27 Outdoor Kitchen Designs to Drool Over (Photos)

outdoor kitchens

There’s something about cooking and eating outdoors that we find so appealing. Going back to your primal roots and cooking on an open flame, combined With the fresh air, makes us feel at peace. These gorgeous outdoor kitchen designs will spark your imagination and have you yearning for outdoor cooking, eating and entertaining area of … Read more

32 Modern Garden Deck Design Ideas to Relax & Entertain (Photos)

garden deck design ideas

Garden decks can be useful for nearly every home. If you’re looking for projects to make your deck trendy and modern place for the whole family, take a look at our gallery below. Using alternating wood patterns stops the floor being too plain, a rougher finish also helps to add interest. For a neat garden, … Read more

36 Garden Pergola Design Ideas (Photos)

garden pergola design ideas

A Pergola can extend your living space and merge both the inside with the out by having a semi-enclosed space to relax, dine and entertain. They can be as simple as a wooden structure or an elaborate weave of materials, designed to provide shelter and shade. I’m sure you will find something you love from … Read more

Top 10 Gardening & Landscape Design Software

landscape design software

Those who have tried their hand at landscaping in the past will understand just how much work it can be, and how that work can come to nothing if you do not enter into the project with a relatively specific plan in mind. Unfortunately, visualizing your ultimate garden, and how it would best fit with … Read more

Garden Path Design Ideas – 20 Ways To Transform Your Garden

garden path design ideas

Regardless of a garden’s design or size, it needs a reliable footpath and so, if that’s your thinking too, you’re definitely going to want to look for garden path design ideas. Garden paths are a necessity that protects the greenery, minimizes indoor mud trails, and can even transform a landscape or complete a garden’s design. … Read more

Rustic Garden Design Ideas – 30 Tips For A Charming Garden!

rustic garden design ideas

If you’re looking for rustic garden design ideas, we’ve got you covered because much like you, we too believe that a garden that serves a variety of purposes, should have a theme! The outdoors is a universal escape from the daily grind, making gardens an incredibly important part of any home. One popular style that’s … Read more

17 Garden Swing Seat Ideas For The Ultimate Backyard Getaway

garden swing seat ideas for the ultimate backyard getaway

The best gardens always come with a comfy place to stay. Whether it’s purely for aesthetic pleasure or achieving maximum comfort, a garden swing is one outdoor feature you can’t go wrong with. There are a huge number of garden swings to choose from for solo sitting or talking with others, for laying or for … Read more

Large Pot Project – A Mobile And Easy To Maintain Garden

large pot project

Want to brighten up your garden without too much hassle? Let’s do away with weekly weeding and pruning the lawn/yard, and opt to create a large pot project instead. Mobile, portable, and easy to maintain, there are heaps of benefits to starting your own large pot project. Check out the gallery below and take a … Read more

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Conjure Up A Spooky Setting!

creepy outdoor halloween decoration

Halloween, the annual festival that takes place at the end of October is often taken to impressive heights with creative folks. Here we have a selection of outdoor Halloween decorations that could inspire (or scare!) this Halloween:  Illuminated by soft candle lights, the carved pumpkins of various emotions present a cheeky side to the festive … Read more

Beautiful Garden Mosaic Ideas To Transform Your Garden

garden mosaic

A garden mosaic is a delicate project for those with a little spare time and lots of patience. There is something deeply satisfying when a completed mosaic design draws compliments from family and friends. For ideas on how to best create your mosaic, take a peek at our gallery: Used as part of a surface, … Read more

9 Types Of Above Ground Pools For The Ultimate Backyard Feature

types of above ground pools

If you’ve forever been searching for the best types of above ground pools, we’ve got you covered! Pools are the ultimate backyard feature but traditional ones come with a lot of hassle, expense, and maintenance. The sad reality is that an in-ground pool isn’t always the best investment, especially if you’ll only be using it … Read more

30 Modern Fire Pit Designs For Your Back Yard

modern fire pits

Fire pits were often associated with summer weekend barbecues or whilst camping in the great outdoors. However with modern-day designs, fire pits are a permanent fixture in many homes. Used either as a warmer during chilly winter nights or on a summer’s day for a barbecue fix, take your cues to design and build your … Read more

27 Country Garden Design Ideas For Farmhouse and Cottage Gardens

country garden design ideas farmhouse cottage gardens

A country garden’s charm is in its effortless mastery of nature. To an untrained eye, a country garden could look like a careless mess of flowers, trees, and furniture that miraculously worked together. However, the truth is very different, and a person looking for country garden design ideas knows that all too well. These gardens … Read more