Kitchen Hutches – 42 Designs That Will Charm You Off Your Feet


I have always adored my mother’s corner kitchen hutch that displays her beautiful array of China dishes and pottery. Even though kitchen hutches used to be really quite popular, they went out of style for a while when built-in cabinetry became more common. However, I’m here to (hopefully) convince you to jump back on the … Read more

Industrial Looking Furniture – 23 Designs that Combine Strength and Style


Industrial looking furniture designs stormed onto the interior decorating scene about a decade ago, and they’ve consistently topped people’s furniture wishlists ever since. There’s a good reason for that, too- industrial furniture uniquely combines both modern and rustic elements into one stylish piece. The Industrial Revolution itself was a very unique time period. Society was … Read more

Luxury Masculine Bedding – 21 Designs to Feeling Tough and Snuggly


Finding luxury masculine bedding or masculine home decor items is a chore. Most interior design trends don’t really have men in mind. Other than man caves, decks, and patios, a lot of manufacturers tend to focus on the feminine in their designs. And, for the most part, that’s totally fine- those trends are often comfortable … Read more

Masculine Curtains – 24 Designs You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Buy


Are you a person with rugged sensibilities looking for masculine curtains? We’ve got you covered! Curtains, for most of history, just haven’t had much machismo. It’s not their fault; rather, I think we should blame interior designers for not thinking of people with more rugged sensibilities! Since masculine curtains can be pretty hard to find, … Read more

Average Home Sizes Around the World And Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Average Home Sizes Around the World

Ever looked at a house in your neighborhood, or a house on Pinterest, and wondered if houses around the world were similar and what the average home sizes around the world were? Or, have you looked at home sizes on a real estate website while daydreaming and were curious if homes in other countries were … Read more

25 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas to Keep You Smiling

Do you dare to dazzle like the renowned Marilyn Monroe? So much so that you would design your bedroom with her in mind? Well, you aren’t the first! I was surprised (sort of) to see how many inspirational photos I could find of Marilyn Monroe bedroom looks! When I say “sort of”, I just mean … Read more