Curtain Alternatives – 20 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Windows

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Looking for curtain alternatives? Search online for “window treatments” and you’ll be inundated with curtain suggestions of all kinds. But, what if you don’t want to go with plain old curtains? Whether you have a different style, want to avoid the “cluttered” feeling of curtains, or you’re big on DIY projects, curtain alternatives are for … Read more

Master Bedrooms with French Doors – 20 Ideas That’ll Have You Dreaming

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French doors are one of the most timeless features a home could ever have and a master bedroom with French doors is a dream come true! They’re effortlessly stylish, and they let a lot of natural light blanket your home in cheery warmth. When they’re part of your master bedroom, the effects are wondrous. Your … Read more

Shower Curtain Alternative – 15 Ideas For An Uplifting Bathroom Makeover

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If you’re looking for the best shower curtain alternative for your home, we’ve got you covered! For most households, shower curtains have long served as the most practical bathroom accessory. Made from vinyl, plastic, or fabric, hanging shower curtains prevent water from pooling on the floor, splashing onto walls or appliances, and providing privacy for … Read more

Cheap Wall Covering Ideas for Bad Walls – 26 Ways To Fix Old Walls

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If you’re looking for cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls, you’re not alone. So, you’ve just moved into your new place, and although the packing is going well, there is just one thing that keeps bothering you. Every time you walk by it you can’t help but sigh and wish it didn’t look like … Read more

Tropical Bedroom Decor – 40 Dreamy Ideas For The Ultimate Tropical Vibe

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Looking for tropical bedroom decor ideas? I don’t blame you, you’re not alone! While I myself am in the process of moving, I am having a lot of fun looking at bedroom themes for my potential new room design. While browsing the internet, I have checked out some peacock bedroom looks, some Tuscany styles, and … Read more

Flagstone Fire Pit And Patios – 21 Ideas For A Total Backyard Makeover


Having a gorgeous patio with a flagstone fire pit is a shared dream for millions of homeowners. Patios are the perfect place to host parties, barbecues, or just to unwind after a long day. Naturally, some of the most popular features in patio design are flagstone fire pits. They function as a kind of centerpiece, … Read more

Fire Pit Seating – 23 Ideas for Maximum Bonfire Coziness


Fire pit seating designs come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to help you choose your perfect design with our awesome collection of fire pit seating ideas! So, you’ve got the fire pit of your dreams at last! It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a fire pit; well-crafted, creatively designed, sure to be … Read more

Tuscany Bedrooms – 25 Decor Ideas For Rustically Charming Bedrooms


If you have always dreamed about Tuscany bedrooms, here are some ideas to help you transform your room into one! While I have visited quite a lot of places on this beautiful Earth of ours, I haven’t yet made it to Italy. You better believe that when I do get the chance to visit, my … Read more

Deer Themed Nursery – 35 Ideas For Your Sweet Little Dear!


Have you ever wondered what a deer themed nursery would look like? It would look amazing and we have proof! Picking out a theme for a nursery is way too much fun, and maybe just a little overwhelming. I mean, there are just so many cute and clever ways you can design a nursery and … Read more

Curtains for Living Room with Brown Furniture – 23 Decor Ideas!


Looking for curtains for living room with brown furniture? Here’s some much-needed inspiration! You are sitting in your newly designed living room, enjoying the beautiful brown tones that you have chosen for the furniture. As you sit on the rich mahogany leather couch and turn on the TV, you notice an unwanted glare on the … Read more