20+ Impressive Barndominium Exterior Ideas To Maximize Your Home Appeal

Looking for barndominium exterior ideas? Barndominiums are a combination of country charm and practical living spaces. They’re a great alternative to standard brick and mortar housing.

If you’ve been searching for that little piece of country charm, a barndominium can offer you and your family just that. Becoming more and more popular as time goes on, barndominiums are as versatile as they are attractive.

Perfectly suitable as a temporary retreat, or a full-time residence. Your very own barndominium can benefit from an additional bit of country charm or whimsy with these 20+ barndominium exterior ideas.

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  1. Floral Decor Ideas
  2. Porch and Patio Ideas
  3. Garden and Outbuilding Ideas

20+ Barndominium Exterior Ideas To Maximize Your Home Appeal

1. Barndominium Floral Decor Ideas

Whether you have a green thumb or not, having a stylish garden area helps bring out that country feel in your barndominium. From dried flower arrangements to recycled planter options, finding the right barndominium garden design ideas for your home may take some time.

One of the best ways to add a touch of country charm to your home is by adding floral arrangements. Whether you just want something for a special occasion or plan on having some floral touches in your home year-round, here are a variety of ideas for you to consider.

dried flowers

Dried flowers in a wicker basket can make an attractive seasonal display for your table or porch. Roses, wildflowers, or other brightly colored blooms will air-dry into an attractive array of earth tones to match any rustic decor.

clay pitchers and pot

Clay pitchers and pots make versatile and stylish bouquet vases for your rustic lodge, country home, or barndominium. Change up the look every day with freshly picked wildflowers and add a wonderful aroma to your entire home in the process.

colorful bouquet vase

Recycle old bottles and jars by using them as colorful bouquet vases for wildflowers you pick around your property. Add your own additional decorative touch by wrapping the bottles with baling twine or hemp to get that natural feel.

dried herbs and wildflowers

Clusters of dried herbs and wildflowers make a stylish decorative addition to your rustic or country home. Additionally, the flowers and herbs will give off a wonderful smell as they dry.

Try drying clusters of lilac, lemongrass, and sage for their bug-repellent properties as well.

2. Barndominium Porch and Patio Ideas

Whether you have a small porch or one large enough for family gatherings, adding a little touch of decor here and there can help spice up the space. Add seasonal crops or floral arrangements, wreaths, or pine boughs for a wonderful way to herald in the new seasons.

Covered porches offer a wide range of decorative options, too. From installing hammocks and swings to hanging lights and items found in nature, you are sure to find a porch idea to try at your own home.

Hammocks can serve as a perfect spot for a nap, or as a relaxing nook for reading a favorite book. Place it on your covered porch and you have a fully protected place to watch a gentle spring rainstorm from.

Having a spacious swinging bench for the family to enjoy is a standard when it comes to country charm. Make it a heavy-duty wooden swing with extra comfortable pillows and you’ll need persuasion to get up and leave that spot!

Bright and contrasting colors can bring a summertime feel to your barndominium porch! Whether you want to liven up the space with a woven rug, or some floral pillows, adding a splash of color will improve any mood.

3. Barndominium Garden and Outbuilding Ideas

You may have recently purchased a bit of land with some outbuildings or other unusable items on it, what can you do with them? With a little ingenuity, you can turn those eyesores into something attractive and practical!

The garden offers a lot of options for decorative freedom. In fact, you can probably look around your home now and see a variety of older items that may work in a garden setting.

Do you have any old containers that might work as a flower pot? How about furniture that can be given back to nature in a way?


If you have an antique or vintage china cabinet that is simply past its prime for restoration, give it new life by using it as a planting table in your garden. The various nooks and crannies it has can make great storage spots for your small garden tools.

wooden clogs

Wooden clogs are a popular decorative item and can be found at estate sales and farm auctions from time to time. If you happen to have some, use them as hanging planters for small clusters of flowers such as pansies.

hanging planter

You may have an old teapot that cannot be used for its main purpose anymore. There’s no reason to throw it away! Instead, upcycle it into a hanging planter for small flowers or herbs.

It’ll add a bit of country charm to any space.

Serving as an amazing entryway into your garden or other outdoor space, this round arbor also serves as a place for vining plants to grow. Make it from recycled materials if you happen to have a large hay feeder lying around the farm!

Stop staring at that unused silo and turn it into something new! A gazebo is a great way to give new life to an old structure on your property. It’s the perfect combination of country charm and practicality!

antique wagon wheels

Antique wagon wheels and coils of unused fencing wire can make great decorative items. Suitable for rustic and country homes, these two decor options look great in a garden or along the exterior of any barndominium.

painted cuts of firewood

Simple cuts of firewood can make a fun DIY project to do with your family. They can be painted in a variety of ways to add a decorative flair to your outdoor space.

You can use them as markers in the garden as well so you know what was planted.

decorative birdhouse

Decorative birdhouses can make a great little addition to your exterior decor. If they’re too small to be practical for songbirds in the area, use them as a centerpiece on your picnic table or gardening table.

rustic outdoor furniture

Don’t let those old wooden pallets waste away. Instead, use them to make rustic outdoor furniture! By stacking them up, you can make a variety of seating arrangements for friends and family.

Toss some pillows and blankets on them for a comfortable relaxation area.

decorative junk tire

Old tires never need to go to waste when it comes to adding a bit of country whimsy to your barndominium garden! With a little creativity and a bit of paint, you can turn a junk tire into a fun and eye-catching decoration in your garden.

english Ivy

Allowing English Ivy or other heavily vining plants to cover an exterior wall can help conceal an unsightly outbuilding while also adding an abundance of natural decor to the area. Additionally, if the vines bloom it will be a great haven for butterflies and hummingbirds.

simple log

A simple log can double as a stylish planter. Use a drill, saw, or a hammer and chisel to clear out a spot in the center for some soil to sit in and you have a perfect spot for some plants.

Place this log in your garden or on your patio for that rustic touch!

wooden apple and produce boxe

Wooden apple and produce boxes make great decor as well as practical storage options around your barndominium. If they are sturdy enough, you can even use them as seats or footstools for the kids or other members of the family.

whimsical planters

One of the most creative barndominium exterior ideas is using shoes! If your kids and other members of the family are outgrowing their shoes, don’t throw them away. Instead, turn them into whimsical planters around your garden.

You can use them for small blooming plants, herbs, and even some produce such as strawberries.

antique cast iron bell

Antique cast iron bells make amazing decorative items anywhere around your barndominium. Additionally, the chances are good they still work so you can also use it as a dinner bell to let the family know when it’s time to come eat.

white picket fence

Never underestimate the power of a white picket fence. The mainstay of many country homes and gardens, this small wooden fence is an outstanding decorative item that can also add a bit of practicality to your flower beds.

harvest displays

Harvest displays are a great way to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. Pumpkins, gourds, bales of straw, and other items such as corn stalks make a stylish seasonal decor choice.

It looks great in your garden as well as on your porch or patio!

iron horseshoes

You might not have horses near your barndominium, but there’s no reason you can’t have horseshoes! Rustic iron horseshoes make a great wall decoration as well as a good luck token.

Other iron items such as locks, lanterns, saw blades, and barbed wire can be used too!

charming decorative items

Why let things go to waste when you can use them as charming decorative items in your garden and around your barndominium home? Butter churns and milk jugs are an antique item that just screams country charm and rustic beauty!

If you enjoyed these 20+ creative barndominium exterior ideas give your barndominium the makeover it deserves. With these ideas, your barndominium will definitely turn heads!