The Best Hybrid Table Saw of 2021 – Reviews & Ratings

Any workshop deserves the best hybrid table saw. With one you get the best of two worlds; a cabinet style saw which comes with the convenience of a dust collector plus a contractor style saw which is not only easy to transport but comes with powerful cutting power.

Every woodworker has to contend with the fact that there are many table saws on the market. But only a few pass the hybrid test.

Here, we have compiled three of the best hybrid table saws. They are low in the noise, with smaller cutting blades and enough power to get you through your everyday to-do list. You’ll find them extremely safe, even when you have to work on pieces that require going without a blade guard.

The Best Hybrid Table Saws: Buyer’s Guide

If picking a hybrid table saw was a walk in the park, many people would be satisfied with their original choices. But seeing that there are numerous complaints; it’s just fair that we take you through the features to look for when buying a hybrid table saw.

Safety Features

The first consideration must be your safety when working around a table saw. Look for a riving knife that maintains position throughout your working positions. This factor saves you a trip to the emergency room by eliminating the chances of kickbacks.

Another important safety feature is the blade guard. Look for a table saw with a clear blade guard plus one that can be mounted together with the riving knife. It’s also important that it be removable to allow for delicate fine-tuning.

Belt Drive

The Serpentine belt drive is considered to be the best mainly because it has very little vibration; hence it is much safer. It is also responsible for quiet operations thanks to a pulley system.

Dust Control

A clean working area is most desirable if you look forward to completing your tasks in time. When you have lots of dust, it becomes a nuisance and a safety hazard. The best hybrid table saw is one that features an enclosed cabinet base that drives the dust through in the process of working.

Power Requirements

It should come as no surprise that cabinet table saws use more power than you can find on regular power outlets. That’s where the hybrid table saw comes in.

Since it combines the features of a cabinet saw and contractor table saw, its power should go higher than what you see on contractor table saws. 2HP passes for the best rating seeing that 1HP may not meet your demands when cutting hardwoods.


Consider how you’ll be utilizing the space in your workshop. When working on large and long pieces of wood, you’ll require a significant clearance. With a portable hybrid table saw, you can move it to another location so that it accommodates the pieces you are working on.

Also, if you need to transport the table saw to another location, you’ll need to consider the portability. How much does it weigh? Does it have wheels?

The Best Hybrid Table Saw Of Comparison Table

ModelBlade SizeVoltageOur Rating

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw With Riving Knife
Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch

10-Inches110/220V4.8 /5

Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw
Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

10-Inches110/220V4.6 /5

Woodtek Table Saws 159665 Machinery
Woodtek 159665, Machinery, Table Saws, 10' Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table Saw, 52' Fence

10-Inches110/220V4.5 /5

1. Grizzly G0690

As the basic component of your workshop, the Grizzly Polar Bear Series will make quick on your favorite pieces. It is a light-duty table saw with all the elements that will meet your needs in all your projects.

It comes with a 3850RPM 2HP motor, a riving knife and a very attractive price follow suit. A major attraction of this table saw is the 10-inch blade to give you total control.

Safety Features

Perhaps one of the unique features in this table saw is the removable riving knife. It can eliminate virtually every instance of kickback that would occur in the ripping process. Along with the riving knife is the blade guard which keeps your hands protected.

This way, you can be mindful of all your DIY projects instead of focusing on the possibility of mishaps along your line of work. You’ll love that it comes with an exclusive T-shaped aluminum fence to improve your accuracy while bringing safety a notch higher.

Functional Capabilities

Looking at this table saw, you’ll notice that the blade can run in a perfect circle with an arbor runout of less than 0.001. This means the saw marks will always be smooth plus the chances of burning wood are next to zero.

With the pulley system which uses a serpentine belt, your operations benefit from less slippage because of little vibration. You’ll be pleased even more following the 40-tooth carbide blade which can cut through hardwood and softwood the same. Talk of chipboard and plywood, the grizzly blade can handle it all.

Contributes To An Effortless Working Space

Fortunately for Grizzly, their tabletop is from cast-iron, and it is adorned with flat wings. It can handle the thickest pieces seeing that it achieves excellent stability because of the robust construction.

Dust collection is another important element such you’ll not be throwing dust everywhere in your workshop. It comes with dual 4-inch dust ports to bring you the best working time you’d ever desire.


The Grizzly hybrid table saw is a winner when it comes to performance, functionality, and safety. It is best for the top of the end projects owing to the great accuracy, cast-iron trunnions, and T-shaped fence.

It is impressive to find the high power eases the cutting process for many types of materials. It applies to many applications and as such, it’s the best hybrid table saw on the market.

  • Has a removable riving knife
  • It has interchangeable anti-kickback pawls
  • Has a blade tension indicator
  • Industrial grade cast-iron table
  • It needs specifically 220volts on the 2HP motor
  • Does not include wheels for easy movement
  • The knobs lose quality over time

2. Shop Fox W1851

As you set out to find your next hybrid table saw, we’d like to introduce the most capable Shop Fox W1824. It is a decent table saw which features a cabinet base that houses a 2hp single phase motor.

The Arbor system runs at 3850RPM and a runout of less than 0.001 to see precise cuts on all types of wood. It comes with an extension table that lets you work with wood in greater lengths.

The metal handwheels are another unique entity of this ensemble in that they help in quick and natural wood movements.

Working Capacity

The Shop Fox is designed to work with a T-shaped rip fence. It is in the professional class for providing accurate cuts no matter how you position it. The fence rides with knurled knobs to ensure it is always parallel to the blade. It is complemented by the 40tooth carbide-tipped 10-inch blade to make it possible to run through dense materials.

You’ll also love that it comes with a Poly-V serpentine belt to facilitate the power of the blade through a pulley system. It ensures that everything runs smoothly even when handling delicate work.

Safety Features

Like the Grizzly, the Shop Fox combines some beneficial security properties. First, it comes with an interchangeable riving knife to protect you from dangerous kickback. The anti-kickback pawls also come in handy to ensure your workpiece is always moving in a forward direction.

Better still, it is equipped with a polycarbonate blade guard which features a quick-release system. The blade guard is clear such that you’ll always see the wood as it glides through the blade.

Other Outstanding Features

With a 30-inch rip capacity, this table saw with a construction from cast-iron is a total steal. It can accept a dado blade with a maximum width of 13/16”. What’s more, it comes with standard and dado table inserts to extend your capabilities.

  • Sturdy cast-iron table top
  • Extension table with little friction
  • Corrosion resistant cabinet base
  • Riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and blade guard offer maximum safety
  • Flimsy miter gauge
  • The absence of mobility wheels
  • Thin insert plate

3. Woodtek Table Saws 159665

best hybrid table saw is a rare find, but not when it comes to the Woodtek model. The construction sees a high-grade workshop tool which fulfills the demands of the avid woodworker.

The fully enclosed cabinet gives it the advantage of less noise plus efficient dust control.

Accompanied by the cast-iron top is a Euro-style dust shroud for efficient dust capturing. This hybrid table saw is all-around that you cannot miss for the money.

Easy To Use

The Woodtek features a T-square fence which boasts a 30-inch rip capacity. It is complemented by a smooth rail system to see that every piece acquires a sleek finish. If you ever worry about your table saw bogging down due to rough trimmings, you can say goodbye to that setback with this model.

Not forgetting; it comes with a 10inch blade which does not only give you control, but it also helps in attaining a deep cut.

Power And Performance

With the 2HP single phase motor, this table saw is efficient with a wide array of materials. It is your go-to when you have thick wood that needs slicing in the most precise measurements.

You’ll love that it explores a see-through blade guard to assist in following the movements of your workpiece from all positions. The riving knife splitter is a necessity to make your workspace more secure. Not to mention; it has solid table wings to facilitate the superior cuts.

Built For Convenience

Woodtek is not new to workshop power tools. This hybrid table saw comes with a tripod caster system which is integrated into the base. You’ll find it very useful when it comes to moving around your workshop. It means you are not tied to one area; thus it is flexible. With the help of 2HP power, it can cut through any length or density of wood in a clean fashion.


Woodtek excels in bringing functionality to a compact hybrid table. The rip capacity is ideal for professional jobs. The strong built gives it reliability for such a very long time. It has the lowest price of the three hybrid tables but needless to say it competes effectively. Apart from the wobbly extension legs, we can say this is best hybrid table saw.

  • Achieves maximum dust control through enclosed cabinet base
  • Biesemeyer fence style
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Clear blade guard
  • Duplex dust port
  • Weak extension legs
  • Converting the 120/240 motor is a bit challenging since there are no instructions on how to go about it.
  • Miter gauge comes off as low-quality when compared to other functions in the assembly

Frequently Asked Questions & Conclusion

How long does it take to assemble these products?

Regarding the pieces to install and put together, many users cite 2 hours at least. The level of difficulty is quite low seeing that the instructions for each model are well illustrated.

How loud is the noise during operation?

Since you are dealing with hybrid tables that feature a cabinet style, the noise levels are generally low because of the enclosed housing of the components. In fact, the Shop Fox boasts near-silence when the motor is running.

Do you lose any power when you switch between the voltage allowances?

No, every table saw here allows you to rewire the system to accommodate energy other than the one it comes with. The good thing is that it does not alter the cutting power, but you’ll see an increase in energy usage, and consequently your electricity bill.


Choosing the wrong hybrid table saw can be a costly affair. That’s where we come in to bring you the best models which carry top of the chart features.

The power, construction, plus the technology in building lightweight designs make the models above unique. When you opt for one of these best hybrid table saw, you choose the excellent performance, maximum security, and durability.