34 Types of Dressers for Efficient and Stylish Storage [Image Gallery]

types of dresser

I'm sure we can all relate to the common struggle of how to organize our clothes. We either have too little space or, all too many clothes that just never seem to fit. Maybe if you're like me and you have to reorganize and refold all of your clothes each week because you just can't figure it out!

But don't get down on yourself, you're not the problem in this equation, your dresser is! Thanks to the internet, we can easily check out a wide array of types of dressers. Then, with your new-found knowledge, you will find the perfect dresser. So let's take a look at 34 types of dressers for efficient and stylish storage.

Types of Dressers & Style Image Gallery

1. Side Table Dresser

You know I'm all about multifunctional furniture pieces. A drool-worthy dresser that will fit all your desires and probably all your clothes too! Have a place to set up your alarm clock while still getting in that extra much-needed storage space

2. French Provincial

A French Provincial dresser is elegant and classy. The simple scalloped carving is what brings these types of dressers to life. Typically they are large pieces of furniture and will provide plenty of space and storage separation for a better organization.

3. Tall Boy


A tall boy dresser is typically a dresser containing 5 or more drawers stacked vertically. A classic in the types of dressers that will provide a lot of storage and can fit snuggly in closets or corners.

4. Mid Century Modern

Sleek, modern, and polished to a pretty! An option like this will keep your dresser at a functional height for easy browsing. Decent size with lots of room on top for extra space to keep your jewelry or makeup. Or, make the most of it and add some lidded wicker baskets for socks and underwear!

5. Serpentine

What makes a serpentine dresser a serpentine dresser? Why the serpentine drawers of course! Those flawless waves are what make this dresser stand out from others. Getting curves like that is not an easy process, but the hard work definitely pays off.

6. Baskets


A lot of you might not have considered a basket dresser, however, I think I might be able to persuade you. The simple fact that you can pull the basket completely out and carry it over to your laundry room is a huge plus! You will quickly notice how much more organized everything stays. Plus, you can't tell me that those wicker baskets aren't totally boho chic!

7. Bohemian

What does drilling a whole lot of tiny holes into a dresser look like? Well, it looks pretty amazing if you ask me! Of all the types of dressers I've seen, I must say this is one of the most creative. It's the perfect dresser for the bohemian goddess and her gypsy abode.

8. Retro

A retro Danish-design standing out with its ratten woven drawers, curved corners, and brass-accented legs. Check out thrift stores and antique shops for cool retro types of dressers. Each decade had a different look, so be patient on your hunt until you vibe with the one right for you.

9. Variety

I would have so much fun with a dresser like this. You get to sort all of your things and find the perfect place for each one. It truly makes organization easy when everything has a spot. The contemporary design is artistic and cool turning a dresser into a conversation piece.

10. Dresser with Armoire

Personally, I absolutely adore the combo units like this one. It's the best of both worlds! Drawers to store your folded t-shirts and leggings, plus an armoire to hang dresses and cardigans. The detail of adding shelves into the armoire for shoes is also a lovely idea.

11. Painted to a Pretty


Shabby chic and totally dreamy! Have some fun and get out the paints to create your dream dresser perfect for a bohemian girl like you. In this example, they've shown how you can design your bedroom with both a dresser and an armoire for extra storage space.

12. Reclaimed Wood

A mid-century modern design made with reclaimed wood. A tasteful option for those of you who love to work with recycled material. A wide shape with a variety of drawers that just might be the perfect shape to fit in that weird nook in your room.

13. Gothic

Black and gold antique dresser with a gothic tone to the design and lavish detail. A sultry color scheme makes this dresser feel regal and mysterious. The neighborhood vampires will be jealous of your gothic-style dresser.

14. Demi Lune Dresser

Demi Lune, meaning, half-moon, is a design from around the 1920s. Its rounded sides allow it to fit in unique nooks and crannys. It has a soft and light feeling to it and might be your choice of dresser if you are short on space or enjoy vintage designs.

15. Wow Factor

Have you ever considered the idea of making your dresser a focus point in your bedroom? A dresser like this becomes not only a functional place to store clothes but a work of art too! Your friends will have their jaws on the floor when they see a masterpiece like this stealing all the attention in your bedroom.

16. Rustic

The large hardware used for the drawer pulls is what gives this dresser it's rustic look. A beautiful stain brings out soft browns and beiges that contrast nicely with the dark hardware. Plus, on top of that, these large drawers will surely hold a majority of your clothes.

17. Simple Three Drawer

Just a simple and classic three drawer dresser to complement a closet or clothing rack. If you already have a busy room, or a lot of wild style going on, you might just want something simple that does the job. Plus, if you ever get bored you can have fun upcycling it into something else!

18. Something Creative

Ok, wow! This is just proof that you can really get creative with planning or picking out your new dresser. From vintage suitcases to dresser drawers this is the perfect for dresser for the adventurous traveler. What else could you upcycle into dresser drawers?

19. Tallboy with Cupboards

A tallboy dresser with elegant cabriole legs and vintage drawer pulls. My favorite part though is the cupboard drawers on top adding an extra way to store your things. I can definitely picture one of these in my bedroom.

20. Wallpaper Details

Looking for a way to transform your dresser into something unique and stylish? Adding wallpaper to your dresser drawers is the coolest new trend you can get on board with! However, you might find yourself leaving your drawers open a lot…

21. More Wallpaper Details

If you find yourself leaving your dresser drawers open too often to see those touches of wallpaper. You might want to think on a bigger scale. Try wallpapering the face of the drawers so you can enjoy that beautiful look open or closed.

22. Luxurious

A dresser fit for royalty. The decoration with brilliant gold trim transforms this dresser from ordinary to extraordinary. A lot of space for storage, a great size, and elegant to look at. Is this the dresser you're looking for?

23. Mobile and Modest

If you move around a lot as I do, then you're gonna want something lightweight and mobile. Just the fact that this dresser has wheels on it gives it my vote. Minimal in design and modest in style, sometimes function is more important than fashion.

24. Attached Mirror

Who doesn't want to check themselves out in a mirror while they are planning their outfit? Not anyone I know! Being able to hold up that blouse in the mirror makes getting dressed all the more fun. Perhaps you'll find a mirror and dresser combo is the way to go.

25. Farmhouse

Is the rest of the room already rocking that rustic farmhouse look? Or, are you in the process of a total bedroom reno and are thinking that the farmhouse design is for you? Well, don't leave your dresser out! You can get a dresser with those same vibes that will fit in just fine with your bedroom look.

26. Lingerie Chest

The perfect dresser for your frillies. The lingerie chest is traditionally exactly what it sounds like. A delicate, tall stack of narrow drawers to store your undergarments, socks, ribbons, and scarves. You can find them in beautiful French designs like this one, as well as modern and sleek designs.

27. Layered Sizes

We have different needs for different articles of clothing. Socks and underwear can easily get messy if shoved into the same drawer. What I love about a design like this is that it has the perfect place for each item of clothing! Not to mention that paint update makes it modern and just lovely.

28. Waterfall

A waterfall dresser is one that has a rounded top as if it's been sculpted by water falling over its edge. The curves create a soft feel and the art-deco style pulls the whole look together. This style of dresser has a masculine feel to it and could work great in a bachelor's pad.

29. Something Artistic

In this example, you can see that a bit of artistic thought can go a long way on a dresser. Although it was very pretty before, you have to admit that the art project really makes the dresser pop! This is something you can easily do to a dresser you already have or to the one that you find at the thrift shop.

30. 9 Drawers

If you're like me and don't have a real closet so your only means of storage is a dresser then… You're gonna need a lot of drawers! 9 drawers should do just the job. A lot of separation to keep everything organized and a lot of space for all that stuff you never wear but just can't get rid of.

31. Victorian

A Victorian-style dresser that is large and in charge. It doubles as a vanity having enough space to lay your makeup or jewelry out as well as smaller drawers for undergarments. Notice those small shelves on either side of the mirror perfect for a jewelry holder or a fun knick-knack.

32. Nautical

A nautical-inspired dresser that would look great in a nautical-themed bedroom. This is just one example however of how you can integrate your dresser into a themed room. Rope handles, navy blue, and stenciled anchors make this dresser sea-worthy.

33. Dresser and Vanity

So we have seen how we can combine a dresser and an armoire, now check this out! This design combines a dresser and a vanity for a practical and pretty piece. Sit down and plan your outfit as you pick out the perfect eye shadow to match.

34. Antique


Antique furniture has always had a way to charm and enchant me. There is a certain curiosity that comes with not knowing where a piece came from, when it was made, or who had it before you. Although sometimes tricky to open, that jiggle of the drawer is just part of the lure with these types of dressers.