22 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View for Some Privacy

Everyone wants a little privacy when hanging out in their backyard on a nice day.

If you want a bit more privacy during your family cookouts or backyard barbeques, then you need to know how to keep nosy neighbors from invading your personal space by peeking into your property.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend a large amount of money to secure your privacy. There are a lot of inexpensive ways to block neighbors' views, and all of them are super easy.

Read on and find out some of the ways you can keep your privacy without breaking the bank.

22 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View for Some Privacy

Quick Look

  1. Layer Up Plants
  2. Lattice
  3. Mesh
  4. Trellis and Vines
  5. Huge Planters
  6. Container Garden
  7. Tall Grass
  8. Old Doors
  9. Old Wine Bottles
  10. Outdoor Curtains
  11. Wall of Plants
  12. Privacy Screen
  13. Slat Walls
  14. Wooden Boards
  15. Corrugated Metal Fence
  16. Solid Board Fence
  17. Canvas Wall
  18. Outdoor Screen Panels
  19. Wooden Pallet Fence
  20. Bamboo
  21. Overhead Shade
  22. Slat Screens

Though fences are the best way to block out an overly curious neighbor’s view, you can also find creative ways to protect your privacy.

Here are a few simple and cheap ways to make your garden or backyard your private retreat, and mix natural elements into it.

cheap way to block neighbors view

Get Nature Involved

The best and most eco-friendly option is to plant tall hedges, fast-growing trees, and shrubbery. This lends you privacy but also adds beauty to your garden. Flower bushes, tall trees, and bamboo are perfect for this.

All you have to do is buy the vegetation you want, dig out a spot, and plant them where you need to.

You might have to be patient, but sure enough, you can get a nice, environmentally friendly barrier between your house and your neighbor’s.

1. Layer Up Plants

layer up plant

If you have a larger space and wish to have more privacy around your patio, then layered plants are the way to go. You can choose a nice mix of evergreen, deciduous plants, small trees, and perennials to make a natural-looking private spot.

If you layer the plants well and use them in odd numbers, then you can get the privacy you require without overspending.

2. Lattice Help You

lattice help you

Forgive the pun, but lattice screens are some of the most popular ways for people to gain privacy around their patios.

You can find wooden or plastic lattices to use; however, choosing wooden ones is healthier as they are eco-friendly and these add a nice aesthetic to the yard as well.

Securing small potted plants on the lattice also adds a colorful element. They make your patio stand out while functioning as a wall between you and your neighbors.

3. Mesh With Their View (Pun Intended!)

mesh with their view

Mesh walls and chicken wire are economical ways and are easy to install. Using the right mesh or chicken wire and pairing it up with potted plants or climbers will give you a nice, fresh, and green barrier.

It is a simple solution to gaining a much-needed private space.

Hanging small potted plants on the mesh will also add a splash of color to make your private space more appealing.

4. Trellis and Vines

trellis and vines

Investing in a sturdy bamboo trellis and using it as the support to grow vines will also give you a green and environmentally-friendly barrier. You can plant beautiful climbing hydrangeas or clematis for a colorful display.

This option is cheap and gives you beautifully colorful results. This is best for apartment balconies, as it can be customized to the size you desire.

5. Use Huge Planters

use huge planters

If you are a fan of gardening, then you can use super-sized planters to block your neighbor’s view into your home.

Flowers and other plantation areas are great ways to bring a sense of calmness to the garden and they can be used for privacy, too. 

Once you plant them in rows to where your neighbor can see into your house, you can get a good level of privacy.

Using bushy flowers is also great because, unlike trees, these take only a few months to grow and are also a cost-friendly option. Just ensure that they do not hang over your neighbor’s property.

6. Get a Container Garden

get a container garden

If you want to separate your backyard from your neighbors, then buying and building a container garden is a great idea.

You can build a fence according to your design and plant arborvitae, bamboo, or cypress to give your garden a gorgeous look in addition to gaining privacy.

7. Plant Tall Grass

plant tall grass

Tallgrass is a great way to gain privacy. The best way is to plant them in containers and place them wherever you want to obstruct the view of your neighbor. These are fast-growing plants so you will not have to wait long for them to grow to a height that serves your purpose of planting these.

Recycled Products to Increase Privacy

It is always a good idea to use recycled products wherever you can. This includes finding a cheap solution for getting more privacy around your front or backyard.

Here are three great ways to recycle while looking for cheap ways to block your neighbor’s view.

1. Use Old Doors

use old doors

A quick trip to the salvage yard can get you a collection of old doors that you can use to construct your fence. Your best option is to use old louvered doors or screens to get the result you want.

If you want a more interesting and contemporary look, then use a mix of old and colorfully painted or wooden doors. However, make sure you sand the doors before installing and remove anything harmful like nails or bolts to keep them secure.

2. Repurpose Old Wine Bottles

repurpose old wine bottles

A successful way to recycle and use waste material is to get different colored wine bottles to construct your fence. All you need is a sturdy frame for your fence, rebar, and a diamond drill bit.

However, be sure to use water and clay to keep the bottle steady while you drill. After the bottom of each bottle has a wide enough hole for the rebar, start placing the bottles on it till you have enough.

Using different colored bottles can give a striking effect in addition to keeping your neighbors from peeking into your garden.

Cheap Ways to Make A Patio Private

If you want to keep your patio private, then you can use multiple ways to do so. A few great methods for keeping your patio private and saving money are listed below.

1. Outdoor Curtains

outdoor curtains

Investing in outdoor curtains is the best way to ensure that your patio remains private. Using rolling curtains can give a chic look to the patios as well, and looks great with the right seating and lighting.

All you will need is a rod and a few thick drapes to keep your patio secure and private.

2. Make a Wall of Plants

make a wall of plants

You can hang various-sized flower boxes from your patio ceiling, especially if you have rafters. For best results, use larger boxes and bushy plants to occupy them. Using trail plants at corners will also serve your purpose well and give you a lovely gardening space.

3. Build a Privacy Screen

build a privacy screen

Another great way to use old doors is to use them to make a privacy screen. All you have to do is install hinges and make a folding screen for your patio.

You can also buy one made from wicker or wood, to give your patio a chic look.

4. Use Slat Walls

use slat walls

To get complete privacy for your porch or patios, using wooden slats works best. You can install them alone on the side of your patio or your porch wall and paint them the color of the house for a seamless look.

This way you can enjoy a peaceful time outside, especially on a rainy day without having to worry about people watching.

Use Cheap Fencing to Block the Neighbors View

Fencing is the first thing that comes to mind when you wish to add more privacy to your home. It is also the most effective and useful element for your backyard. Some of the best and inexpensive fencing solutions include:

1. Staggered Wooden Boards

staggered wooden boards

You can get lovely shades of yellow, black, green, and red shades with staggered boards. They create unique designs and give the garden an artistic look, often softened by hedges or low-hanging trees.

This is one of the cheaper fencings to use to gain privacy from peeking neighbors.

2. Corrugated Metal Fence

"corrugated metal fence "

Corrugated metal is one of the easiest things to recycle. A fresh coat of paint and varnish gives it a new and appealing look. Corrugated metal sheets are an excellent way to completely block out a neighbor's view.

This sleek-looking fence also helps keep birds away from your patio. All you need are wooden beams and bases to set up a frame and install your fence.

3. Solid Board Fence

solid board fence

If you have a pool or setting area in the backyard, then you need a visual buffer. Wooden board fences are a great addition, especially to compact spaces since they have smaller bases.

If you want to add more appeal to it, then add a lattice or trellis with plantation on it to break the solid stretch of fence.

4. Canvas Wall

canvas wall

Creating a canvas wall will give your backyard a stylish look as well as block your neighbor’s view. Canvas walls are a cheap solution to getting privacy.

They also come in a variety of styles and colors so you can pick the one you like and install it to get the most privacy in your backyard or front yard.

Other Options For Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

There are a lot of additional ways for you to block out your neighbor’s view. Some of the best are mentioned above, additional ones include:

1. Outdoor Screen Panels

outdoor screen panels

If you want complete and utter privacy then investing in outdoor screen panels is a great option. They are affordable, easy to install, and best of all, they are portable.

These are rectangular-shaped panels that divide your backyard and your neighbor’s. They are easy to set up and completely block any sort of view into your property.

An additional benefit is that they are foldable and don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily store them in the garage for times when you don’t need them.

2. Wooden Pallet Fence

wooden pallet fence

Wooden pallets have been a top choice for different types of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. They also make excellent fences to increase your privacy.

Placing them along your boundary and using small flowers or plants to decorate them makes them an excellent option for privacy around your backyard.

3. Use Bamboo

use bamboo

Bamboos are known for being an invasive plant species, so they will make for excellent blockage for your neighbor’s view.

You will need extra large planters that can withstand both the fast growth and the size of the bamboo.

All you need to do is plant them in a row along the boundary of your property and watch over them as they grow.

Within a short amount of time, you will have an evergreen fence to keep your neighbor’s view into your home to a minimum.

4. Install An Overhead Shade

install an overhead shade

If you live next to a double-story house, then installing an overhead shade will give you additional privacy. You can use a sailcloth, a canopy, or any other suitable material to block your neighbor from looking into your garden.

5. Slat Screens

slat screens

A very stylish way to get privacy is by using slat screens. There are multiple options and designs available, but the most elegant one is a Herringbone slat screen.

These slat screens are great to look at, allow for good airflow and obscure the vision of neighbors or anyone passing by. They are also affordable and last for a good while.

Final Thoughts

Generally, fences and walls are a great way to gain some privacy for yourself, especially if you’re planning to have an intimate gathering.

The last thing you want is someone invading your party’s privacy by looking over to see what you are doing.

The ideas listed above are quick and affordable to give you privacy and improve the aesthetic of your home, especially when they are incorporated as part of the house.