25+ Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Revive your Living room with these 25+ Living Room color Combination Ideas. We all are aware of the transformative power of paint, how it can evoke our mood and make our space look larger or brighter. color indeed is one of the best ways to show off your design style and bring more life to … Read more

25 Types of Ferns to Add Interest to Your Home

Brazilian dwarf tree fern red and green foliage

Many plant enthusiasts love ferns for their bright green foliage and their tolerance to shade. They make the perfect house plant for those who don’t have direct sunlight in their homes and tend to overwater their plants. They also work well in the shady parts of the garden that can’t seem to grow anything. There … Read more

25+ Living Rooms With Dark Wood Floors

living rooms with dark wood floors 26

When you’re looking to decorate your living room, you want to use colors and textures to your advantage to create a welcoming, relaxing environment. This goes for every part of the room, from the biggest to smallest details; and flooring is one of the most important elements in your room that will set the tone … Read more

25 Ideas for a Living Rooms with Sectionals

ideas for living rooms with sectionals

Sectional sofas are some of the most functional and versatile pieces of furniture out there, capable of transforming any space and creating a cozy, welcoming environment for you and your family. Sectionals are comfortable and inviting, stylish and practical, and they’re the perfect choice whether you’re small on space and feeling cramped, or you want … Read more

Primitive Decorating Ideas For Living Room – 26 Tips to Revamp the Space

wood panel mask

Looking for primitive decorating ideas for living room? You’re not alone! Many eras of human history have passed, but our celebration of the past can be too limited. In particular, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating primitive aesthetics. It might seem difficult at first, but the primitive style is great for cultivating a rich and inviting … Read more

25 Luxurious White and Silver Bedroom Decor Ideas

white and silver bedroom with baroque-inspired headboard and ornate details

Choosing colors for your bedroom can be a daunting task. You want a scheme that is calming and timeless but still brings a certain “wow” factor. But have you considered making white the primary focus of your color palette? White and silver is a classic and versatile scheme that can be paired with just about … Read more

25+ U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

storage touches with personality

Having enough countertops in your kitchen is what quickly transforms any culinary task from stressful to absolute bliss. The U-shape kitchen layout not only provides plenty of space for work zones but also keeps appliances and surfaces within close reach while offering you more than enough freedom to move. Plus, there are so many ways … Read more

18 Ideas for a Mediterranean Style Living Room

Mediterranean-Inspired Living Room

There’s something truly special about the Mediterranean and the beautiful homes that look out over the sea. Whether your inspiration stems from Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, or more, it’s easy to incorporate the feeling of a European paradise into your living room. If you’re pining for white-washed buildings against a sapphire blue seascape, check … Read more

25+ Planter Box Design Ideas

D. I. y plastic bottle for children, crafts with children, reuse water bottle. Pink pots in the form of pigs. Recycling of plastic waste

Gardening is one of the hottest hobbies of the moment. Even people who have never before picked up a trowel are now growing their own flowers, vegetables, and herbs. But for those of us who rent (myself included) or who don’t have extra room in their backyard, cultivating a lush garden can feel like a … Read more