. While the home can be built freestanding, there is a distinct lack of windows which will either need to be added later or adjusted in the initial blueprint to suit your needs.

What to Look For in the Best Affordable House Plans

Always make sure the house plans you are considering are complete. This may sound obvious, but many blueprints are made to be open floor plans. This means the blueprint does not have any designated spots for bedrooms or bathrooms. You’re basically purchasing the shell of a home.

While this can be a great benefit to some people, it can also add to the cost of your initial house plan purchase costs. Since these plans will need to be taken back to an architect and adjusted to your personal likes and needs, the cost can add up quickly. If you’re trying to remain within a certain budget, adding hundreds of dollars worth of adjustments onto an already costly floor plan may not be what you want to do.

If you are searching for the best affordable house plans for a family of four, for example, you want to be sure the plans you are considering have plenty of bedrooms for your family. You might also want to be sure the bedrooms are close enough to a suitable number of bathrooms to be convenient for everyone.

Window placement may also be important if you already know what parcel of land the home will be built on. Will the morning sun be shining into a bedroom, disrupting sleep, or will it be shining into a kitchen or sunroom to help your indoor plants grow? Small considerations such as these can make finding the best house plan much easier.

There may also be special needs you need to take into account. Such as single-floor access for wheelchairs and wide hallways for ease of access. While most house plans can be adjusted to account for these, you can also find some that are already made specifically for these needs.

Home Plan: 728-1703

home plan: 728-1703
Image: Home Plan: 728-1703

If you’re looking for something with an equal mix of contemporary and modern styles, this plan is a perfect choice to consider. It boasts modern flair by using contrasting and stylish straight edge accents along the front and back of the building. You will also notice a combination of exterior building materials used in the final draft including stone, horizontal wood siding, and horizontal vinyl siding. This combination works well together to give it that contemporary look.

This home plan is excellent for a small family as it offers two spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. The upstairs area has the master suite, while the downstairs has a guest bedroom or office area. The master suite has quick and easy access to a nearby bathroom, as well as access to an outdoor terrace.

When it comes to small and affordable house plans, this adorable cottage fits into the category well. The entire home offers a total of 924 square feet, and is completely finished and ready to build. While you do have the option to adjust the placement of some rooms and measurements, it is not necessary and this home can be built without any additional architectural costs piled on.



●    Perfect layout for a small family.

●    The plan includes two bedrooms or one bedroom and office space.

●    Upper floor outdoor terrace for relaxing on beautiful days.

●    A contrasting mix of exterior design elements may not fit into some locations.

●    Home is less than 1,000 square feet which may be too small for some families.

●    The downstairs bedroom does not have a connected bathroom.

Home Plan: 003-104

home plan: 003-104
Image: Home Plan: 003-104

When it comes to a rustic charm, this small cabin makes an outstanding weekend escape for one or two people. While it is a small home, the interior has been carefully constructed to feel larger than it is and offer plenty of space for one or two people to move around. The plans are complete, offering a spacious bedroom with convenient access to an adjoining bathroom.

The living area is large and open with plenty of room to get lost in your own thoughts or spend time with a loved one or two. While the living room is not large enough to entertain several friends, it is perfectly sized for a variety of seating options and large television. You’ll also notice the plans offer suitable space for a fireplace which can make cold winter days much cozier.

There is a small but functional kitchen area connected to the living room, with plenty of room to make basic meals. You won’t find room for a large number of appliances or space to make elaborate cuisine, but for most basic recipes or quick meals, it will serve its purpose.

The plans feature a covered porch area with outdoor seating drawn into the blueprint as well, giving you a great place to sit and watch the clouds or wildlife in the area. If you use this home plan as a vacation get-away, hunting cabin, or writing retreat it will work perfectly. Access to the covered outdoor area can help relax your mind and provide inspiration.



●    Perfect for a tiny house community or as a hunting cabin.

●    Includes kitchen layout, as well as full bathroom.

●    Includes a large fireplace for warmth on cold nights.

●    Not suitable for large families or those with large pets.

●    Kitchen space is very small and does not offer much counter space.

Home Plan: 728-1704

home plan: 728-1704
Image: Home Plan: 728-1704

If you’re looking for home plans with a rustic feel or some country charm, you should definitely consider these floor plans. This unique country home would look great sitting on a plot of land with horses or livestock grazing in a field nearby. It offers an abundance of windows to give you great views of the property around your home. You’ll also be able to decide which side of your home gets the most sunlight in the morning or evening by having it built with the windows facing in a certain direction.

The exterior is shown to be made with vertical wood siding which adds a dash of country charm. The shape of the house as well helps lend itself to the rustic category. It will also fit wonderfully into some New England or Northwestern-type settings if you’re looking for a home that blends into that lodgepole pine or coastal setting.

The interior is made for an average-sized family, as it offers two spacious bedrooms and one full bath. You’re able to adjust the interior to suit your liking and can easily adjust the size of rooms or location they are placed within the floor plans. This gives you not only an affordable home plan to start with, but complete freedom to adjust the layout to suit your personal needs.



●    A large number of windows for plenty of natural lighting.

●    Interior layout can be adjusted in numerous ways to suit your needs.

●    Offers a rustic and country charm feel, suitable for a wide range of locations.

●    May be too small for larger families.

●    The abundance of windows may add to ongoing maintenance costs.

●    Finding the right directional placement on your property may be difficult.

Home Plan: 728-32462

home plan: 728-32462
Image: Home Plan: 728-32462

When it comes to finding a spacious family home with a bit of modern country charm, this home plan should be given some consideration. While the mockup design on these floor plans shows a home with a combination of both vertical and horizontal siding in contrasting colors, you can select your own siding options to change the entire look of this home. By adjusting the exterior material, you can turn this delightful home into one that will fit into a coastal, urban, or wooded setting with ease.

Spacious enough for average families on the large size, this home plan offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms. You’ll notice each bedroom is conveniently located near a bathroom in the default plans as well. But if you don’t like the layout, it’s quite simple to have it adjusted to fit your unique needs and wants.

You’ll also find the blueprints are made with an attached two-car garage, which can be left as-is or adjusted into more living space or used as a workshop. Turn this area into a man cave or do woodworking, painting or have a billiard table in there for some extra fun. The rear covered porch is spacious enough for outdoor furniture or built-in seating arrangements, and can also make a great spot for your potted plants or vegetables.



●    Spacious for average families of all sizes.

●    Offers a quaint country exterior to fit into a variety of locations.

●    Spacious 1556 square feet of finished living space.

●    Has a modern country exterior which some people may not like.

●    Includes a two-car garage that may be wasted space for some families.

Home Plan: 003-61

home plan: 003-61
Image: Home Plan: 003-61

Eye-catching coastal homes are extremely popular, and this one will turn heads for sure. This spacious lighthouse design would work in a coastal, northeastern oceanic, or New England pier setting, as well as out in nature near a large lake. Whether you are searching for a family home or a vacation retreat, this spacious small home is a great choice.

Windows are one of the main features of this home plan. In fact, the plans come with complete freedom over adjustments on the amount of windows present. In its default state, you will notice a large number of windows on the home itself, as well as up the body of the lighthouse. This gives you an excellent view of the outside world, as well as ensures your home is flooded with natural sunlight to help save on lighting costs.

As a full-time residence, this home offers three bedrooms and three baths. All bedrooms of which are spacious enough to double as an office or craft room. You can easily designate the bedrooms for guest rooms or turn them into usable space for your home-based business or any hobbies you may have.

The kitchen is spacious and boasts ample counter space for various appliances or ingredient layouts for recipes. You’ll be able to invite family and friends into your home while you work in the kitchen. The connected dining area and living room are perfect for entertaining, with quick and convenient access to the kitchen for serving family-sized meals.



●    Huge amount of windows for natural light inclusion throughout the house.

●    Floor plans can be adjusted to suit your needs with ease.

●    Multiple bedrooms can be used for guests, or as office and craft rooms.

●    Novelty design includes a Lighthouse which may be impractical.

●    The two-car garage may be a waste of space for some families.

Final Thoughts

After considering the pros and cons of all five affordable house plans, the one that seems to meet or exceed most expectations in a premade blueprint is Home Plan 728-32462. While the exterior shape may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can fit into a wide range of locations and not look out of place in any of them.

It also offers an interior that is spacious without being too open, as well as providing enough room for hosting guests or entertaining friends and family. The default floor plans can be used as-is, or you can adjust the layout of the rooms to suit your liking. It’s both affordable and highly customizable depending on your unique needs and wants.

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