3 of The Best Premium Cookware Sets For Cooks & Chefs

Premium cookware may come at a higher price, but it is well worth the cost. The performance and durability of cookware in this category are unmatched by lower-priced competitors. While the market is small in this price range, there are a few sets that stand out in the crowd.

Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 7-Piece Set

Mauviel-MHeritage-CopperMauviel is a leader in copper cookware, and their M’Heritage collection is one of the best sets of cookware you can invest in. Mauviel combines two classic cookware materials, copper, and stainless steel, for unmatched performance and exceptional durability.

Each piece of cookware is constructed with 90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel. The stainless interior is non-reactive and stable for impeccable performance. You get the best of both worlds with Mauviel’s M’Heritage collection. It’s no wonder Mauviel’s copper cookware was favored by Julia Child.

The M’250 collection is Mauviel’s line of professional copper cookware featuring a thickness of 2.5mm. Pans in this collection are compatible with electric, gas, halogen and the oven. Purchasing Mauviel’s induction disc will make these pans compatible with induction cooktops as well. Care and cleaning are simplified thanks to the pan’s double-ply construction.

The interior stainless steel layer eliminates re-tinning, and pans easily come clean with just a little warm, soapy water. The cast iron handles remain cool during use for improved handling and are secured with stainless steel rivets. With a polished copper exterior, this premium set of cookware is not only high-performing but beautiful as well. With proper care and maintenance, this set will last a lifetime and beyond.

The 7-piece set includes 1.2-quart and 2.7-qaurt saucepans with lids, 3.2-quart sauté pan with lid, a 10.2” frying pan and Copperbrill cleaner to keep your cookware looking its best. All pans are made in France and include a lifetime warranty. Mauviel is the cookware of choice for gourmet chefs all over the world, and the exceptional quality of this collection is hard to find anywhere else.

Ruffoni Historia Decor Copper 8-Piece Cookware Set

ruffoni-historiaThe Ruffoni Historia Decor Copper 8-Piece cookware set is truly exceptional, and designed for true kitchen aficionados. Ruffoni offers professional quality cookware you will not find anywhere else. Each and every piece in this collection is hand-hammered by expert coppersmiths in the Italian Alps. Because each pan is handcrafted, no two are alike.

Pans feature a non-reactive tin lining for ease of use. The solid copper construction allows for maximum heat conductivity and responsiveness for the ultimate in performance. Over time, the copper develops a wonderful patina that may affect the appearance but will not affect the performance of the cookware. These pans are designed for use on gas and electric stoves and in the oven.

They feature a thickness of 1 – 1.5mm for true professional-quality pans. The hand-hammered construction design of these pans is evident in its beautiful appearance. This is cookware you would only find in the kitchens of the finest chefs in France or Italy. The beautiful appearance of these pots is further complemented by the cast polished brass finishing and handles.

This premium collection features a 2.5-quart round pot, 8-quart round pot, 3.5-quart polenta pot, 4-quart frying pan, a 14” x 8” x 2.5” oval baker, an olive wood spatula, pasta spoon, wooden spoon, stir spoon and a cleanser.

All of the items in this collection are presented in a fine wooden box to protect your cookware during transport. The additional wooden utensils are a nice addition to the set and will not scratch the surface of your pans like metal utensils would. Ruffoni offers exceptional quality cookware in this collection that anyone would be proud to use in their kitchen.

Bourgeat Copper 13-Piece Cookware Set

Bourgeat-CopperBourgeat’s famous 13-piece copper cookware set is the perfect addition to any high-performing kitchen. Bourgeat has been in the cookware industry for over 200 years, and their cookware has been a staple in commercial kitchens all over the world. With this set of premium cookware, you’ll receive all of the basic essentials to take on any cooking task.

There are several reasons why Bourgeat cookware is considered the best. For starters, their pans offer a superior construction with a 2.5mm pure copper core surrounded by layers of 18/10 stainless steel. Both the interior and the exterior layers feature a polished finish for reduced sticking.

Pans also feature a drip-proof rim that prevents spillage and dripping. The included lids are drop-in style and fit perfectly into each pot. Finally, each pan includes cast iron handles with heavy-duty rivets for improved balance. These pans not only perform well, but feel great in your hand and look great in your kitchen too.

This collection includes all of the items from the brand’s original 8-piece collection with five additional pieces. With this set, you receive 5 3/4-quart casserole, 2 5/8-quart saucepan, 2 3/4-quart flared sauté pan, 11” Brazier, 9.5” frying pan, 14 1/4” oval frying pan and a 7 7/8” sauté pan evasee (or chef’s pan).

While the versatility of this collection is excellent, it’s really the performance of Bourgeat cookware that makes this 13-piece set so great. Copper is the best material for heat conductivity and distribution but can be hard to maintain. Bourgeat resolves this problem by pairing the copper with a layer of 18/10 polished stainless steel.

The professional quality of this cookware is hard to beat, and this is one of the most expensive sets of cookware available to consumers. However, it’s more than worth the cost – especially if you’re serious about cooking.

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