The Types Of Rooms In A House

types of rooms in a house

The beauty of homeownership is that you can do whatever you want with the rooms inside. But when it comes to planning future remodels or investing in new furniture, understanding the different types of rooms in a house and their purposes can be invaluable information! Here are the most common residential room types and why … Read more

6 Of The Best Tiny House Plans We Ever Seen!

best tiny house plans

It’s no secret that building a tiny home can be quicker, cheaper, and all-around easier than constructing a full-sized house. But not everyone knows how to transform their favorite tiny house floor plan ideas into something tangible. Everything You Need to Know About Tiny House Plans House plans are blueprints for building a home. They … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter O

flowers that start with o

Oh, what joy flowers bring to our gardens! If you’re looking for something interesting, look no further than flowers that start with O. From drought-loving cacti to delicate orchids, there’s sure to be something on this list that will suit your garden. If you enjoy vegetable gardening, take a look at oriental onions and oregano, … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter S

flowers that start with s

There are many flowers that start with S that are suitable for a wide range of gardens. From short options such as sand phlox to giant flowers like sunflowers, this list has a little something for everyone. Flowers That Start With S Quick Look 1. Saffron Scientific Name: Crocus sativus Sun: Full sun Water: Keep … Read more

26 Creative Tiny House Dining Room Table Ideas

tiny house dining room table ideas

If you’re living in a tiny house, it is essential that the chosen furniture is well planned out before you begin the decorating process. Square footage is at a premium so each piece must be highly functional and of course stylish. This is where creativity comes into play. Often pieces in tiny houses serve dual … Read more

26 Flowers That Start With N That You Need In Your Garden

flowers that start with n

If you’re looking for new flowers to spice up your landscape, check out the flowers that start with N. This letter of the alphabet provides classics like New Guinea impatiens and the narcissus, better known as the daffodil, as well as some unique options. If you want something your neighbors probably aren’t growing, try nigella … Read more

25+ Tiny House Bathroom Ideas

tiny house bathroom ideas

There are many great benefits to living in a tiny house. By reducing the number of belongings you keep, you start to realize what really matters in life. Additionally, you can spend more time with family or just retreat into your own thoughts. Tiny house living can also come with its own set of challenges. … Read more

20+ Tiny House Landscaping Ideas

tiny house landscaping ideas

There are a wide variety of landscaping ideas that can transform your tiny house yard. Placing raised flower beds, adding naturalistic decor, planting trees, and adding water features can be just some ways you can spruce up your outdoor space. Tiny house living probably means tiny landscaping space as well, but you don’t need a … Read more

25 Tiny House Staircase Ideas

tiny house staircase ideas

Tiny houses have become all the rage in recent years due to their affordability and portability. They’re a great option if you’re looking to downsize to a more minimalist lifestyle or simply want to save on costs associated with buying a home. But tiny houses come with their own sets of challenges, namely with space … Read more

30 Small Garden Examples: What To Do With Small Spaces

small garden ideas

Urban sprawl has allowed dense populations and expansive suburbs to hinder green spaces. Downtown areas only have parks as green space, and some suburban areas only allow for a small plot of land at the back of each house. But, if you’ve spent any amount of time outside during the warm months in these urban … Read more

25 Amazing Types of Azaleas

types of azaleas

Azaleas are eye-catching shrubs that range from just a couple of feet tall to the size of a small tree. They have gorgeous flowers that typically bloom in the spring, although some varieties bloom throughout summer. Azaleas are a subspecies of the rhododendron family, so azaleas are sometimes referred to as rhododendrons. Some rhododendrons can’t … Read more

31 Flowers That Start With W

flowers that start with w

When you need something wonderful or whimsical for your flower beds, look for flowers that start with W. We curated this list of flowers ranging from cold-loving to tropical, so there’s something that will work for everyone. Flowers That Start With W Quick Look 1. Wake-Robin (Birthroot) Scientific Name: Trillium Sun: Partial shade, dappled sunlight, … Read more

Can You Boil Water in a Crock Pot?

can you boil water in a crock pot

Can you boil water in a crock pot? The answer may surprise you. But it’s probably not going to change the way you cook. Can You Boil Water in a Crock-Pot? In short, yes. But many would consider boiling watering in a crockpot or slow cooker to be a fool’s errand. Boiling water in a … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter X

flowers that start with x

You’ll find many interesting flowers that start with X to add to your garden. Some of them are hard to find in stores, so you may have to do some digging. We have a list of flowers and flowering shrubs, and trees that start with X with crucial information so you can find something that … Read more

13 Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

pros and cons of metal roofs

From damaging leaks to constant repairs, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners eventually turn to metal roofing to solve their woes. But is a metal roof really that much better than regular old shingles? If strength was the only thing that mattered in a roof, metal would be the clear winner. Nothing will … Read more

12 Pros and Cons of Cedar Siding to Consider

Cedar siding is certainly beautiful. But does it compare to synthetic alternatives like vinyl or fiber cement? Cedar siding offers natural insulation for the entirety of your home while also standing up to the elements. It’s easy to customize to fit your home’s floor plan and can be painted or stained to suit any aesthetic. … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter Z

flowers start with z

An alphabet garden isn’t complete without flowers that start with Z! Zinnias are probably the most recognized flower in the Z category, but it’s also home to ginger root, which produces a beautiful flower, and calla lilies. Lots of Z flowers are toxic, so be careful what you put in gardens that children and pets … Read more

The 16 Parts of a Window and Window Frame & Types

parts of a window

Take a moment to imagine your home without windows. Not only would the space inside be significantly darker, but it would also feel a lot smaller! While it’s easy to take them for granted, there are a surprising number of parts that go into making modern windows possible. Parts of a Window Frame You can’t … Read more

The 15 Parts of a Roof on a House

parts of a roof

There’s a good chance you only think about your roof when something goes wrong. A leak or missing shingles may feel like a headache you don’t deserve. But understanding the elements that go into constructing a roof could provide a greater appreciation for all this structure does for you and your home! Parts of a … Read more

25 Flowers That Start With The Letter B

flowers that start with b

Knowing flowers that start with B could open up a world of blooming, beautiful, buttercup plants, among many others. With an array of colors and blooming time frames, flowers that start with B could provide you with season-long beauty in your flower beds. Flowers That Start With B Quick Look 1. Begonia This flower comes … Read more

The Different Types Of Spatulas To Use In Your Kitchen

types of spatulas to use in your kitchen

The spatula is a surprisingly versatile utensil in the kitchen. Spatulas are typically used to flip burgers or sauté onions, but there are so many more uses depending on the type of spatula you’re using. Spatulas can be made with several different materials, including silicone, metal, plastic, and wood. Their sizes can vary from tiny … Read more

Can You Put Glass in the Freezer?

can you put glass in the freezer

Glass storage containers are versatile, durable, and sustainable. But can you put glass in the freezer without creating a mess? And, if so, is all glass freezer-safe? Can You Put Glass in the Freezer? Yes. In fact, glass is one of the best materials to use when storing leftovers or other food in the freezer. … Read more

Can You Microwave Glass?

can you microwave glass

While few of us love relying on the microwave for regular meals, it certainly comes in handy when you’re running late for work or craving midnight leftovers. Of course, not all containers are microwave-safe. So can you microwave glass? Or will it end in disaster? Can You Put Glass in the Microwave? Most glass is … Read more

Can You Put a Crockpot in the Oven?

can you put a crock pot in the oven

Crockpots are some of the handiest kitchen gadgets around. Still, they can’t do everything, including reaching temperatures above 200°F or so. If you find yourself tight on time or need a little extra heat, you might be tempted to move your slow cooker meal to the regular oven for a few minutes. But before you … Read more

Can You Roast Marshmallows On A Propane Fire Pit?

can you roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit

A propane fire pit is a wonderful alternative for anyone unable to build a traditional wood-burning campfire in their backyard. Many propane fire pits can even be used on decks, patios, and other outdoor living spaces where a regular bonfire just wouldn’t be possible. Of course, sitting around a roaring fire is only half of … Read more

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10 Pros and Cons of Maple Flooring For You To Consider

pros and cons of maple flooring

Solid hardwood floors are on many homeowners’ bucket lists. But when it comes time to actually choose the right flooring material for your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! If you’re a fan of light-colored wood flooring, maple is an obvious choice. This beautiful hardwood is affordable, tough, and easy to source. Plus, it’s more … Read more

12 Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring For You To Consider

pros and cons of vinyl flooring

Thinking about replacing your current flooring with something more suited to your personal style? Believe it or not, vinyl flooring might be the best option for your next interior design project! Most vinyl flooring sold today is made primarily from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This compound can be colored and finished to create all different kinds … Read more

Can You Put a Plate in the Oven?

can you put a plate in the oven

Sticking a regular dinner plate in the oven might seem like an easy way to reheat lunch or keep a meal warm. Especially if you want to keep dirty dishes to a minimum! Can you put a plate in the oven without creating a culinary disaster? It all depends on what that plate is made … Read more

A Guide to Shower Curtain Sizes & How To Measure

When it comes to having the right shower curtain in your bathroom, it’s more than just ensuring it fits in with your current decor. A properly sized shower curtain is important for keeping water off the floor and properly draining back into the shower stall or tub. Let’s go over how to measure your space … Read more

14 Pros and Cons of Wool Carpet

pros and cons of wool carpet

If you think all carpet is the same, think again. And we’re not just talking about color, pattern, or pile height. Wool carpet is a luxury alternative to synthetic fibers that offers unmatched durability and colorfastness. If you care about the environment, it’s one of the most eco-friendly carpeting materials available on the market. It … Read more

The 9 Pros and Cons of Carpet Tile

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a controversial subject among homeowners. Some love the lush look and feel it gives to their living spaces. Others are deterred by carpet’s tendency to collect dirt and grime, as well as how difficult it can be to install. If you’re unsure whether carpet is right for your home, carpet tile is … Read more

You’ll Love These 27 Flowers That Start With Y

flowers that start with y

The list of flowers that start with Y is dominated by yellow flowers, so you’re sure to find something that will bring a bright pop of color to your garden. Some flowers, such as the yellow daylily, are noted simply for their color. However, the yellow coneflower is a variety of coneflower named for its … Read more

How Much Does A Tiny House Cost? Could You Afford One?

how much does a tiny house cost

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, TikTok, or Pinterest, you’ve probably spotted videos about leaving your urban life behind to live in a tiny house and travel the country and you’re probably wondering how much does a tiny house cost? Is a small home obtainable financially? Let’s dive into the world of tiny house … Read more

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What Is The Standard Baseboard Height For Homes?

standard baseboard height

Baseboards can be an attractive and practical addition to any room build or remodel. They can help tie your wall decor in with your carpeting or help provide aesthetic value to the overall room. Finding the right height of baseboard for your wall is important, so let’s go over the best ways to determine the … Read more

How To Clean Shower Doors With Vinegar

how to clean shower doors with vinegar

Keeping your shower doors clean is essential to maintaining a beautiful bathroom space. However, you may find yourself struggling to really get your shower doors to sparkle. Fear not: you likely already have an incredibly efficient cleaning product in your home right now. White vinegar is a great tool for cleaning, and you can easily … Read more